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姓名_________学号_______ 分数______


( ) 1 .What will the weather ______like tomorrow?

A is B be C are D was

( young trees on the hill.

A hundred B hundreds C hundred of D hundreds of

( )3. Shanghai is very beautiful and it.

A. fall in love with B. fall in like with C. fall in love in D. feel in love with


A. called to her B. called up her C. call her up D. called her up


A Have, haven’t B. Will , won’t be C. Are , aren’t D. Will, won’t


A . an advice B. some advice C. any advice D. some piece of advice

( so much TV.

A .shouldn’t B .should C. could D. must

( )8. My friend has the same I do.

A. as B. like C . with D . than

( )9. I’m very ___ because my best friend didn’t invite me to come to his


A . popular B. happy C. late D . upset

( )10.There are many famous predictions that never____.

A. come in B. came true C. come into D. come out

( )11. I never think about _______ to America.

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

( )12. While you were at the ______, I was going to school.

A. doctor B. doctors C. doctor’s D. docots’ ( )13. They planted _____trees have been today. A. Thousands of B. Thousands C. Two thousands D. Thousand of A. don’t B. doesn’t C. won’t D. isn’t ( )14. We’ll have a picnic if it ______rain tomorrow. ( )15. My mother always tells me ______my classmates at school. A. don’t fight with B. not fight with C. not to fight with D. not to fight and

( )16. The hard work made the woman ______very tired.

A. feel B. felt C. fell D. to fell

( )17. I couldn't find my dictionary _________.

A. somewhere B. anywhere C. nowhere D. everywhere

( )18. Your answer _________ right.

A. becomes B. seems C. hears D. listens

( )19. Most of us are mad ______Jay, the famous star.

A. at B. to C. in D. about D. does ( )20. Tom _____homework with me at 9:00 last night. A. do B. to do C. was doing ( )21. ---Do you know ________? ---Next year. A. when he come here B. when did he come here D. when will he come here C. when he will come here

( )22. Where’s Lily? We are all here _______her.

A. beside B. about C. except D. with

( )23. Beijing 2008 Olympics will be one of the most important _____ in

Chinese history.

A. things B. events C. activities D. accidents

( )24. Alan, can you _________ some music CDs to our party this Sunday?

A. bring B. carry C. pass D. take

( )25. Can you _____this word _____English?

A. say, in B. speak, in C. speak, with D. say, with


look very nice. One evening Mrs Brown says to her son, “Tomorrow I am going tothe vegetables for you.”

her vegetables. Mrs at her neighbor. Her neighbor was very sorry for that. On Mrs Brown a beautiful, fat roast duck, and said, “Mrs your vegetables now.”

( )1. A. planted B. put C. took D. sent

( )2. A. watched B. cared for C. looked at D. kept

( )3. A. ducks B. gardens C. vegetables D. houses

( )4. A. sell B. cook C. water D. pick

( )5. A. found B. knew

( )6. A. was picking up

C. was taking off C. watched D. looked B. was eating up D. was pulling up

( )7. A. shouted B. smiled C. spoke D. talked

( )8. A. sorry B. happy C. surprised D. mad

( )9. A. borrowed B. brought C. showed D. threw

( )10. A. cook B. pick C. enjoy D. grow

三.阅读理解( 20分)


The Blacks and the Whites are good neighbors. They know each other well. Sometimes they have dinner together.

Yesterday, Mrs. Black invited the Whites to have dinner again because it was her birthday. In the afternoon, she came home from work early. On the way home, she went to the market and bought a lot of food. First she bought some beef because Mr. Black liked it best. And she knew that Mr. White liked chicken and Mrs. White’s favorite food was fish. So

She bought chicken and fish. She also bought some vegetables and fruit. She wanted to get everything ready for the dinner.

When Mr. Black came back home, Mrs. Black was busy cooking. “Happy birthday!” Mr. Black said and brought her a bunch of flowers. “Oh, thanks. What beautiful flowers! Would you please put them in the sitting-room? I’m busy now.”

“OK,” said Mr. Black. “And I can help you put the candles on the birthday cake.”

“A birthday cake?” Mrs. Black said, “ I forgot to buy it.”

“Never mind. I’ll buy it now. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Mr. Black said while he was running towards the door.

Just then, the doorbell rang. They were the Whites. In their hands there was a big birthday cake.

1. The Black family and the White family_____________.

A. live next door to each other

C. live in the same house B. live in different cities D. are going to the park

2. It was ______ birthday yesterday.

A. Mr. White’s B. Mrs. White’s C. Mr. Black’s D. Mrs. Black’s

3. Mrs. Black bought _______ but she forgot to buy _______.

A. a lot of food, fruit B. everything, vegetables

D. some flowers, meat C. a lot of food, a birthday cake

A. A bunch of flowers.

C. A box of fruit. 4. What present did the Whites bring? B. A big birthday cake. D. A lovely dog.

5. Why did Mrs. Black come home early?

A. Because she had to get everything ready for the dinner.

B. Because Mrs. White told her to do so.

C. Because she wanted to go shopping with Mrs. White.

D. Because she was ill.


Mr Brown is one of my friends. He can run very fast and likes to show people how fast he can run.

One day, a thief(小偷)got into his house, took some of his things and ran

out of

the house fast.

Mr Brown found it and ran after him, and shouted, “Hey! Don’t you know you can’t get away from me.”

But the thief ran much faster, Mr Brown got angry and ran faster, too. He was soon a few kilometers away from his house, he was running hard when he met me. “Why are you running so fast?” I asked. “I want to catch a thief,” said Mr Brown. “But where is the thief?” I asked. “Kilometers and kilometers

behind,” said Mr Brown proudly, “He thought he could run faster than me, but you see he is wrong.”

6. Did the thief steal(偷)anything from Brown’s house?

A. Yes, he has.


7. Who ran faster, Mr Brown or the thief?

A. No one. B. The writer.

C. Mr Brown. D. The thief. 8. Did Mr Brown catch the thief? A. Yes, he did. B. No, he didn’t.

C. Yes, but he let him go away.

A. He ran after him.

C. He caught him.

A. 自豪地 D. No, but his friend did. B. No, he wasn’t. C. Yes, he did. D. No, he 9. What did Mr Brown do when he found the thief? B. He was angry with him. D. He stayed far behind him. C. 兴奋地

(C )

Television is good. You’d like to watch it all day and all night. But too much TV is a very bad thing. Scientists found that kids who watch too much TV may have more trouble learning to read. They can’t focus (集中)on their work.

Kids learn language skills best by reading, talking and playing with others. If they spend too much time watching TV, they’ll have less time for those things. Watching too much TV is bad for people’s health. People don’t move much while watching TV. What’s more, they may eat a lot of food while watching. This can make them fat. We call these people couch potatoes?.

Fighting on TV is a big problem for kids. Young people are good at following. Scientists have found that those who watch a lot of fighting shows are more likely to fight.

( ) 11. Scientists say if kids watch too much TV, they will ______. D. 不慌不忙地 10. What does the word “proudly” mean? It means __________. B. 难过地

A. learn language skills more easily B. be healthier

C. find it hard to learn to read D. eat less food

( ) 12. Kids learn language skills best by ______.

A. reading B. talking

C. playing with others D. all of the above

( ) 13. While watching TV, what DON’T people do?

A. Eat a lot of food. B. Have less time for reading.

C. Hardly move. D. Focus on their work.

( ) 14. Which of the following is true?

A. An American child will watch 12,000 fighting acts on TV a year.

B. It’s good for kids to learn from fighting acts on TV.

C. Too much TV is good for people’s health.

D. It’s easy for kids who watch a lot of fighting shows to fight with others.

( )15. Couch potatoes are people who watch to much TV and become____.

A. thin B. fit C. fat D. strong


Lucy and Lily had a good time last Sunday. They got up very early. After

breakfast they went to a park.

In the park, they saw a lot of flowers. Lucy wanted to pick one of

them. But Lily stopped her. Then they went to the river. By the river they found a small boat. They got into (进入) the boat and started boating on the river. Two hours later, they left the boat and began to climb the hill near the river. They reached the top (頂部) at half past eleven. There they had their lunch. What did they have for lunch? Eggs, bread and some oranges.

In the afternoon, they went home.

Their mother asked them, “Did you enjoy yourselves?”

“Yes, very much. ” They answered.


( )16.Lucy and Lily went to a park last Saturday.

( )17.In the park, Lucy picked some flowers.

( )18.They had lunch before they started to climb the hill.

( )19.They had eggs, bread and some oranges for lunch.

( )20. They had lunch in the boat .

四. 用括号词的正确形式填空(10分)

1. They’re _____________(argue) the pollution with their teacher. 2. I heard him _______________(cook) something in the kitchen last night. 3. She told me that she ____________(get) high grades in the math test. 4. It began to rain outside while Tom ____________(eat) supper. 5. We _______________(watch) the movie when the electricity was off. 6. I was ____________(surprise) to see you in this such party. 7. My ___________(fly) to New York was very exciting last weekend. 8. We students can study in the classroom in _____________(silent) without


9. What ________he __________(do) when his grandmother fell down? 10. What about ______ (climb) the mountains ?

五. 单词拼写(10分)

1. I was ______________(惊讶) at what you said.

2. A fourteen-year-old boy ___________(谋杀) his mother in yesterday’s newspaper.

3. The bad earthquake ______________(毁坏) all the houses of two provinces 4. That piece of news was really ___________________(失望的). 5. All of us felt ____________(紧张) during the horrific moive.

6. _____________(信封) are used for sending letters.

7. What do you often do when you are ________ (独自) at home ?

8. You can _______(想象) how strange it was .

9. I think we should have _______(污染) and keep the air clean .

10. There will be more tall b_______ (楼房)in our cities .

六. 根据汉语意思,完成句子。一空一词。(20分)

1. 书籍会仅在电脑,而不在纸上。

Books _____ only _____ on computers, not _____ paper.

2. 今后在这座城市将会有更多的树木,更少的污染。

There will ____ ____ trees and _____ pollution in the city in future.

3. 十年后他会成为一名宇航员。

He will be _____ ______ _____ ten years.

4. 昨天Tom与英语老师争辩。 Yesterday Tom

________ _________ the English teacher。

5. 你看上很累了,应该休息一会儿。 You look very

______, and you should _____ ______ _______. 6你认为十年后你的朋友会做什么职


_____ do you think your friend will _____ _____ ten years?

7 他们不会去野营。我确信他们将来参加我们的聚会的。

They _____ go camping. They _____ come to our party, I’m sure.

8 你认为在城市里有更多的污染吗?

______ you think _____ ______ _____ _____ pollution in the cities? 9未来的学生在家里通过电脑学习。

The students _____ ______ _____ will study _____ ____ on computers. 10上星期天,她有一次不同寻常的经历。

She had an _______ ________ last Sunday .

七. 句型转换。(10分)

1. They will have an English exam in a week .(就划线部分提问)

______ ______ _____ they have an English exam ?

2. I was having lunch when the UFO landed.(变一般疑问句)

______ _______ ______ lunch when the UFO landed ?

3. “I will go to Shanghai .” He said to me .(合并为一句)

He told me that _____ _____ go to Shanghai .

4. He goes to school on foot every day .(同义句)

He ______ _______ school every day .

5. It took Tom an hour to write to his friend . (同义句)

Tom ______ an hour ______ to his friend .


Translate the following letter into English. 把这封信译成英语。






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