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新版牛津英语7a daily_life_习题

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Unit2 Daily life


fly________ watch_______ wash_______ be_______ study_______ have________ do_________ pass________ miss________ teach________ play ______ love_______ help_______ make_______ get ______ know_______ go_________ dress_______ catch______ fix________


日常生活 喜欢做某事 步行

一周两次 了解,知道 离···近

从......到...... 参加 玩得开心,过得愉快 不同的地方 全世界 课外活动 在早上 在6点 到达

在......与......之间 上课 帮助某人做某事 一首音乐 彼此 每天晚上 吃晚饭 去睡觉


1. Jim usually ________ (have) lunch at home.

2. Lucy _______ (be) twenty years old.

3. She always ___________ (wash) her clothes on Sundays.

4. Tom often ______ (play) basketball with his classmates after school.

5. All these children ____ (come) from Sichuan Province.

6. Kate usually _______ (have) breakfast at 6:30.

7. My father wants me______ (be) a good student.

8. My brother ________ (like) playing football.

9.Apples _______ (be)nice to eat.

10. Who ___ you _____ (make) phone calls to on the way to school?

11. All these children ____ (come) from Sichuan Province.

12. Tom often ______ (play) basketball with his classmates after school.

13. I __________ (not have) breakfast before school yesterday.

14. Mr. Wu ____ (teach) English in David’s School.

15.This TV set __________ (be)very small.

16. David _____ (play) basketball with his classmates after school.

17.Mrs. Fang _____ (do) the shopping every morning.

18. Mr. Brown ______ (finish) work at 5 p.m.

19. The weather _______ (change) every day.

20 .Jenny and Danny usually___________ (play) games in the afternoon.

四、 单选

( ) 1. Jenny ____ in an office. Her parents ____in a hospital.

A. work; works B. works; work C. work; are working D. is; working work

( ) 2. One of the boys_____ a black hat.

A .have B. there is C .there are D. has

( ) 3.Tom and Jack like_______ basketball.

A. play B. plays C. playing D. played

( ) 4 He said the sun ____in the east and ____in the west.

A. rose; set B. rises; sets C. rises, set D. rise; sets

( ) 5. Wang Mei ____ music and often ____ to music.

A. like; listen B. likes; listens C. like; are listening . D liking ; listen

( ) 6. Jenny____ English every evening.

A has study B. studies C. study D. studied

( ) 7.Do you love to the music?

A. listening B. to listen C. listen D. listens

( I always go to school by bus .

A. but B. then C. or D. so

( did you do your homework yesterday?

A. How often B. How much C. How long D. How soon

( ) 10. What does your mother do?

She is a doctor. She in a hospital.

A. work B. works C. working D. worked

( ) 11.My father often my mother with the housework.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. helped

( ) 12. There a lot of water in the bottle.

A. are B. is C./ D. has

( ) 13. I don't like sports, so I play football.

A. sometimes B. usually C. often D. seldom

( ) 14. She often has and a piece of bread for breakfast.

A. one glasses of milk B. two glasses of milks

C. three glasses of milk D. four glass of milk

( ) 15. His mother housework in her daily life.

A. works at B. works in C. works about D. works on

( )16. Mike is often late school, so his teacher is very angry with him.

A. in B. for C. to D. at

( A. always; seldom B. always; sometimes

C. usually; often D. sometimes; never

( )18. Linda in a junior high school in Guangzhou.

A. studys B. study C. studying D. studies

( ) 19. If their house not like ours, what it look like?

A. is, is B. is, does C. does, does D. does, is

( ) 20. -- he himself there?

-- No, I don't think so.

A. Do, enjoy B. Does, enjoies C. Does, enjoys D. Does, enjoy


1My sister washs her clothes every evening.

2.Sometimes Tom help her mother with the housework.

3.We often goes to school by bus.

4.My classmate have these hobbies.


题组一:1.We are junior high school students.

否定句: __________________________________ 一般疑问句: _______________________________

肯定回答:_______ 否定回答:______

2. I usually play football on Friday afternoon.

否定句: __________________________________ 一般疑问句: _______________________________

肯定回答:_______ 否定回答:______ 否定句:___________________________________ 一般疑问句: _______________________________

肯定回答:_______ 否定回答:______

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