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九年级(上)9A Unit 2

Welcome to the unit

Ask and answer
1. What colour is it?








Free talk
2. What is your favourite colour?
3. Why do you like it? 4. Do you know what colour Eddie likes best?

Listen to the tape, answer the
following questions.
(1) Which colour does Eddie like

Eddie likes blue better.

(2) Why does Eddie like this colour? Eddie thinks blue is boy’s colour. (3) How did Eddie feel when he wore the dress? Eddie felt shame.

Language point
would rather …than…宁愿…而不愿…

e.g. 我宁愿穿蓝色而不是红色.
I would rather wear blue than

(wear) red.

1. 我宁愿要小的而不要大的.
I would rather have the small one

than the big one.
2. 我宁愿呆在家而不愿去公园.

I would rather stay at home than
go to the park.

Read it by yourselves and give us a performance with

your partners.

Eddie and Hobo
Eddie wants to wear clothes. Hobo brings ____ him two clothes, one is pink the other is ____, ____. Eddie thinks he would ______ wear _____ rather blue ____ than pink because ____ is girl’s ____ pink blue

colour. Hobo says there is _______ nothing
wrong with pink and helps Eddie ____

put on a bluedress Eddie feels shame ____. but Hobo says blue _____ good on him. __ looks

Colorful rainbow
red green blue orange yellow

indigo violet

Conversation: Work in groups

of two, talking about Rainbow.
A: How many colors are there in a rainbow? B: … A: What are they? B: They are…

宁愿……而不愿 一个暗淡的地方 天空中的彩虹 蓝天 当然 告诉某人关于某事 多少种颜色 would rather…than a dark place a rainbow in the sky the blue sky of course tell sb about sth how many colors

1. Recite the dialogue between Eddie and Hobo. 2. Do some relevant exercises.

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