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unit10 If you come to my party, you'll have a great time 单元测试

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Unit10 If you come to my party, you’ll have a great time 单元测试题 Ⅰ. 单项填空

( )1. Why do you keep the windows ________ on such a

cold day?

A.opens B.opening C.opened D.open

( )2. I don't know if my American friend ________ to

visit China next week. If he ________,I think

he will let me know.

A.will come; comes B.will come; will come

C.comes; will come D.come; comes

( )3. We should learn how to ________ happiness with

our friends.

A.talk B.help C.share D.agree

( )4. I'm going to make a football team.Can you help

me ________ it?

A.joining B.to play C.organize D.organizing

( )5. I guess Peter and his sister Sally enjoyed

________ at the dancing party.

A.myself B.himself C. herself D.themselves

( )6. Tell the children ________ unhealthy food. It's

bad for their health.

A.not to eat B.not eating

C.to eat D.eating

( )7. The math problem is so hard. I really don't know


A.how to do it B.how to do

C.what to do it D.what do it

( )8. If you don't go to the meeting tomorrow, ________.

A.he will, too B.he won't, either

C.he does, too D.he doesn't, either

( )9. You can go out to play if you ________ your


A.finish B.finishes

C.will finish D.finished

( )10. This is a formal party.Everyone must dress up.If

you ________, you can't go in.

A.don't B.won't C.can't D.mustn't

( )11. If Mary is late again, the teacher won't________.

A.let in her B.let her in

C.let she to D.let to her in

( )12. If you join the band,maybe you'll________.

A.famous B.be famous


C.being famous D.not famous

( )13. Don't________jeans to the party.

A.put on B.wear C.wearing D.dress

( )14. You won't get good grades________you study hard.

A.if B.and C.but D.unless

( )15. You can solve the problem by________your teacher

for help.

A.asks B.to ask C.asking D.ask

Ⅱ. 用所给词的适当形式填空

1.If I don't finish my homework, my mother __________

let (not let)me meet my friends.

2.The teacher ________(take) away my mobile phone

because I used it in class.

3.What ______________(happen)if they go to school late?

4.If you get up late, you _________ (be)late for school.

5.It's necessary for us to finish __________(do) our

homework on time.

6.Please ask the children _______________(not play)in

the street.

7.Remember __________(bring)it here tomorrow.

8. He has a difficult time ____________(finish)the work

in a short time.

9.If he _______(have)enough time tomorrow, he _________

(meet)you in his office.

10.It's cold. We'd better keep the door ________


Ⅳ. 阅读理解


Will it matter if you don't take your breakfast? A short time ago, a test was given in the United States. People of different ages, from 12 to 83, were asked to have a test.During the test, these people were given all kinds of breakfasts, and sometimes they got no breakfast at all.Scientists wanted to see how well their bodies worked when they had eaten different kinds of breakfasts

The results show that if a person eats a right breakfast, he or she will work better than if he or she has no breakfast.If a student has fruit, eggs, bread and milk before going to school, he will learn more quickly and listen more carefully in class.

The result is opposite to what some people think. Having no breakfast will not help you lose weight.This is because people become so hungry at noon that they eat too much for lunch.They will gain weight instead of losing it.You will lose more weight if you reduce your other meals


( )1. During the test, the people were given ________.

A.no breakfast at all

B.different foods or sometimes none

C.very rich breakfast

D.little breakfast

( )2. The results show that ________.

A.breakfast has great effect on work and studies

B.breakfast has little to do with a person's work

C.a person will work better if he only has fruit

and milk

D.it's nothing to have no breakfast

( )3. According to the passage, some people think that

if you don't have breakfast, you will________.

A.be healthier B.work better

C.lose weight D.feel better

( )4. The word“opposite”in the last passage means


A.不确定 B.相反的

C.一样的 D.正确的

( )5. Which of the following is NOT right?

A.It's bad for your health to have no breakfast.

B.Too little for breakfast and too much for

lunch may make you fatter.

C. The more breakfast you have, the more quickly

you'll learn in class.

D.You will lose more weight if you reduce your

other meals.


If you have to take medicine, your doctor will tell you and your mom about the medicine and how you have to take it.

Your medicine may be a liquid in a bottle or a pill. Sometimes you may have more than one medicine.You might have something to stop the illness and something to take away the pain.

Whatever it is, make sure that you follow the instructions and remember to do exactly what you are told. It is also important to take the medicine for the full time, even if you are feeling better very quickly.If you stop too soon, you could get sick again.

Many people nowadays take vitamins and herbal medicines (中药)to help keep their body healthy.Many of these probably don't help you much, and taking too many vitamins may be bad for you.But sometimes herbal medicines can help—after all a lot of medicines are made from herbs.

It's a good idea for Mom and Dad to talk to a qualified doctor, who has more experience. Don't ask someone who just sells herbal medicines.The best medicine 3

of all is to eat healthy meals, exercise every day and be happy!

( )6. The underlined word “qualified” means________ in


A.态度好的 B.资深的

C.信任的 D.幸运的

( )7. If we have to take medicine, ________.

A.we may try different kinds of medicine

B.we must stop when we feel much better

C.we should follow the doctor's instructions

D.you can take it at anytime

( )8. According to the passage, ________.

A.medicines made from herbs can sometimes be

good for your health

B.taking too many vitamins may be good for your


C.taking medicine for the full time will make

you get sick again

D.you can ask someone who just sells herbal


( )9. It can be learned from the passage that ________.

A.people can take pills only according to their

past experiences

B.vitamins and herbal medicines are not very

popular with people these days

C.the right diet and playing more sports will

keep you healthy

D.when you take medicine if you are feeling

better very quickly, you can stop taking it

( )10. The best title for the passage is ________.

A.The History of Medicine

B.The Introduction to Herbal Medicine

C.How to Take Medicine in the Right Way

D.The Best Medicine

Ⅴ. 书面表达

根据提示以“If I have a lot of money, I will?”为题写一篇英语作文。80词左右(文章的开头已给出,不计入总词数)。



3.为保护环境(environmental protection)贡献一份力量。

If I have a lot of money,

I will do many things.



一. 单选

1-5DACCD 6-10 AABAA 11-15 BBBDC

二 填空

1 won’t let 2 took 3 will happen 4 will be 5 doing 6 not to play 7 to bring 8 finishing 9 has will meet 10 closed

三 阅读理解

1-5 BACBC 6-10 BCACC

四 作文

If I have a lot of money,

I will do many things.

First, I will help the poor children go to school. I hope they will not only change themselves in the future, but also change the world around them. Second, I will help my parents enjoy their lives. They work very hard to give me a good life, and I want to do something for them, too. At last, I will start a group to help with the environmental protection.The pollution is really serious nowadays, and I hope I can do something to help.


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