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? 阅读理解(10分)

I’m Amy. I’m a black and white pen. Look, this is a ruler. It is green . And this is a book. What color is it? It’s white. This is a key. It’s red. This is Helen. It’s a jacket. It’s blue and red.

( ) 1. Amy is a ______.

A. pen B .ruler C. book D. key

( ) 2. The ruler is ______.

A. green B. blue C. red D. white

( ) 3. The book is______.

A. black B. white C. blue D. yellow

( ) 4. Helen is a ______.

A. key B. pen C. jacket D. book

( ) 5. The _____ is red.

A. jacket B. ruler C. pen D. key

? 根据图相关提示回答问题。(20分)

Name: Frank Miller School : Class3,Grade7; No. 1 Middle School

Home: Beijing , China phone : 287-0837(Home) 398-6160(School)

1. What’s Frank’s first name? ____________________________

2. What’s Frank’s last name? ______________________________

3. What class(班) is Tony in? ____________________________

4. Tony is at home(在家). What’s his telephone number?_________________

5. Tony is at school(在学校). What’s his telephone number? ____________________


My name is Cindy Smith. I’m not twelve. I’m eleven. I’m not in Grade Eight. I am in Grade Seven. I am in Class Three. My phone number is 6655882. I’m from the U.S.A. My school is Beijing No. 14 Middle School.

Student’s Card

Name: ________ Sex: F/M________

First name: ________ Family name: ________

Age(年龄): ________ Tel: ________

Class: ________ Grade: ________

Nationality(国籍):________ School: ____________________

Look! This is No.2Middle School. My friend Victor is in this school. He is in Class One, Grade Eight. He has two good friends, David Kim and Jim Moore. Jim is in No.3 Middle School in Shanghai .He is an English boy .David is in No.3 Middle School, too. He is in Class One ,Grade Seven. His English teacher is Miss More. They like their school and like their teacher, too.

( )1.Victor is in _______

A. Class Two B. Grade Seven C. Class One D.No.1Middle School

( )2.Victor’s friends are______.

A. David Kim B. Jim Moore C. Miss More D. Both A and B

( )3.Jim Moore is in No.3 Middle School in_______.

A. Beijing B. the USA C. the UK D. Shanghai

( )4.Miss More is _________teacher.

A. a Chinese B. an English C. an American D. a Japanese

( )5.Jim Moore is _________ boy.

A. an English B. Chinese C. an American D. a Japanese


My name is Han Shu. I’m eleven. I’m in No. 3 Middle School. I’m in Class Two, Grade One. I’m Number Three in Row(排) Four. I’m a Chinese girl. My home is in No. 126 Zhongshan Road, Wuhan. My telephone number is 87654321. My post code(邮政编码) is 430034. My type of blood(血型) is O and my student number is 45.

1. What is the girl’s name?_____________________________________________

2. Is she in Class One, Grade Two? _____________________________________________

3. What is her telephone number? _____________________________________________

4. Is her post code 430043? _____________________________________________

5. What is her student number?___________________________________________


My name is Han Shu. I’m eleven. I’m in No. 3 Middle School. I’m in Class Two, Grade One. I’m Number Three in Row(排) Four. I’m a Chinese girl. My home is in No. 126 Zhongshan Road(中山路), Wuhan. My telephone number is 87654321. My post code(邮政编码) is 430034. My type of blood(血型) is O and my student number is 45.

Personal Data(个人资料表)

Name: 1_______ Age(年龄): eleven Sex(性别): girl

Class:2 _______ Grade:3________ Number:4________ Row:5_________ Post code: 6__________Telephone No:7______________

Student No.:8___________ Type of blood: O

Address(地址): 9____________ Name of school: 10___________

Look at this boy. He is an English boy. His first name is Alan. His last name is Brown. This is his school. His school ID card is 36872368. His teacher is Miss Black. She is a nice teacher. Look! What’s that? It’s backpack. It’s blue. It’s Alan’s backpack. His red jacket is in it. Where is his watch? Oh, Alan lost(丢失)it this morning.

1. Alan’s family name is ______________.

2. Alan’s school ID card number is ______________.

3. The color of his backpack is _____________.

4. The color of his jacket is ______________.

5. Alan lost ______________ this morning.

My name is Tom. I’m nine. This is my mother(母亲). Her name’s Linda Johnson. Her telephone number is 13052864515. And this is my father(父亲). His name is Mike Johnson. His phone

number is 13120884699. And this is my sister(姐妹). What’s her name? Her name is Mary. Look! The boy is my brother(兄弟) Nick. Mary is eight and Nick is six.

( )1. Mother is_______ .

A. Mary Johnson B. Mike Johnson C. Linda Johnson

( )2. Father’s telephone number is______ .

A. 13120884699 B. 13120884966 C. 13052864515

( )3. Mary is_______.

A. six B. nine C. eight

( )4. My brother is _______.

A. Tom B. Mike C. Nick

( )5. My last name is_______ . A. Johnson B. Nick C. Mike


This is a of my family. Frank, I am twelve. I study(学习) at No.11 Middle School. This is my father. is my mother, she is a teacher, too. Who’s that woman near(在---附近) my father? Oh, she is my aunt. She is a nurse. My grandparents aren’t in the photo, They are in the USA. I have a dog. ___4___ name is Dick. I love my___5___and I love my dog, too.

( ) 1. A. backpack B. book C. photo D. map

( ) 2 .A. This is B. I’m C. It’s D. My name

( ) 3. A. His B. He’s C. Her D. This

( ) 4.A. Its B. It’s C. He’s D. She’s

( ) 5 A. friends B. mother C. father D. family


Hello! __1__ name is Jack Hand. My __2__ name is Hand. I am ten years old. There are __3__ people in my family. My father is Tim __4__. His phone __5___ is 809-2221. And my __6__ is Jane. This is her ID __7__. The number is 65843447. Linda and Sonia __8___ my sisters. They are eight. They like __9__. This red ruler is Linda’s and that red pencil is Sonia’s. Is this red __10 theirs? No, it is my pen.

( )1. A. I B. His C. He D. My

( )2. A. last B. English C. first D. school

( )3. A. four B. five C. six D. seven

( )4. A. Green B. Smith C. Hand D. Miller

( )5. A. number B. card C. color D. /

( )6. A. father B. mother C. sister D. brother

( )7. A. phone B. school C. card D. number

( )8. A. are B. is C. am D. be

( )9. A. yellow B. red C. green D. blue

( )10. A. key B. ruler C. pencil D. pen


This boy is Peter Smith. His _1_ name is Peter. His _2_ name is Smith. This is 3 school. His school _4_ number is 20048567. His teacher is Miss White. Miss White 5_ a good teacher. Li Min is a Chinese boy. Li Min is his good _6 at school. Look! _7_ a pencil sharpener. Is the pencil sharpener _8_. ? I _9_ know. Let’s _10_ Li Min at 495-6548.

( )1. A.first B. family C. last D. one

( )2. A. first B. good C. last D. this

( )3. A.you B. that C. his D. it

( )4. A.computer B. name C. phone D. ID card

( )5. A.no B. not C. is D. am

( )6. A. father B. friend C. boy D. class

( )7. A.What’s B. This’s C. That’s D. The name’s

( )8. Li Min B. Li Min’s C. Li Min is D. The Li Min

( )9. A. don’t B. isn’t C. am not D. do

( )10. A. ask B. call C. write D. look

Hi! My name is Zhang Hua. I’m Chinese. My English name is Richard. I’m fourteen. I’m a student in No. 69 Middle School in Harbin. It’s a nice and big school. I’m in Class Four, Grade Two. My phone number is 8865-9713. My hobbies(爱好) are swimming(游泳) and reading(读书). My favorite(最喜欢的) color is orange(桔色的).

Complete the following form. (根据短文内容填表)

Chinese name:_________ School:_________

English name:__________ Grade:__________

Age (年龄):___________ Phone number:__________

Nationality(国籍):__________ Hobbies:____________

City (城市): Harbin Favorite color:_________

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