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Review Unit 3

? 一.翻译下列短语 ? 1.看一看 2.他们的同学 3 四 位新同学 ? 4好朋友 5.又高又壮 6 a polite boy ? 7an American girl 8一个 英国男孩 ? 9我表弟托尼 10 又矮又 苗条

二根据首字母或汉语提示完成句 子.
hey 1 I have three new friends.T___are Lucy,Allen and Carl. 2 Sammi is from England.She’s nglish E_______. 3 Lily is an American girl. She’s merica from A______ friends 4 I have four new _______ (朋友) 5 We are new classmates __________(同学) 6Lily is a girl and Pat is a b____ oy

? 三 选择最佳答案. C 1 Are we classmates? __________. A Yes,I am B Yes ,we’re C Yes ,we are D.Yes ,they are. C 2 How old are you? _____ A Yes,I’m twelve. B I’m fine,thank you. C I’m twelve DYou’re twelve 3 Am I happy?_________ B A Yes,I am B Yes,you are CI’m happy. D No,you are

4 ______ are sad. D A I B Jill C Millie D Jill and Millie are 5 My mother and I ____not happy. A am B is C are D be 6 Nanoy and Lily ___good ____. C A is…classmate B are…classmate C are…classmates D

7 ---Are they big and strong? D __________ A Yes,they is B No,they are C Yes,they aren’t D No,they aren’t D 8 --____she? She’s a teacher. A What B How C Who D What’s

A 9 ---_______ is your mother?

–She’s 40.

A How old
C What

B How
D Who

10---Is he short and slim ? C Yes ,he is D No,he’s

A Yes ,he’s B No,he is


MissZhao is

____teacher.__is a good C teacher. A my ,He B their ,He C their ,She

B ? 12.----______my teacher,tony. ? A This’s B This is C She’s D He ? 13.I B a big family. ___ ? A am B have Cfrom Dlook ? 14 ----How are Sammi and Pat? C ? A No B Goodbye C Fine DHello

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

四,改错 1( )That girl is Lily.He is pretty.____ She C A B C D 2( B)How old are your aunt?___ is A B C friends 3(D ) We are good friend.____ A B C D 4(C )Is this they dog?___ their A B C D

? (D )5He is tall. He is A B C America._____ American D (C ) . 6 Lily is an England A B C English girl.______ D

7. Who’s that ? A B C ---It’s Lilei.______ He’s C

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

五.按要求转换句子. 1 What’s your father’s job? ________ ____ _______ father What is your _____? I’m fifteen.(就划线部分提问) _____ ______ _______ you ? How old are My mother is fine.(同上) How is _____ _______ your mother ?

4 She’s my mother .(提问) Who is ? _______ ____ she? 5 Lily is a nurse. (提问) What _____ is Lily? 6 She’s an English girl.(同义句) The girl is from England _____ _____. 7 classmate,four ,I new, have(连 词成句) I have four new classmates. _______________________

8Helpful , is Jenny ,polite ,and ( 同上) ? _____________ Jenny is polite and helpful. 9 The cat is two. _______ ______ _______ How old is the cat ? 10Is that your father?(做肯定和 否定回答) Yes,he is .No,he isn’t. _________________________

? 11 It is

a dog .(改为复数句) They are some dogs ? _______________ 12. Is he happy ?(同上) Are they happy? ___________ 13This is a photo of my family.(改为一般疑问句并做肯定 或否定回答) Is this a photo of your family? ____________ Yes,it is. No.it isn’t. _______________

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