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unit 2 Study skills

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7b Unit 2 Neighbours

Study skills

一.Teaching aims

1. Knowledge aims:

? To know four different the ways of linking sounds together.

2. Ability aims:

? To speak English correctly with the ways of linking sounds together.

二.Teaching emphasis:

? To speak English correctly with the ways of linking sounds together

三.Teaching difficulties:

? To speak English correctly with the ways of linking sounds together

四.Teaching method:

? Free talk,

? Listening, reading,saying ,practicing,

? Teaching with pictures

五. Teaching aids:

? A tape recorder

六.Teaching procedures

Step 1 Presentation

1. Play a recoder for Ss. T: We often link sounds together when we speak English.

Can you find out the ways of linking sounds together?

2. Look at the picture. Picture 1: What can you see? I can see an apple.

Picture 2, T: Look at little boy. He is Tom. Who are these two people? Encourage Ss to answer: They’re Tom’s father and mother.

Picture 3 Look at the dogs. Do they like eating fish? Of course not. They don’t like eating fish. So they go away.

Picture4 What’s on the table? A big cake. Write them on the Bb:

an apple father and mother go away a big cake.

3. Teacher link sounds together when she reads the phases.Ss find out their rules.

(1)We usually link a consonant sound with a vowel sound.

(2)when the first word ends in –r or –re and the next word begins with a vowel sound,we join them together with a /r/ sound between them.

(3)When there are two vowel sounds, we join them as if there were a /j/ or /w/ sound

between them.

(4) When two consonant sounds of two words meet,we sometimes do not need to pronounce the first consonant sound.

Step 2 Drills

1. Here are some phases in PartA at page 27.Please listen to the tape carefully and pay attention to the way the sounds are linked together.

︿ ︿ ︿︿

︿ ︿


︿ (1) an apple stand up in an hour ︿ (2)there are for us here is ︿ ︿ (3) we enjoy go out the other ︿ ︿

(4) best time sit down a big cake

2.Listen carefully in Part A,B,C and D at page 27.See how you can link the following words together. Then practice saying them.

3.Now please work in pairs. Read the sentences to your partner. Then play a game called passing one by one.

Step 3 Extension

1. Practise saying them by linking sounds together.

in a minute fall in the river tell us a story take care of it wait for a student for an hour can’t hear it open the door for us work at it in an office

2. Practise saying sentences by linking sounds together.

He is an English boy. Let me have alook at it. Not at all.

There’s a football under it. Here are four eggs. Nice to meet you. Would you like a cup of tea? The big bus is full of people.

We are going to work on a farm next Tuesday.

What would you like,hot tea or black coffee?

It is a very cold day,but it is a good day.

Step 4 Summary

1. Ss summary the content of this lesson.

2. To read the sentences on the small Bb.

3. To preview the Task.

Blackboard design

Teaching self-examination


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