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五. 完型填空

Today Neil is __1__ near a river. Suddenly his knife falls into the ___2_. He is very __3___ because the knife is the birthday present his father gives him, but it is ___4___ now. Then at once a kind old woman came up and asks Neil what is wrong. “I lose my ___5___,” he says. “It falls into the water when I am playing here.” The woman gives him a gold(金的)knife and asks,“Is this your knife?”“No,” says the boy. The old woman gives him a silver(银的) and asks___6___ , “And this one?”“No” , again says the boy. Then she gives him __ 7___iron(铁的)knife. “Yes, that’s __8___!” calls out the happy boy.“I know it ___9___,” the old woman says. “Now I will give you the gold knife and the silver knife because you are a/an___10___ boy.”

1. A. reading B. sleeping C. listening D. playing

2. A. sea B. water C. lake D. mud

3. A. sad B. happy C. angry D. exciting

4. A. broken B. well C. lost D. heavy

5. A. bag B. knife C. money D. clothes

6. A. again B. too C. either D. also

7. A. a B. an C. the D. /

8. A. me B. I C. my D. mine

9. A. enough well B. well enough C. good enough (足够) D. enough good

10. A. interesting B. clever C. lazy D .honest诚实

This is a picture 1 a classroom. It's 2 classroom. look 3 the walls. They 4 white. You can see 5 old picture 6 the wall. What can you see 7 the picture? This is 8desk. 9 old Chinese book is on it. These are 10. They're on the desk, too.

( ) 1. A. of B. in C. on D. at

( ) 2. A. ours B. our C. theirs D. yours

( ) 3. A. at B. after C. like D. on

( ) 4. A. is B. are C. am D. isn't

( ) 5. A. the B. a C. an D. some

( ) 6. A. in B. on C. of D. at

( ) 7. A. after B. in C. to D. of

( ) 8. A. my B. my a C. my the D. mine

( ) 9. A. Some B. A C. Two D. An

( ) 10. A. my pencils B. my book C. your pen D. our room

My day


6:00 起床 5:00 回家

6:20 读英语 6:20 吃晚饭

6:50 吃早饭 7:00 做家庭作业

7:10 步行上学 8:30 看电视

12:10 吃中饭 9:30 睡觉

My name is Wang Jing. I’m a Chinese girl. I study at No. 3 Middle School of Dongtai. From Monday to Friday I 1 up at six in the morning. I read English 2 six twenty. I often 3 breakfast at six fifty. After breakfast I 4 to 5 at seven ten. We have four classes in the morning. At twelve ten I have

6 with my mum and dad. In the afternoon we have two classes. We go home at five. 7 is at six twenty. I 8 my homework at about seven. After that I watch TV. Then I 9 to 10 at about nine thirty. ( )1. A. gets B. get C. to get D. getting

( )2. A. in B. at C. on D. with

( )3. A. have B. haves C. has D. having

( )4. A. drive B. come C. go D. walk

( )5. A. home B. school C. the school D. the home

( )6. A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. dinner

( )7. A. Breakfast B. Lunch C. Supper D. Bread

( )8. A. write B. writes C. do D. does

( )9. A. come B. comes C. goes D. go

( )10. A. bed B. the bed C. a bed D. an bed

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