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1)Li Ping;learn;to;speak;English;


3)they;watch;a football match;on TV

4)he;look;out of the window;

5)look;the dog;sleep;

6)listen;the baby;cry;

7)they;have a meeting;at seven o'clock

8)the students;prepare for;an English test;now


1)I________(talk).You________(listen)tO me now.

2)Look,the boy__________(run)fast.

3)----What are you doing? ----I_________(do) my homework.

4)----_______the students_______(read) English. ----Yes,they are.

5)Tom_______(not study)English.He is studying Chinese.

6)----Who_______(sing)a song? ----Li Ying is.

7)The girl_______(not eat)bananas now.

8)----Where____they____(stand)? ----They are standing over there.

9)Look! The boy over there_______(ply) a model plane.

10)----What is Meimei doing now? ----She______(watch)TV with her parents

11)He____(study) English very hard.

12)We often____(buy)books and things like that in the shop.

13)Polly____(not eat) a banana now.


1)Jack is_____with Jim.They are good____.

A:running;friend; B:running;friends; C:runing;friends D:run;friend's

2)Look! Mary____doing____homework.

A:is;one's B:is;her C:are;his D:are;her

3)The Greens____supper now.

A:is having B:are;having C:is haveing D:are;having

4)The children are____TV.

A:watch B:seeing C:watching D:reading

5)Are the boys looking at the blackboard? Yes,they____.

A:aren't B:do C:don't D:are

6)There's____girl,she is very tall.

A:second B:two C:a second D:all second

7)--Do you have a red pen?Which of the following is wrong? --____

A:Yes; I have one B:Yes,I have it C:Yes,I do D:Sorry,I don't

8)--Excuse me.May I borrow a pen,please? --____.

A:It doesn't matter; B:Thank you; C:Certainly,here you are; D:Not at all.

9)The boy is late for class.So he says tO the teacher,"________".

A:I'm sorry B:Excuse me,May I come in? C:Let me in,

D:I don't want to be late.

10)I don't want a red apple.I want____.

A:green apple B:a green C:a green one D:one green

五. 用所给动词的适当形式填空





5. Jim and Li Lei ________(watch) the football match this evening . ___________she _________(have ) a Chinese lesson tomorrow . ----What _________you __________(do) tomorrow morning ? -----I ____________(see) my grandparents. _____________they ___________(go)fishing this Friday afternoon? There ____________(be)a birthday party this evening .

六. 按要求改写下列各句

1. We are going to play ping-pong on Saturday. (改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

----_____________going to play ping-pong on Saturda “ ,we 2. He is going to tell me all about it .( 改为否定句)

He _______ _______ going to tell me all about it .

3. 对划线部分提问)

She this term?

4. 对划线部分提问)

They the Sun Island?

5. The students of Class Three have a field trip on Sunday. (用 next Sunday 改写)

The students of Class Three a field trip next Sunday.

6. Linda has lunch at school on Tuesdays (用next Tuesday改写)

Linda lunch at school next Tuesday.

七. 把下列各句译成英语 。


My uncle .


He in the small house.


We this book.

4. ----------你爸爸要去钓鱼吗? ------------不,他要去游戏。

-- your father .

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