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Module 3 Now and then

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Module 3 Now and then


话题 谈论现在和过去的生活有什么不同。

考点 单词 短语

Unit1 debate, illness, prevent, be good at, prevent/stop/keep…from doing



Unit2 eldest, whole, married, the same job, fall off, get married, the

couple number of/a number of, no longer, be busy

doing/ be busy with

Unit3 diet, disease, cover, use, lead a life, thousands of, half a/the…, raise

die, need money, care for, more than suppose, sth., talk of, go on a trip

交际 选择疑问句 That’s true. I suppose… Talking of… Looking after us was a 用语 full-time job. My sister no longer wanted to go to school.

语法 形容词和副词的比较等级


【核心考点1】be pleased with

考查方向:be pleased with表示“对??满意”,be angry with“生某人的气”,be worried about“担心??”。

The smile on my teacher’s face showed that she waswith me.

A. sad B. pleased C. worried D. angry

【核心考点2】be not supposed to do sth.表示“不应该做某事”

考查方向:“be +v.-过去分词”是被动语态的结构,否定句的构成是在be动词后加not。 Students are ______ to speak loudly in the reading room.

A. told B. supposed C. not supposed D. allowed


考查方向:延续性动词才能和时间段连用。die是非延续性动词,dead是形容词,be dead表示状态,可以延续。

—When did the old man die? —In 2007. He ______ for nearly three years.

A. died B. has died C. has been dead

【核心考点4】stop sb./sth. from doing sth.

考查方向:stop sb./sth. from doing sth.“阻止某人做某事”,from是介词,后接名词、代词或动名词作宾语。

If we don’t reduce carbon emission(碳排放)to stop the temperature from ______(rise), there will be more disasters(灾难).(用所给词的适当形式填空)

Unit 1


- 1-

1. life today better worse than it was 50 years ago? 今天的生活比50年前是好还是差呢?




1)一般选择疑问句:一般疑问句+ or +被选择部分?eg: —Do you like apples or pears? 你喜欢苹果还是梨? —I like pears. 我喜欢梨。

2)特殊选择疑问句:特殊疑问句+ A or B?eg:

—Which would you like better, tea or orange? 茶和橙汁你比较喜欢哪一种?

—I would like orange. 我喜欢橙汁。

【链接中考2】The students ought to wear school uniforms when they’re at school.

A. are supposed to B. are allowed to C. would like to D. love to 【2010,湖北黄冈】



1. Washing hands often is one of the best ways to p_______ the spread of H1N1 flu (流感).

2. When you are ill, please take the m_______ as the doctor tells you.

3. You’ll be more _______(放松) and less nervous before your exams.

4. 他们还没决定是否去无锡旅行。

They haven’t decided if they will ________ _______ ________ _______ to Wuxi.

5. 说起翟志刚,每一个中国人都引以为豪。

________ _______ Zhai Zhigang, every Chinese is proud of him.

6. 这匹马可能害怕汽车。The horse may_______ ________ _______ cars.


1. People are not the only ones hurt by air _______(pollute).

2. The situation was much ______(bad) than they had expected.

3. Compared with the past, people today are _______(healthy) and live longer.

4. “What do you think is the most important _______(different) between the two words?” the teacher asked.

5. As everyone knows, exercise can make us be ______(relax).


1. People in Korea ______ bow when they meet for the first time.

A. supposed to B. are suppose to C. are supposed to

2. We try our best to______ them_______ going away.

A. stop; from B. stop; off C. stops; from D. stops; off

3. He didn’t come to school yesterday because of his ______.

A. ill B. illness C. good D. well

- 2-

4. Have you got ______ for four of us?

A. a room enough big B. an enough room big

C. a big enough room D. an enough big room

5. —Is your father a teacher ______ a doctor? —A teacher.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

6. Our room is ______ large as yours.


1. Sometimes you’re supposed to come early.(改为否定句)

Sometimes you _______ ________supposed to come early.

2. John is better at playing football than Peter.(改为同义句)

John _______ _______ _______ playing football than Peter.

3. Betty’s mum doesn’t think that today people eat as well as in the past. (改为同义句) Betty’s mum thinks that today people eat _______ _______ in the past.

4. Now we don’t have as much free time as we did before. (改为同义句)

Now we have _______ _______ _______ than we did before.

Unit 2


1. ,so she stayed at home.照看我们成了她的全职工作,因此她待在家里。

【句法分析】本句中Looking after us是动名词短语作主语。动名词短语作主语时,谓语动词用单数。eg: Getting up early is a good habit. 早起是个好习惯。

【链接中考4】Climbing hills______ of great help to our health.

A. was B. were C. is D. are

2. I was carrying some heavy bags on my bike and I ! 当时,我用自行车驮着一些沉重的袋子,然而我从车上摔了下来!

●fall off(从??)跌落 eg: The leaves fall off the trees in autumn and grow again in spring. 秋天时叶子凋落,春天再度长出来。


fall asleep 睡着

fall behind 落后 fall down 跌倒 fall over 向前摔倒 A. twice as B. two as C. twice less D. less than fall in love with 爱上 fall ill 生病

5. so we got a year later. 因此,一年以后我们结婚了。

●married /??????/ adj. 已婚的;结婚的

married常与be,get搭配,“与某人结婚”可以表示为be/get married to sb.,介词用to,而不用with。get married强调动作,是非延续性动词,而be married“已婚”,表示状态,可以延续。eg: She will be married to a rich man. 她将与一个富人结婚。They have been married for twenty years. 他们已经结婚20年了。

- 3-

【拓展】①marry v. 意为“结婚;娶;嫁”,常用作及物动词。marry sb.为“与某人结婚;娶某人;嫁某人”。eg: He married a beautiful gril. 他娶了一个漂亮的女孩。

②married的反义词为unmarried或single(单身的)。eg: an unmarried man 一个未婚男人 ③marriage n. 结婚;婚姻 eg: They have a good marriage. 他们有一段美满的婚姻。



1. It’s my grandmother who cooks ________ us every day.

2. Her parents want her to marry the young man who is _______ a good family.

3. Who helps you _______ your homework in the evening?

4. My grandfather used to go to work ________ his bike.

5. They weren’t very rich, but they were happy _______ those days.

6. The Greens are all busy ______ their business.


1. The Browns have four children and Lucy is their ________ (old) child.

2. Smoking _______(be) bad for your health.

3. Today many women continue to work after they get ________ (marry).

4. There were many young ________ (couple) taking part in the activity.

5. I think food that is ________ (fresh) cooked is healthier than ready-made food.

6. Animals are our friends, so ______ (protect) them is our duty.


1、—What’s the low-carbon life style like?—Save ______ energy, produce ______ carbon.

A. more; more B. less; more C. less; less D. more; less

2. You and I have ________ job.

A. same B. the same C. different D. the different

3. ________ the nurses in this hospital is very large.

A. The number of B. A number of C. Many D. A lot of

4. He is ______ young.

A. no more B. no long C. no longer D. not at all

5. ______ the students are having a meeting on the playground. The _____ school is full of vigour (生机勃勃).

A. All; whole B. All; all C. Whole; all D. Whole; whole

6. —Claudia, your handwriting is much ______ than before. —Thank you.

A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. most beautiful

7. Our English teacher is always very _____ and makes us feel _____.

A. kind; relaxed B. kind; relaxing C. strict; to relax


1. 苹果开始从树上落下来了。Apples are beginning to ______ _____ the trees.

2. 他爷爷当了一辈子老师。His grandfather worked as a teacher ______ ______ ______.

3. 护士是照顾病人的人。 A nurse is a person who _______ _______ sick people.

- 4-

4. 请从地板上把书捡起来,好吗?Would you please _____ _____ the book from the floor? 五、同义句转换

1. In the past, married women were too busy at home to continue working.

In the past, married women were _____ busy at home _____ they couldn’t continue working. 4. The teacher is young, but he is very experienced. ______ the teacher is young, he is very experienced.

3. They have been married for ten years. = They ______ _____ ten years ago.

Unit 3


1. In Victorian Britain, 在英国维多利亚时代,成千上万的人涌进城市,去工厂上班。

●thousands of数以千计的

eg: There are thousands of people in the park today. 今天公园里有成千上万的人。 【链接中考7】Because of Project Hope, ______ children have better lives. A. thousand

B. thousands

C. thousand of

D. thousands of

2. By the time Barnardo ,there were about 100 Barnardo’s homes, 到1905年巴纳多去世的时候,大约有100家巴纳多孤儿院,照看着8,000多个孩子。

1)【辨析】die,dead,drying与death 单词 die





dying die的现在分词,也可用作形容词,意为“垂



The old man died of cancer. 那位老人死于癌症。

The tree has been dead for ten years. 这棵树死了10年了。 The doctors have saved the dying man. 医生们救活了那个垂死的人。

death “死,死亡”,常用作不可数名词,偶尔用


His death made us sad. 他的死使我们很伤心。

【链接中考8】 On April 14, 2010, a serious earthquake happened in Yushu. More than 2,000 people ______ in it.

A. dead B. death C. died D. die

8. Children to concentrate on learning. 孩子们需要集中精力学习。

- 5-


语。eg: I need your help.我需要你的帮助。


问句中,此时没有人称和数的变化。eg: You needn’t

go there today. 你今天不必去那里了。 二、课后作业


1. Many ________ (疾病) are caused by bacteria (细菌).

2. In modern society, people ________ busy _______ (过??生活).

3. It took us _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ (一年半) to finish the work.

4. Who can answer the question? Please _______(举起) your left hand.

5. The students in Class One all felt ______ (兴奋的;激动的) about the trip to Mount Lu.二、用所给词的适当形式填空

1. The more careful you are, _______ (few) mistakes you may make.

2. Her husband was not as _________ (friend) to them as her parents.

3. Maths is one of _________ (important) subjects.

4. If you want to keep fit, you’d better eat more vegetables and ______ (little) meat.

5. The population of Tianjin is _______ (small) than that of Beijing.


1. —Have you seen the CCTV news on TV?

—Yes, ______ children had a good festival on the _____ Children’s Day.

A. millions of; sixty B. ten millions; sixtieth C. millions of; sixtieth

2. That man ________ for about ten years.

A. died B. has been dead C. death D. has died

3. —Dad, it's such a long way from our home to the park!

—You mean it's ______ to take a taxi?

A. popular B. necessary C. possible D. important

4. —Let’s buy some cards for our teachers on Teachers’ Day.

—Why not make some by hand? It’s much ______.

A. interesting B. more interesting C. the most interesting

5. The ground is covered ______ fallen leaves.

A. at B. for C. with D. of

6. My dog is gentle and never bites, so you needn’t be ______.

A. excited B. frightened C. satisfied D. interested his students’ work today.

A. is moved by B. is good for C. would like to D. is pleased with


- 6-

1. There are more than one thousand people on the playground.

There are ________ one thousand people on the playground.

2. I think the trees need to be watered.= I think the trees ________ ________.

3. I use my knife to cut an apple. = My knife _______ _______ _______ _______ an apple.

4. Can you look after my house while I am away?

Can you ______ ______ my house while I am away?


1. The tunnel under the Changjiang River makes it much________(easy) to get to Pukou District than before.

2. As we all know,

3. Most parents don’t think it is ______ (health) for children to stay up too late at night.

4. It gives us much _____(please) to welcome our new teacher.

5. There are ______ (hundred) of people dancing at the square after supper.


1. — Are you feeling ______? —Yes,I'm fine now.

A. any well B. any better C. quite good D. quite better

2. The experiment was______ easier than we had expected.

A. more B. much more C. much D. more much

3. If there were no examinations, we should have _______ at school.

A. the happiest time B. a more happier time C. much happiest time D. a much happier time

4. —I find it too difficult to learn English well. I want to drop it.

—English is very important in our daily life. Never ______.

A. give up it B. give it up C. give away it D. give it away

5. Look! Linyi is ______ now than it used to be.

A. quite beautiful B. the most beautiful C. very beautiful D. much more beautiful

6. —Have you _____ spoken to a foreigner? —Not yet. I haven’t got a chance.

A. never B. also C. ever

7.—Do you know Jimmy?

—Sure. He is one of my best friends. I know him very__________.

A. little B. well C. alone

8. Mr Brown always makes his class _________ and keeps his students _________ in class.

A. alive; interesting B. lively; interesting C. alive; interested D. lively; interested


1. Have you ever felt tired in the middle of the day, ____ (尤其) after lunch?

2. 这部电影太滑稽了,它告诫人们不要抽烟。

This film is really ______, which advises people to ______ ______ ______.

3. 他非常聪明,总想到一些好主意。

He is _______ ______ to _______ ______ some good ideas.

- 7-

例1. He was so _____when he heard the _______ news that he got the first prize in the contest.(2010,湖北荆门)

A. exciting; exciting B. exciting; excited C. excited; excited D. excited; exciting



-ing类形容词 用法 主要描述事物的


-ed类形容词 用来描述人的感

受。 词汇 interesting, exciting, tiring, surprising, boring, relaxing, amazing interested, excited, tired, surprised, bored, relaxed, amazed



【教材在线】I was interested to hear about your school project—the lives of children in Victorian Britain. (教材P23)

例2. He is too ______(care) to pass the final exam. (2010,甘肃兰州)





weekly -ful careful, helpful, useful -less careless, helpless, useless -able, ible possible, -al international, -ive -ous expensive, dangerous, active famous comfortable, national, probable environmental



【教材在线】And that makes life more dangerous and less healthy. (教材P18) 高频考题训练


1. 她在中国所见到的情景使她感到惊奇。(2010,四川眉山)

She ________ ________ at ________ she 2. It’s ______ (有必要的) for us to master some life skills. (2010,山东烟台)

3. —I am worried I’m getting fatter. (2010,江苏连云港)

—You should eat _________(少)food and do more exercise.


1. It was ____ (difficulty) for human beings to predict(预报) weather in the past. (2010,上海)


- 8-

1. —How tall he is! —Yes, he is ______ than any other student in his class.

A. tall B. taller D. tallest (2010,四川广安)

2. The world is becoming smaller and smaller because the Internet gets us ______.

A. closer B. bigger C. farther (2010,福建厦门)

3.—Did you love your day trip? —Yes, we enjoyed the roller coaster ______ of all.

A. most B. little C. more D. less ( 2010,江苏南京)

4. Beijing, the capital of China, is one of __________ cities in the world.

A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big (2010,山东滨州)

5. You can’t sneeze and keep your eyes _____ at the same time.(2010,江苏宿迁)

A. open B. opens C. opened D. opening

6. Many Chinese students think science subjects are ______ foreign languages. (2010,甘肃兰州)

A. more difficult as B. less difficult than C. much difficult than D. so difficult as

7. He doesn’t play the violin so________ as his father. (2010,甘肃定西)

A. good B. better C. well D. best

8. The music in the supermarket sounded so ______ that I wanted to leave at once.

A. soft B. wonderful C. friendly D. noisy (2009,江苏常州)

9. Would you mind closing the window to stop the wind _______ the papers away?

A. blow B. from blowing C. to blow D. of blowing(2010,攀枝花)

10. Taking buses in Beijing is ______ than taking taxies. (2010,四川自贡)

A. more cheaper B. much cheaper C. less cheaper

11. We will have a field trip this afternoon. The news makes everyone ______.

A. excited B. frightened C. happily D. luckily (2010,天津)




1. Someone stole my wallet yesterday. _____ (lucky), there was little money in it.

2. English are _________ (wide) spoken in many countries of the world.

3. The man put on his coat and went out ________ (quick).

4. She is ______ (good) than Lily at swimming.

5. Most Chinese people are _______ (pride) of Yao Ming.

6. To my surprise, he suddenly came back on a cold ______ (snow) evening.

7. Allen always speaks to others ______ (polite). Everyone likes her.

8. It’s snowing heavily. You must drive ________ (careful).

9. The earth that we live on is much _______ (big) than the moon.

10. Hainan Island is the second ________ (large) island in China.


1.—Mum, I got the best grade in the English test today. (2010,福建厦门)

—Well done, son. I’m very________ of you.

- 9-

A. proud B. tired C. afraid

2. Taking buses in Beijing is ______ than taking a taxi. (2010,吉林通化)

A. more cheap B. much cheaper C. a little cheap D. less cheaper

3. I had a hard time with math and I wasn’t ______ to get the bad report from my math teacher. (2010,四川成都)

A. sure B. surprised C. excited

4. Lucy was ________ excited _________ say anything when she heard the good news.

A. so; that B. so; to C. too; to (2010,四川内江)

5.―Remember this, John. ________careful you are, ________ mistakes you will make. —Thanks, Miss Rose. (2010,安徽芜湖 )

A. The more;the less B. The more;the fewer

C. The less;the fewer D. The more;the more

6. —What do you think of the lecture of Li Yang’s Crazy English?

—I think it’s _____ , but someone thinks it’s much too _____. (2010,四川眉山)

A. wonderful enough; bored

C. wonderful enough; boring

watching it last night.(2010,江苏镇江)

A. exciting B. frightening C. boring D. amazing

8. —How are you feeling today? —Much ______. I can go to school next week.

A. good B. better C. best D. well (2010,广东) B. enough wonderful; boring D. enough wonderful; bored 7. That film was so _________ that most of the audience kept screaming in fear while

9. —Lily, keep the window _____.The sandstorm hasn’t stopped yet. — OK, I’ll do that.

A. close B. closed C. open D. opened

10. I have ________ to do today.

A. anything important B. something important C. important nothing D. important something


三、完形填空(2010,四川眉山) (建议用时:6分钟 词数:152)

China is the home of tea, tea daily. the three major drinks -tea, coffee and cocoa, tea is drunk by the world. Tea from China, along silk and porcelain, began to be known by the world over a thousand years ago and has been an important Chinese export .

Tea leaves mainly in the area south of the Yangtze River, in the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian, because of the mild(温和的) and rich soil there. Longjing, Wulong, Pu’er and Tieguanyin are all kinds of tea.

Over the past centuries, Chinese people their unique tea culture, which includes tea planting, tea-leaf picking, tea making, tea drinking and so on. Tea is a popular topic which is often mentioned in dances, songs, poems and novels.

1. A. who B. which C. where D. when

2. A. In B. For C. Of D. By

- 10-

3. A. the number of B. a number of C. a large number of D. the largest number of

4. A. between B. with C. except D. besides

5. A. at that time B. from now on C. since then D. since now

6. A. produce B. are produced C. make D. are made

7. A. climate(气候) B. weather C. condition(条件) D. environment

8. A. interesting B. important C. famous D. normal

9. A. had developed B. have developed C. developed D. are developing

10. A. too B. as well C. either D. also

四、任务型阅读(2010,江苏连云港) (建议用时:5分钟 词数:279)

Future and Today

It is well known that everyone has his own dream as well as his own future. But do you know what future really is ? I have to say that future is now. That is to say we must treasure every minute now. If we want to have a bright future, we should know how important time is and use it well.

There is an old English saying, “Gain time, gain life.” Then what’s time? Time is something that we can’t see or touch, but we can feel it passing by. Time is always with us. When we are at table, time passes; when we play, time goes by unnoticeable(不明显的). We always say “Time is money”, but time is even more precious(珍贵的)than money, because when money is spent , we can earn it back. But if time is gone away, it will never return. So, some of us even say time is priceless(无价的).

We should always remember: future is now. For us students, we should try our best to work hard in order to create a great future of our own. We should make the best use of every hour and be the master of today. We should do everything before us as well as possible. And never put off what can be done today till tomorrow.

As we all know, “Time and tide wait for no man.” If you waste today, you will regret(遗憾) tomorrow. So from now on, work hard. Tomorrow will be better, and your future will be brighter. Remember: “No pains, no gains.” Today’s hard work is the cause of tomorrow’s harvest.

Title: Future and Today

Opinions Supporting details

Everyone has his own dream as well as his own future. If we want to

Future is now. have a bright future, we should know the time and

make every minute 2. Time is money, but time is even more valuable than money,

is priceless. because when money is spent , we can earn it back. But 4.

time will return no more.

Today’s hard work to tomorrow’s harvest. As students, we

Be masters of today should never put off what can be done today till tomorrow and we

should try our 6. to do everything well.

- 11-



要求:1. 词数80左右。 2.条理清楚,语意连贯,句子规范。

Dear Phillip,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. You would like to know something about my summer holidays. I am very happy to tell you about that.


Please e-mail me soon!


六、(选做题)用方框内所给词的正确形式填空 (建议用时:5分钟 词数:154)

Old buildings have brick(砖)and stone walls. The walls hold up the 1.________.

than 50 stories(层)tall.

Are walls of glass strong to hold up the new buildings? No, The new glass walls do not hold up the buildings,5._______they only cover up the frame(框架)made of steel. Have you ever watched a new building going up? The steel frame is built first. Then the glass the sun with no decoration(装饰). Many people find them beautiful just as they are.

- 12-

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