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人教版7年级下第9单元Section B 1

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七年级 下册

Unit 9
What does he look like?

Section B

Period One

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions nose blonde mouth round face eye singer n. 鼻子 adj. (blond) (头发)金黄色的 n. 嘴 adj. 圆形的 n. 脸 n. 眼睛 n. 歌手

To learn to describe people’s hair, face, the five sense organs, glasses, job, etc.

To learn to describe famous people

Look and describe. What does he look like? He is_______________ of medium build and he has short black hair _______________.

Jackie Chan

What does she look like? She is______ and she short glasses wears________.

Han Hong

_____________________? What does she look like She is_______________ of medium height and she has long blonde hair __________________.

Marilyn Monroe

bald 光秃的

He is bald.

mustache 髭, 胡子

He has a mustache.

beard 胡须

He has a beard.

眼镜 He is wearing glasses.

Match the words with the pictures. (1a)

1. ___ a big nose 2. ___ blonde hair a d 3. ___ a small mouth 4. ___ glasses c b 5. ___ a round face c 7. c/b black hair ___ 6. ___ big eyes a 8. ___ a long face b

Make sentences about famous people. Fill in the blanks. (1b) 1. Jackie Chan ___________has black hair. 2. Renee Zellweger has a round face. ______________ 3. Harry Potter ___________wears glasses. 4. Justin Beiber ___________has blonde hair.

Talk about Johnny Dean and Tina Brown.

Listen and write Johnny Dean’s and Tina Brown’s jobs in the chart. (1c)
Johnny Dean Tina Brown movie actress

Looks like


really tall, medium height, really thin, long blonde hair, curly hair, funny glasses beautiful Listen again. What do Johnny and Tina look like? Complete the chart. (1d)

Listen again and answer the questions.
1. What does Johnny Dean do? He’s a singer. 2. What does he look like? He’s tall and thin. He has curly hair and funny glasses. 3. What does Tina Brown do? She’s a movie actress. 4. What does she look like? She’s of a medium height and has long blonde hair. She’s very beautiful.

Describe what your favorite singer or athlete looks like. (1e) Sample My favorite singer is Teng Ge-er. He has a strong build. He is medium height with curly black hair. He is almost bald on the top of his head. He doesn’t wear glasses.

Sample My favorite singer is Jay Zhou. He is tall and has short brown hair. He likes basketball and chicken. His hobbies are song writing, movies and computer games.

Try to describe what Yao Ming looks like.

Group work: Guess the famous people. Rules: 1.Each group describe one person. 2.The group which uses the most words is the winner. eg. He is a basketball player. He’s very tall…

句子链接 根据汉语补全英语句子。 她长着一头金发。 She has blonde hair. ______ 【解析】blonde表示“金黄色的”,还可 写作blond,用来描述头发的颜色,但前 者用来描述女性的头发,后者描述男性的 头发,可用作形容

词或名词。当用作名词 时,blonde表示“长着黄发的女性”。如: Who’s the beautiful blonde talking to Bob? 那个正与鲍勃交谈的金发美女是谁?

1. really tall and really thin, 2. have curly hair, 3. have funny glasses, 4. the movie actress, 5. one’s favorite actor, 6. the woman with the long blonde hair, 7. of medium height, 8. have long blonde hair, 9. really beautiful

注: 另附word文档。 点击此处链接

一. 根据句子及汉语意思写出单词。 1. Alice has _______(金色的)hair. blonde 2. Jackie Chan has ______(黑色的) hair. black 3. Lily has a ______ (圆的) face. round

4. May has a small _______ (嘴巴). mouth
5. Mr Zhang has a big nose _______(大鼻子). big eyes 6. Linda has _______ (大眼睛).

二. 根据答语,写出相应的问句。 1. ________________________ What does he look like? He is of medium height. What does she look like? 2. ________________________ She has long straight hair. What color is her hair? 3. ________________________ Her hair is brown. What’s the job of Johnny Dean? 4. ___________________________ Johnny Dean is a singer.

Write a short passage to describe your favorite movie star or singer.

To preview the new words and expressions
To preview the newspaper article “An Interesting Job”

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