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Lesson 3

1.direction 可数名词 all directions 四面八方 ? 2.cherry 复数形式 cherries ? 3.Interruption名词 interrupt (动词) 打扰 ? 4.clearly adv.清楚地 clear adj.明亮的 ? 5.sleepy adj. 静寂的,冷清的 sleep v. ? 6.(un)expected adj. 出乎意料的 expect v. ? 7.feeling n. feel v. ? 8.simply adv. 仅只简单地 simple adj.简单的 ? 9.particular adj 独特的 particularly adv.

sleepy 1.That beer made me quite _________(sleep). simply ? 2.Can you explain the question as ______ (simple) as you can? unexpected ? 3.His answer was quite _______________ (expect). We didn’t know how he got it. clearly ? 4.It is too dark to see the blackboard ______ (clear). You had better turn on the light. 5.Ice is a ______(form) of water. form

Read the text and tell “T” or “F”.
1.Haiku is an old form of Japanesepoetry. F America 2.A Haiku is just a description of what is happening in this place ,at this moment. T 3.Haiku always has only three lines. F four 4.The last line of Haiku has five syllables. T T 5.Haiku has the 5-7-5 pattern. 6.A syllable is a letter of a word. F part

From all directions Winds bring petals of cherry

Into the grebe lake
- Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)
八方风吹暖 携来樱花一片片 入湖寻不见。

This is an old poem. It is a Haiku.

This is a haiku .haiku is an old form of Japanese poetry. Usually Haikus are about nature. Often they are about a particular season. They don’t tell a story, as some poems do. A haiku is just a description of a scene. The Japanese poet said, ”Haiku is simply what is happening in this place, at this moment.”

What’s a syllable?
?Haiku follows a pattern. It always has three

lines. Each line has a set number of syllables. What is the syllable? A syllable is apart of a word that you pronounce without interruption. The word “red,” for example, has one syllable. The word “middle” has two syllables: mid-dle. The word ” syllable” has three syllables: syl-la-ble.

The form of Haiku

The first line of a Haiku has five syllables. The middle line has seven syllables. The last line has five syllables again. Let’s look at the5-7-5 pattern of Haiku. Here it is with the syllables clearly shown.

Here is another example of Haiku.
Old , dark sleepy pool Quick unexpected frog goes Plop! Water splashes .
荒郊池塘边 倏忽青蛙跃其间 水花溅一片。 Old, dark slee-py pool Quick un-ex-pec-ted frog goes Plop! Wa-ter spla-shes.


Language notes
Haiku is an old form of Japanese poetry a form of 一种…… 形式 form n. “体裁,形式” eg:Limerick(五行打油诗) is a form of poetry. 2. They do not tell a story, as some poems do. tell a story 讲故事 = tell stories as conj. “像,如同” 引导比较状语从句前后时


eg:As the Chinese like table tennis, the British like soccer. 3. The Japanese poet said, “Haiku is simply what

is happening in this place, at this moment. eg:He is simply a teacher at this /that moment 在这时/那时

Language notes:
4. Each line has a set number of syllables

set adj. “固定的,规定的” . a set number of + 可数名词的复数形式,做主语谓 语动词用复数 “固定数量的,一定数量的”. a (great/large )number of +可数名词的复数做主 语谓语动词用复数 “大量的” The number of +可数名词的复数做主语谓语动词 用单数 “……..的数量” eg: Each poem has a set of number of lines. A set number of students are boys. The number of the students is 48.

5.A syllable is a part of a word that pronounce without interruption.
Syllable:red,mid-dle,syl-la-ble,di-rec-tion, pe-tal,cher-ry,in-to a part of ……的一部分 eg:Jinta is a part of Jiuquan.

Sum up:
1.an old form of ┄ 一个┄ 的旧形式 2.tell a story 讲故事 3.a set number of 固定数量的 ┄ 4.a part of ┄ ┄的一部分 5.at this moment 在这时,现在 6.as conj.“像,如同” 引导比较状语从 句 7.simply=only/just

1.He told me the same story as you _____(do). did ? 2.li Bai is one of the most famouspoets (poem)in ___ China. ? 3.He is simply _____(simple)a worker. ? 4.A set number of students in this school come ____(come)from the counry. ? 5.In Singapour,most people are Chinese,so you ? can simply speak Putonghua.(A) ? A.just B.often C.easily

Project: We can also be poets. Let’s write pomes.
work in groups and find out the words that describe the followings: Feelings :happy ,pleased ,excited ,interesting sad, bored,glad …… Colours :white ,yellow,blank,red,dark,green bright…… Size :big,small, tall ,short ,great,huge,little…… Temperature :cold ,hot,cool,warm,…… Age :old ,young,…… Weight :height ,light……. Adv : slowly,quickly,high,happily, softly,loudly…..

Haiiku white ? Snow is very_____, ? See me run through happily it______, ? It makes me cold feel_____

quiet _____and_____, dark ?Small,bright _____,_____stars, ? A cool ____wind blowssoftly _____on
? Night,so

Nature Poem

face. ? It makes me want to sing _____an ________, _____ happily interesting,old song.

? my

I once saw a very ____cat, old ? It was wearing a big ____yellow hat, happily ? I jumped really ,______ loudly ? And then I said_____, ? “Don’t you think you look ______In that?” heavy

? 1.Finish

the exercises on your exercise books. ? 2.Preview lesson 4.

Fill in the blanks with the given phrases.
a form of , a part of, a kind of , a group of ,a piece of a form of ? 1.The novel is __________ literature. a part of ? 2.Taiwan is _____________China. a kind of ? 3.A dog is _______________animal. ? 4. Can you give me ____________paper? ?a piece of a group of ? 5.There are ______________children near the lake.

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