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班级:________ 姓名:__________ 分数:_________


I. 听录音,选择正确的图画,每小题念一遍。(5分)

II. 听录音,判断原图意思是否与所听内容相符,正确用“T”,错误用“F”对话念两遍。(5分)


III. 听录音完成对话,对话念两遍。(5分) A: Hi, Jim! Do you (1) soccer?

B: Yes, I like soccer and basketball.

A: Do you like tennis too? B: Yes, I do. My sister and I (2) tennis.

A: Do you have tennis racket? B: Yes. But (3) is my tennis racket?

A: Oh, do you have a basketball?

B: Yes, I do.

A: OK, Let’s play (4) . B: That sounds (5) .

IV. 听短文后回答问题,短文念两遍。(10分)

1. How old is Sam?

2. What is Sam’s favorite subject?

3. Does Sam like swimming and painting?

4. Can Sam play the piano?

5. Do they want to visit China?


V. 读一读,猜一猜:根据首字母提示完成单词(5分)。

1. Brad can play basketball. He wants to j__________ the basketball club.

2. F____________ is the second month of a year.

3. Jack Chen is Mike’s f_____________ movie star. Mike likes his movies best.

4. The runners are very strong. Because they eat a lot of h__________ food.

5. We want to play tennis after school. But we don’t have tennis r____________.

VI. 看一看,做一做:单项选择(15分)。

( )1. Look at these ___________. Victor has ____________ aunt and two uncles.

A. photos, a B. photos, an C. photos, the

( )2. Can you _____________ jiaozi __________ English?

A. say, with B. speak, in C. say, in

( )3. Where __________ she ___________ from?

A. does, come B. is , come C. does, comes

( )4. How ____________ did you pay?

A. much yuan B. many yuan C. much yuans

( )5. Her mother is ___________. She ____________ a car now.

A. a driver, drive B. driver, drives C. a driver, is driving 2

( )6. Do you want __________ with me?

A. go shopping B. to go shop C. to go shopping

( )7. ---___________? ---Yes, please.

A. How are you B. Can I help you C. What can you do for me

( )8. Miss White is a good teacher. She usually _________.

A. helps me to English B. help me learn English C. helps

me with my English.

( )9. Maria likes documentaries _______ cartoon, ______ she doesn’t like thrillers.

A. and , and B. and, but C. but, but

( )10. Do you need shoes______ sports? We have lots of shoes ________ very good prices.

A. for, at B. for, with C. at, with

( )11. Katrina often has French _______, tomatoes, chicken__________ dinner.

A. fry, for B. fries, for C. frys, at

( )12. Let’s ____________ volleyball. That _________ good.

A. playing, is B. play, sounds C. play, is sound

( )13. Peter often _________ my textbook ________ home.

A. takes, to B. brings, \ C. takes, \

( )14. The man is David Johnson. Johnson is his ____ name and David

is his ______ name.

A. family, first B. first, family C. first, last

( )15. Does Mary like documentaries?__________________.

A. Yes, she doesn’t. B. No, she does. C. Yes, she does. VII. 读一读,对一对:对号入座(10分)。

( )1. Where is her pen pal from? A. At 4.P.m.

( )2. May I have a look at your ticket? B. She’s swimming.

( )3. When is your birthday? C. No, I don’t. It’s hard for me.

( )4. What’s his phone number? D. Zhou Runfa

( )5. What color is your box? E. It’s 243-0876.

( )6. Who’s your favorite film star? F. Sure. Here it is.

( )7. Can you play the piano? G. No, I can’t.

( )8. Do you like playing chess? H. He’s from 3

the UK.

( )9. What time does it close on Sunday? I. It’s blue

and yellow.

( )10. What is Lucy doing in the river? J. December


VIII. 看一看,找一找:改错题,下列句中均有一处错误,找出来并改正在横


1. Her’s favorite sport is tennis. _____________

2. Miss Tian singing a new song. _____________

3. My father usually go to work at 7:30. _____________

4. Are this your brother, John? _____________

5. Math is me favorite subject. _____________

IX. 读一读,排一排:给以下句子编号,组成一段意义完整的对话(5分)。

( )Why do you like P.E.?

( 1 ) What’s your favorite subject?

( ) How many P.E. classes do you have in a week?

( ) Do you like him?

( ) My favorite subject is P.E.

( ) It’s exciting and relaxing.

( ) I have two in a week.

( ) Who’s your P.E. Teacher?

( ) Mr. Li is.

( ) Yes, he’s friendly, but he’s very strict.

X. 完形填空。(10分)

I ____(1) Li Lei. This ______(2) a ruler. ______(3) is ______(4)

ruler. I spell _______(5), R-U-L-E-R. That is _______ (6) eraser. It’s

_______(7). I _______(8) spell it. _____(9) do you spell it, Do you know?

_______(10), I don’t know.

( )1. A. is B. am C. are D. do

( )2. A. is B. am C. are D. do

( )3. A. This B. That C. It D. One

( )4. A. your B. his C. her D. my

( )5. A. it B. one C. her D. me

( )6. A. your B. my C. an D. a


( )7. A. your B. my C. his D. her

( )8. A. do B. don’t C. isn’t D. am not

( )9. A. How B. What C. What’s D. How are

( )10. A. OK B. Not C. Thank you D. Sorry

XI. 读一读,填一填:阅读理解(32分)。



A: Hello!

B: Hi, is that Paul? This is Nick, your new classmate.

A: Hi, Nick! Where are you?

B: At home. There’s a new movie at the Capital Cinema. Do you Know? A: Yes, I do. Do you like going to movies?

B: Yes, very much. I usually go to movies with my parents on Sunday. A: What kind of movies do you like?

B: Action movies. How about you?

A: I don’t often go to movies. I like watching TV or VCD at home. B: That’s different from seeing the movie at the cinema. Let’s go to the movie this evening, OK?

A: Sorry, I’m going to a concert with my mother this evening. What about tomorrow afternoon?

B: OK. See you after lunch tomorrow.

A: Bye-bye.

( )1. Who is B?

A. Nick, Paul’s new classmate. B. Paul, Nick’s new classmate.

( )2. What does Paul like?

A. Going to movies. B. Watching TV or VCD at home

( )3. Paul and Nick are going to ________.

A. the new movie this evening B. a concert this evening

C. the new movie tomorrow D. have lunch at the cinema

( )4. Where are they talking about the movies?

A. At Nick’s home. B. At Paul’s home. C. At the cinema. D. On the phone.

(b). 阅读下面的短文并完成ID卡。(6分)

Nick is my pen pal. He is 12 years old. He is from Canada. He lives in Ottawa. He speaks English and French. His favorite subject is science. He likes Chinese, too. And he says he can speak a little Chinese, but he can’t write in Chinese.

Nick likes sports, too. He likes swimming best. He goes swimming on 5

weekends with his father. He says he can swim very well. He doesn’t like Physics. He thinks it too difficult.

Nick has a big family. There are eight people in his family, his grandpa, grandma, father, mother and his brothers and sisters. He has two brothers

Bill 正在向大家介绍他家的新客厅,你能根据他的介绍,把所给物品的图片放在适当的位置上吗?(把物品下方的字母写在图中相应的位置里)(6分)




( )7. What is Emily talking about in her letter?

A. Joy’s birthday party. B. Emily’s birthday party.

C. Uncle Paolo’s birthday party?

( )8. Where are they going to have the party?

A. In Central Park. B. Near History Museum. C. At Uncle Paolo’s restaurant.

( )9. What can they do from 6 : 30 to 7 : 45? They can ________.

A. go to a concert B. eat and talk C. go to the museum ( )10. What time does the party start? It starts at about ________.

A. 6 : 30 B. 7 : 45 C. 8 : 00


Xiao Ming 想要参加学校社团组织。他向学生会主席Nancy写了一封自荐信。请你根据他所介绍的情况,完成第11~13小题,把14小题回答完整。(每小题1分,共4分)

Dear Nancy,


My name is Xiao Ming. I want to be in a club in our school. I’m not famous now. But maybe I can be famous someday!I can’t sing or dance or act in movies, but I can do many other things. I can play three instruments: the guitar, the violin and the drums. I think I can be in the music club. Maybe I can be a famous musician. I like to read story books and I can write stories. Maybe I can be a famous writer. I like sports, too, but I don’t think I can be a famous and successful sports man. Can I join you?




o Ming

( )11. What’s the word “instruments” in Chinese? It’s ________.

A. 乐谱 B. 乐器 C. 乐章

( )12. What can’t Xiao Ming do? He can’t ________.

A. write stories B. play the violin C. act in movies ( )13. Xiao Ming thinks he can be a famous ________ or a famous writer.

A. musician B. actor C. sports man

( ) 14. --What clubs do you think Xiao Ming can join?

--He can join a ___________ club, a ___________ club or a ___________ club.




I’m going to see a movie with my friends this weekend. We love seeing movies, but e all like different kinds. I like to see thrillers and science fictions, my friend Sam loves action movies and comedies and my best friend, Lee, loves a good romance. Because we like different kinds of movies, it can be difficult to choose(选择)one to see. So we usually take turns(轮流)to choose the movie. It’s my turn to choose this weekend, so we’re going to see Harry Potter II, a new movie. It’s number one at the box office, and everyone is saying what a great movie it is. I can’t wait!

( )15. How many kinds of movies does the writer talk about in the story?

A. Six. B. Five. C. Four.


)16. Harry Potter II is ________ movie right now. A. a boring B. a popular C. an action )17. How do the writer and his friends choose which movie to see? A. They like different kinds of movies.

B. They let Lee choose which movie to see.

C. They take turns to choose a movie to see.

( )18. What is the main idea(中心意思)of the story?

A. Choosing which movie to see can be difficult.

B. It’s a good thing to see movies with friends.

C. Everyone likes the new movie Harry Potter II.

XII. 看一看,写一写:书面表达(13分)。

1. 你(Steven)的蓝色背包在操场上丢失,里面有书及各种文具,写一份寻物启事,你的电话:82345066 (5分)


2. 你想加入京剧社,根据以下表格编一段你与京剧社工作人员的对话 (8分)

Hi, can I help you?

Mark: Yes, please. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9




I. 1.A 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.C II. 1.F 2.F 3.T 4.F 5.F III. 1.like 2.play

3.where 4.basketball 5.good

IV. 1.She is 18 years old. 2.It is music. 3.Yes, she does. 4.Yes, she can. 5.Yes, they do.

笔试部分:V. 1. join 2. February 3. favorite 4. healthy 5. racket VI. 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.A 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.A 11.B 12.B 13.C 14.A 15.C VII. 1.H 2.F 3.J 4.E 5.I 6.D 7.G 8.C 9.A 10.B

VIII. 1.Her’s改为Her 2.singing 改为is singing 3.go改为 goes 4.Are改为 Is 5.me改为 my

IX. 3-1-5-9-2-4-6-7-8-10

X. 1—5 BACDA 6—10 CCBAD

XI. (a) 1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D

(b) Name: Nick Age:12 From: Canada Language: English and French Favorite subject: Science Favorite sport: swimming


I. Listen and choose the right picture.(听录音,选择正确的图画,每小题念一遍。)

I like bananas. 2. His father has a tennis racket. 3. This T-shirt is 12 dollars. 4. My birthday is October 2nd. 5. His brother plays the guitar very well.

II. Listen to the statement of each picture and judge the pictures. Write T for “true” or F for “fault”.(听录音,判断原图意思是否与所听内容相符,每小题念一遍。)

Mary is eating salad. 2.The blue sweater is 30 dollars. 3. My brother likes to see thrillers. 4. We are playing basketball at school. 5. Mary’s telephone number is 7334390.

III. Listen and complete the dialogue.(听录音完成对话,对话念两遍。) A: Hi, Jim! Do you like soccer?

B: Yes, I like soccer and basketball.


A: Do you like tennis too?

B: Yes, I do. My sister and I play tennis.

A: Do you have a tennis racket?

B: Yes. But where is my tennis racket?

A: Oh. Do you have a basketball?

B: Yes, I do.

A: Ok. Let’s play basketball.

B: That sounds good.

IV. Listen to the passage and then answer the questions.(听短文后回答问题,短文念两遍。)

I am an American girl. My name is Sam. I am 18 years old and I live in New York. My favorite subject is music. I like swimming and painting too. I can play the piano but I can’t sing very well. I want to join the music club. I don’t like science. I think it’s boring. Mr Martin is my favorite teacher. He is a music teacher. Mr martin and I want to visit china.


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