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宾语从句 专项练习

运用宾语从句时注意的问题 1.引导词的选择
陈述句充当宾语从句 一般疑问句充当宾语从句 特殊疑问句充当宾语从句

that if/whether

2.语序 3.时态

主 一般现在时 句 一般过去时
从 按实际情况用相应时态 句 过去的某种时态

4.当主句谓语动词为think,suppose, expect,believe
等时,其后的宾语从句为否定句时,常将否定词not从从 句中移到主句中,构成否定转移

5.如果从句说的是客观现象或真理,无论主句是什 么时态,从句都用一般现在时。

. 将下列简单句合成复合句。
1).He will come back in a week. (I think…) I think that he will come back in a week. 2).Who is he looking for ? (Do you know…) Do you know who he is looking for ? 3).Why is the plane late? (I didn’t know…) I didn’t know why the plane was late 4).He has already come back. (He told me…) He told me he had already come back 5).How can I get to the zoo? (Could you tell me…) Could you tell me how I can get to the zoo?

6).Why didn’t he come yesterday? (Can you tell me…) Can you tell me why he didn’t come yesterday?

7).What are they doing? (He didn’t tell me …)
He didn’t tell me what they were doing. 8).When will we have a test? ( The teacher didn’t tell us…) The teacher didn’t tell us when we would have a test. 9).Where will the meeting be? (I asked him…)

I asked him where the meeting would be.

10).Whose watch is this ? (Does anybody know…) Does anybody know whose watch this is? 11).Do you like English ? (WeiFang asked me …)

Wei Fang asked me if I liked English. 12).Were you at home at nine yesterday? (The policeman wanted to know…) The policeman wanted to know if you were at home at nine yesterday. 13).Has he come back from Guangzhou? ( I asked my teacher…) I asked my teacher if he had come back from Guanggou.

? Lucy asked, “Could you do something for me, Tom?” ? Lucy asked Tom if he could do something for her. ? He said to me,“ What is your name?” ? He asked me what my name was. ? Lucy said,“I am not good at it myself.” ? Lucy said that she was not good at it herself.

直接引语变间接引语与宾语从句的关系 1.陈述句变为引导的宾语从句
e.g. 1. 2. He said, “You are younger than I ”. He said that I was younger than him. He says, “Tom is a good student ”. He says that Tom is a good student.


e.g. She said, “ Do you often come here to read newspaper? ” She asked if (whether) I often came here to read newspaper. 2. “Will they go to visit the Great Wall?” he asked. He asked if (whether) they would go to visit the Great Wall. 1.


特殊疑问句引导的宾语从句 e.g.
1. He asked, “Where do you live?”

He asked where I lived.
2. “How can we get to the post-office?” he
asked. He asked how they could get to the post-office.

1. Where do they stop on the way? I asked. I asked where they stopped on the way. 2. What will you speak at the meeting? Could you tell me? Could you tell me what you will speak at the meeting? 3. Do they like to make friends with us? He asked. He asked if they liked to make friends with them.

4. “ I am doing my homework.” He said. He said that he was doing his homework. 5. “I will come back.” Tom said.

Tom said that he would come back.
6. “Is he doing his homework?” Jim asked.

Jim asked if he was doing his homework.

7. “When will he come back?” Tom asked. Tom asked when he would come back. 8. “How can I get to the station?” Could you tell me? Could you tell me how I can get to the station? 9. “Why is the train late?” Would you tell me? Would you tell me why the train is late? 10. “Where is Tom?” They asked. They asked where Tom was.

1).I want to know that what it is.

I want to know what it is.
2).I can’t understand that the teacher said.

I can’t understand what the teacher said. 3).I don’t know this is whose bike.

I don’t know whose bike this is.

4).He asked me where was Mary.

He asked me where Mary was .
5).Do you remember how much did you pay for the book?

Do you remember how much you paid for the book?

6).She said that she will be back soon.

She said that she would be back soon.
7).The teacher told us that light traveled much faster than sound.

The teacher told us that light travels much faster than sound. 8).Could you tell me if Miss Gao was in the office now? Could you tell me if Miss Gao is in the office now? 9).I think you are not right. I don’t think you are right.

根据主句,在宾语从句中填入 正确的动词时态:
joined 1. I know (that) he ___________ (join) the League in 1985. 2. Could you tell me where he ___________(mend) his bike at that time? was mending are playing 3. I see that they ___________ (play) football over there. 4. Tell me where he ___________ (live). lives have had 5. I want to know how long you _________(have) this bike. will come 6. I hear that he ____________(come) tomorrow.

7.I knew that he ___________(join) the joined League in 1999. 8. I wanted to know how you __________ got / were getting (get) on with your classmates. 9. He told me that he______________(have) had had this bike for three years. 10. I wondered if he would come ______________(come) tomorrow.

11.Our teacher told us that light goes ________(go) faster than sound. 12. We all knew that the moon ________(move) round the sun. moves 13. It was true that there ________(be) are twelve months in a year.

14.The radio says it _________ cloudy will be tomorrow. (be)
goes 15.The headmaster hopes everything ______ well. (go)

16.Tom says

that they ____________ (play) were playing basketball at six o’clock yesterday evening.
have returned 17.I hear they __________ (return) it already.

18.He asked what they were doing at eight last __________ night. (do) 19.He said that they had been members of _________ the Party since 1948. (be)

20.The teacher told his class that light _______ travels faster than sound. (travel)

21.I think you __________ about the relay race are talking now. (talk) 22.I didn’t know whom the letters _________ were from. (be)

23. I didn’t know what time he _______ wrote the letter. (write) 24. Miss Wang told me that the earth ______(move) round the earth. moves 25. Could you tell me who _________ has taken away the book already? (take)

26. Ling Feng told me he _________ has been to several times. (be) 27. Our teacher told us in class the sun _______ in the east. (rise) rises

did 28. Can you tell me what they ______ yesterday? (do)

翻译句子 1.史密斯先生说他明天出发去上海 Mr Smith says that he will leave for Shanghai tomorrow. 2.我想汤姆已经完成作业了 I think that Tom has finished his homework. 3.他们说他们去过北京两次了 They said that they had been to Beijing twice. 4.老师告诉我们明天有一个英语考试 The teacher told us that we would have an English test the next day. 5.你知道比德通过考试了吗 Do you know if Tom has passed the exam.

6.我想知道你明天有空吗? I want to know if you’ll have time tomorrow. 7.玛丽想知道你能帮她吗? Tom wants to know if you can help her. 8.妈妈不知道老师是不是来 Mother doesn’t know if the teacher will come. 9.你能告诉我你住哪里吗? Can you tell me where you live? 10.想知道你喜欢什么颜色 I want to know what colour you like. 11.你们知道他什么时候来吗? Do you know when he will come back? 12.司机想这是谁的书包呢? The driver thought whose bag this was.

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