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新目标九年级Unit 11 Section A第一课时

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新目标 九年级 Unit 11

Unit 11 Could you please tell me
where the restrooms are?

1a Where you can do the following things? Match each thing with a place in the picture.

__buy shampoo __get some information about the town __get some magazines __buy some writing paper __make a telephone call __buy some stamps __get a dictionary __save money

buy shampoo buy some writing paper

save money

get some magazines get a dictionary get some information about the town

buy some stamps

1b Listen and complete the conversations.

Sure. Excuse me . Do There’s a ____ you know where I bank on ________ can __________? Main Street save money _. Yes. There’s a Could you tell _________ on post office me where I can Center Street ____________. ______________ buy some stamps

1. Could you please tell me where the restrooms are? 请你告诉我厕所在哪儿好吗? Could you…?是个句型,could在此 不是过去形式,它此时表示语气婉转、 有礼貌。

在希望得到肯定答复的疑问句中,以及 在含有表示建议、请求和征求意见语气 的疑问句中, 常用some和something,而 不用any和anything。 【例】 (1)Could you lend me your motorbike, please? 请把你的摩托车借给我好吗?

(2)Could you tell me something about yourself. 请谈谈你自己好吗? (3)Would you like to have some apples? 你们要吃苹果吗?

(4)What about saying something about your school? 说说你学校的情况好吗? (5)Will you please give the poor boy something to eat? 请给那可怜的孩子一点吃的东西 好吗?

2. Can you please tell me where I can get a dictionary? 请你告诉我在哪儿能买到字典好吗? Can you please tell…,是个句型,它 后面可跟宾语从句,也可跟不定式结构。 can可换成could, would, will。


(1)Could you please tell me where we show our tickets?
请告诉我在哪儿验票好吗? (2)Would you tell me how much it costs to fly to Canada? 你能告诉我乘飞机去加拿大要多少 钱吗?

(3)Will you tell me when we will have a meeting? 请告诉我我们什么时候开会好吗? (4)Can you tell me who the old man is? 你能告诉我那位老人是谁吗?

(5)Could you tell me how to get to the post office? 你能告诉我到邮局怎么走吗? (6)Can you tell me what to do next? 你能告诉我下一步怎么做吗?

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