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2013外研版英语七年级上册 Module 9 Unit 3

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1. I’m standing on the Great Wall
of China and talking to you. 2. Tony is eating a delicious ice cream. 3. They’re working. 4. People aren’t having dinner.

现在进行时 (1)
1. 定义:表示现在正在进行的动

2. 构成:be + 动词的现在分词。 Be (am is are) 随着人称、数的变 化而变化。

3. 现在分词的组成形式: 1) 动词后面直接加-ing: do → doing buy → buying 2) 以e结尾的动词去e加-ing: have → having take → taking 3) 以重读闭音节结尾的单词,双写最后 一个字母,然后加-ing: run→ running swim → swimming 4) 特殊形式的变化: lie → lying

4. 现在进行时的否定句结构: sb. + be not + doing e.g. I’m not visiting my friends now. He isn’t writing a postcard. 5. 现在进行时的一般疑问句结构: be + sb. + doing + 其他? e.g. Is she enjoying her visit? Are they buying postcards?

6. 常与现在进行时态连用的词: now, listen, look 等。 e.g. 1. I’m reading now. 我现在正在读书。 2. Listen! She is singing. 听, 她正在唱歌。 3. Look! My parents are watering the flowers. 看, 我的父母亲正在浇花。

Look at the picture. Say what they are doing.

Tony is calling a friend.

Complete the conversation between Tony and his dad with the correct form of the words in brackets. Tony: Hi, Dad! Dad: Hi, Tony. What are you doing now? Tony: We (1) ___________ ( visit ) the are visiting

Forbidden City. Lingling and Betty
(2) __________ ( write ) postcards. are writing

Dad: What is Daming doing? Tony: He (3) _________ ( take ) photos. is taking

There are lots of people here. They (4)
____________ ( enjoy) the sun. Some are enjoying people (5) ____________ ( look ) at the are looking buildings and some (6) ____________ are looking

( look ) at maps.

Dad: Are you having a good time?
Tony: Yes, we (7) _____________ ( have ) are having

a great time, Dad! See you next Monday.

Write about the pictures.

Some boys are playing football.
They aren’t playing basketball.

Some old people __________ Taijiquan. are playing They _____________ Yangge. aren’t playing

He ________________ TV. He isn’t watching ______________ on a computer. is working

Mime an action for your partner to
guess. Use the expressions to help you.

driving a car
going to sleep

getting up
lying in the sun

playing basketball

running for a bus

studying history
watching TV B: No!

taking photos
writing postcards

A: You’re running for a bus! A: You’re playing basketball!
B: Yes!

Learning to learn

When you revise your vocabulary,
choose words which are useful for you,

and write them in sentences.
postcard: On holiday I usually send

four or five postcards to my friends.

Time zones In the US, from New York to Hawaii, there are several time zones.

It’s midday in New York, and people are having lunch.

It’s 9:00 am in Los Angeles, and children are starting school.

In Hawaii, it’s 7:00 am, and most people ar

e getting up.

Module task: Making a radio report Work in groups of three or four. Plan a radio report. ?Talk about news you would like to report. ?List the activities you would like to report. ?Make notes about the news. ?Write what you are going to say.

Show your report to the whole class. Choose the best report.

I. 用单词的正确形式填空。

1. Tony is ______ (take) photos. taking
2. They are _______ (call) their teacher. calling

3. Lucy is _______ (wait) for No. 8 bus. waiting
4. We are _________ (shop) with mother. shopping

5. Daming is _____ (lie) in the bed. lying
6. Lily and Tom are ______ (have) a good having

7. Jim is ________ (enjoy) playing football. enjoying

8. He is _______ (leave) work now. leaving

B. 根据要求完成下列各题。 1. 他们正在吃午饭。 They are ____________ now. having lunch 2. 三班的学生正在做作业。 The students of Class Three _________ are doing their homework.

3. 孩子们正在起床。
Children _________________ now. are getting up

4. 现在是8:20。 他们在上语文课。
____ 8:20 now. They __________ It’s are having Chinese. 5. 他们正在公园里拍照。 They are ____________ in the park. taking photos

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