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※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ 班级: 姓名: 考号: ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ 浠水县英才学校兰溪中学2013年秋季第三次月考七年级 英 语 试 题 命题人:顿金平 审稿人:郭 勇 满 分:120分 时 间:120分钟 同学们,你们好!今天是展示你聪明才智的时候了。只要你仔细审题、多思多想、沉着应答,把平常的水平发挥出来,你就会有出色的表现。放松一点,相信自己的实力! 一. 选择填空. (每小题1分,共25分) ( )1. Let’s _____ TV together. A. watching B. to watch C. watch D. watche ( ) 2.Is that a photo________your family? A.of B.for C.in D.at ( ) 3.I like to watch football games ____________ TV. A. on B. at C. In D.of ( ) 4. He ____________ baseballs. A. don't play B. doesn't plays C. doesn't play D.don't plays ( ) 5.My mother likes volleyballs. She thinks(认为) it is ____________. A. fun B. boring C. difficult D.look ( ) 6.—Let's play tennis. —Oh, That ____________ good. A. looks B. interesting C. sounds D.listen ( ) 7. My father ____________ many computer games. A. have B. has C. don't like D.doesn’t likes ( ) 8. —Do you have a TV?—____________. A. Yes, it is B. Yes, we have C. Yes, we do D.No, we aren’t ( ) 9. —Does John like tennis?—No, ____________. A.he does B. he doesn't C. likes D.she doesn't ( )10. Lily and Liz ___________ a cat.They like it very much. A.have B.has C.there is D.there are ( )11.—How many pens ___________ Jim ___________? —Three. A.does;have B.do;have C.does;has D.do;has ( )12.I don't ___________ a dictionary.She ___________ one. A.has;have B.have;have C.have;has D.have;has a ( )13.They don't have ___________ colour pencils,but I have ___________. A.some;some B.any;some C.some;any D.no;some ( )14. —___________you___________any apples? —Yes,I___________. A.Do;have;do B.Are;have;do C.Are;having;am D.Do;have;am ( ) 15.Kate gives___________ some books,but I must give___________ back soon. A.I;it B.me;them C.my;they D.me;they ( ) 16. — Do you have two ________? — Yes, I do. A. ping-pongs bat B. ping-pong bat C. ping-pong bats D. ping-pongs bats ( )17. Math is boring for some students, ______ it’s interesting for me. A. but B. and C. / D.or ( )18.--- How much ______ the socks? --- Three dollars. A.is B.are C.do D. does ( )19. ---How much ______ the T-shirt and bag? --- ________ 46 dollars. A.is;It’s B. is; They is C. are; They are D. are; They do ( )20. —What color is it? —It's ___________orange.It's ___________orange sweater. 七年级英语试题 第 1 页 共4页

A.a;an B.an;an C./;an D.an;/

( ) 21. The blue sweater _______ seven dollars. The white socks ________ two dollars.

A. is; is B. are; are C. is; are D. are; is

( ) 22. Jim’s _______ is red.

A. shoes B. bag C. socks D. pants.

( ) 23. ---_____ is your birthday? --- It’s June 4th.

A.What year B.When C. Where D. What day

( ) 24.______ is after(在……之后)May.

A.April B. May C. June D. July

( ) 25. March is ________ month of the year.

A. three B. the three C. third D. the third


My name is Thomas. I two good friends at school. They We like (喜欢) sports.

Jenny is a girl. She likes playing tennis very much. She thinks (认为) it . She after school. And she Paul is . He doesn’t like playing tennis and he thinks it is boring.

I like playing tennis, I like playing basketball, too (也 .

( ) 26. A. have B. has C. am

( ) 27. A. is B. am C. are

( ) 28. A. boys B. friend C. friends

( ) 29. A. interesting B. boring C. happy

( ) 30. A. play B. plays C. playing

( ) 31. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t

( ) 32. A. boy B. a boy C. a girl

( ) 33. A. fun B. difficult C. boring

( ) 34. A. but B. and C. /

( ) 35. A. everyday B. every day C. day

三. 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共40分)


Hello, everyone. My name is Johnson. I’m a middle school student. I am a soccer fan (迷). I play soccer after school every day. My father is a soccer fan, too. He plays soccer very well. I like playing soccer with my father very much. We have a great collection of 15 soccer balls. But my mother and my sister don’t like soccer. They only watch TV at home. They say many TV programs (节目) are very interesting.


( ) 36. What sport do Johnson and his father like?

A. B. C.

( ) 37. _________ plays soccer very well.

A. Johnson B. Johnson’s father C. Johnson’s mother

( ) 38. Does Johnson play soccer with his father?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. We don’t know.

( ) 39. How many (多少) soccer balls do Johnson and his father have?

A. Many. B. 15. C. We don’t know.

( ) 40. Do Johnson’s mother and sister play soccer?

A. Yes, they do. B. We don’t know C. No, they don’t.

It is Sunday afternoon. Mary goes to do the shopping with her mother. Her mother wants to buy some food

for supper. Mary wants to buy a new skirt and some school things. They come to a shop.

“What does your shop sell?” Mary asks, “A lot of things.” The girl in the shop says. “You can buy food,

drinks, clothes in our shop and school things, too.”

Mary and her mother go in. there are many people in the shop. Mary finds a nice white skirt.

“How much is the skirt?” Mary asks the girl in the shop.

“It’s eighty yuan.”

七年级英语试题 第 2 页 共4页

“That’s too dear. Can I find a cheap one?”

“What about the green one? It looks nice. And it’s only thirty yuan.”

“Ok, thanks a lot.”

“You are welcome.”

After that, Mary buys some school things, too. Here mother buys a lot of food, like bread, cakes, meat and fish. They get home very late.

( ) 41. Mary goes to do the shopping with her mother on ________.

A. Saturday afternoon B. Saturday morning C. Sunday morning D. Sunday afternoon

( )42. Mary wants to buy a new skirt and _________.

A. some food B. some drinks C. come clothes D. some school things

( ) 43. The white skirt is __________.

A. ¥30 B. ¥110 C. ¥80 D. ¥100

( ) 44. Mary buys a _________ skirt.

A. white B. green C. red D. dear

( ) 45. The green skirt is ___________.

A. nice but dear B. nice and cheap C. not nice but cheap D. not nice or cheap



( ) 46. The prices of a skirt and a shirt are _____.

A. $36 B. $60 C. $50 D. $38

( ) 47. Lucy likes white and she only has $10, she can buy _____.

A. a pair of trousers B. a pair of shoes C. a pair of socks D. a skirt

( ) 48. People can buy _____ at this store.

A. yellow trousers B. a white shirt C. a black skirt D. brown shoes

( ) 49. Mrs Brown has $40 and she can buy _____ with it.

A. trousers and shoes B. a shirt and shoes C. two shirts D. socks, shoes and trousers

( )50. 下面哪项陈述是正确的?

A. You can buy socks for only $3 at Tiantian Clothes Store.

B. They have sweaters at a good price at Tiantian Clothes Store.

C. The yellow skirt is $32.

D. If you have $50, you can buy a red skirt and black shoes.


I’m Peter. I like eating fruits. I want to eat fruits for every meal. But my sister Gina doesn’t. She likes hamburgers best. So she often goes to KFC. My father is from Sichuan, so he likes hot food. My mother comes from Dalian, so she likes seafood very much. But one thing we are quite the same: we all like vegetables. ( )51. There are _______ people in this family.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( )52. My father likes _______.

A. fruits B. seafood C. noodles D. hot food

( )53. My mother likes _______.

A. oranges B. salad C. seafood D. eggs

( )54. My sister likes _______.

A. hamburgers B. fruits C. rice D. dumplings

( )55. What do all of us like?

A. Fruits B. vegetables C. Hamburgers. D. Noodles.

四. 根据句意或汉语提示完成句子。(10分)

七年级英语试题 第 3 页 共4页

1. She likes ____________(体育运动)very much.

3. She eats h________ food every day. 2. I have hamburgers for b___________. 4. Mary has three (棒球)

6. Mike doesn’t like math. He thinks it’s 5. My father likes ( 草莓 )for lunch.


7. Football is i_______ and we are all interested in it.

8. Children should (应当) eat lots of (许多)___________.(蔬菜)

9. Zhou Jielun is a singing ________.(明星)

10.The shirt is too big for me. Give me a s________ one, please.

五. 句型转换 (10分)

1. Tom likes baseball. (否定句) Tom _______ _______ baseball?

2.My teacher plays basketball. (改一般疑问句) ______ your teacher ________ basketball? 对划线部分提问) for breakfast?

4. He has an orange. (改为复数句子) .

5. How much is the ping--pong bat?(改为同义句) is the the ping--pong bat?



2.我喜欢桔子,但是我不喜欢冰淇淋。 。

3.那件棕色的毛衣多少钱?8美元。 。

4.他们喜欢梨子吗?是的,他们喜欢。 。


七、书面表达 (15分)


七年级英语试题 第 4 页 共4页

七年级英语试题 第 5 页 共4页

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