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一.找出下列每组单词中划线部分读音与其它三项不同的一项。(5分) 二.单项选择(20分)

( )1. ___________ name is Sue Read. I'm an English girl.

A. Her B. My C. Your

( )2. —Tom, is this ___________ book?

—No, it isn't. My book is in my bag.

A. his B. you C. your

( )3. These ___________ Japanese jeeps.

A. am B. is C. are

( )4. Where ______his keys? A. is B. are C. can D. do ( )5. —Is this a picture of your family?

—___________. A. Yes, its B. Yes, it is C. No, it not

( )6. —Where _______ Tom's books? —They're _______ the floor.

A. is; in B. are; in C. is; on D. are; on

( )7. This is not ______ book. I think it’s ______ book.

A. you, me B. my, her C. his, he D. your, me.

( )8. What's that _________ English? It’s an eraser.

A. on B. for C. in

( )9. —________ this your book? —No, it isn't.

A. Are B. Is C. Am

( )10. _______ Steven. ______ phone number is 215-0273.

A. My is;I B. I'm;My C. I is;I

( )11. —What's ____________ name? —He's Vinson.

A. he B. he's C. his

( )12. —Is it ____________ backpack? —No, it isn't.

A. he B. she C. her

( )13. —________under the tree? — No , they aren't. A. Where's B. Where C. Where is D. Where 're ( )14. A set of ______ on the desk.

A. key is B. keys is C. keys are D. key are.

( )15. ______ am a teacher. ________ name is Bill.

A. I;My B. My;I C. My;My

( )16.It is ______ .

A. pen B. my a pen C. a my pen D. my pen.

( )17. ____ your bag? At school.

A. What's B. What C. Where's D. Where

( )18.---Your ring is nice.--- ______. .

A. Ok. B. Sorry C. It’s not nice D. Thanks.

( )19.Is that your pencil______ the lost and found case ?

A. in B. at C. on D. of.

( )20.Please call Mike______ 2350798.

A.for B. at C. to D in.


What this? A backpack. It’s my . What’s that? It’s a .It is computer. Is that a computer, too? . It’s a TV set.It’s TV set.I it Saturday evening. It is a TV set.

( )1.A. is B. are C. am D. be ( )2.A. He’s B. She’s C. It’s D. Is ( )3.A.ruler B. ring C. backpack D. book. ( )4.A. TV set B. computer C. case D. pencil ( )5.A. he B. she C. her D. I.

( )6. A. Yes, it is B Yes, it isn’t C. No, it is D. No, it isn’t ( )7.A.I B.my C.her D.his. ( )8.A.look B.see C. watch D. listen ( )9.A.on B.in C at D.to ( )10.A.my B.well C.her D.good. 四. 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F).

I am Jane. This is my room. The TV and video tape are on the table. Where is my backpack? It isn't on the table. Oh! It's on the bed. My pencils aren't on the table. They are in my pencil case and it's in my backpack. My computer games are under the chair. My alarm clock, my ID card and my keys are on the dresser.

( ) 1. Her video tapes are on the TV. ( ) 2.Her backpack isn't on the bed. ( ) 3.Her pencils are in the pencil case. ( ) 4.Her pencil case isn't in her backpack. ( ) 5.Her ID card is on the dresser.

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五.按要求做句型转换(10分)。 1. 划线提问) ______ ______ Name ?

2. That’s her ruler.(变为一般问句) ______ ______ her ruler?

3. (提问划线部分)

______ ______ the CDs?

4. It is an English book.((改为否定句)) ______ ______ an English book. 5 This is my book. (变为复数形式).

______ ______ my _______?

6 The pencils are in the backpack.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

_________ the pencils in the backpack? Yes, _______ ________. 7 They like watching TV.

变否定句:They ______ _______ watching TV. 变一般疑问句:______ they ______ watching TV? 肯定回答:_______,they _______ . 六.问答配对。(10分)

( )1.What’s in the room? A. Your baseball? I don’t know. ( ) 2. Is that Jeff? B. Yes, they are.

( ) 3. Are these your grandparents? C. No, they are in the backpack. ( ) 4.Is my pencil case in the bookcase? D. It’s on the desk. ( ) 5. Are the books on the sofa? E. No, it’s Jack. ( ) 6. Is the computer on the desk? F. Yes, it is. ( ) 7.Who is your friend? G. No, it’s my cousin. ( ) 8.What’s this in English? H. There are some things in it. ( ) 9. Is that boy your brother? I. Guo Peng.

( )10. Where’s my baseball? J. It’s a clock.

七选择方框中的单词补全短文,其中有两项多余 (每小题1分,共5分)

the bed. There are pictures on the wall. They’re very nice. Oh, there is a clock and a map on the wall, too.

八、补全对话 (每小题1分,共5分)从方框中选择合适的句子完成下列对话。 A: Hi, Susan! B:

A: Is my computer game on the table? B: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bookcase.

A: Oh, OK. Are they on the bookcase, too? B: They’re on the chair. A: Oh. So, where is my pencil case? B:

A: And where’s my schoolbag?

B: It’s under the table. And your baseball is under the chair. A: Oh, OK. And where are Mom’s keys? B:





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