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新目标英语八年级上Unit 12同步阅读 (含答案)

Unit 12 What’s the best radio station?


Read the advertisements and underline all the abbreviations (缩写). Then write the meaning of each. (读下面的广告,用下划线将其中的缩写形式标出,并写出它们的全称。)

1. br ________________ 2. _____________________ 3. __________________

4. apt _______________ 5. _____________________ 6. __________________


Read about Wang Lan and Wang Jing. Look at the advertisements again and answer the questions. (读下面的短文,结合上题的广告,回答问题。)

Wang Lan and Wang Jing are students from Shanghai. They are sisters. They are looking for a new place to live. They need to catch buses and trains everyday. They can pay $ 375 a week. Wang Lan is 24 and is studying computer science. She goes to university every weekday and sometimes on Saturdays. She usually studies every night and she doesn’t go out very often. She has a lot of books and needs a large desk. A quiet place is what she wants to live in.

Wang Jing is 19. She is studying English at a language college. She has classed from 9 am to 3 pm. After that she often plays badminton with her best friend at the college. Sometimes they go shopping. In the evening, she usually watches TV of studies at her friend’s place. Sometimes they go to the movies or a nightclub.

1. Which apartment is the best for the two sisters?

2. Write the reasons for your choice.


The following is a mark table (分数表) about the English competition. Find some useful


( ) 1. _________ co-operate best of all the groups.

A. The students in Group 1 B. The students in Group 2 C. The students in Group 3 D. The students in Group 4 ( ) 2. Group 1 is thought to have spoken as _____________ as Group 3.

A. clearly B. loudly C. freely D. quickly ( ) 3. Group 4 did worst in “___________”.

A. answer humorously B. speak freely C. have a good manner D. answer quickly

( ) 4. In “answer correctly”, Group 1 was _________ marks lower than Group 4.

A. 6 B. 9 C. 11 D. 10 ( ) 5. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Group 1 did as well as Group 4 in “have a good manner”. B. All the groups of Group 3 is 3 marks more than Group 1. C. The average of Group 3 is 3 marks more than Group 1. D. Group 3 is the winner of the competition.


1. 1. bedroom 2. laundry 3. kitchen

4. apartment 5. phone 6. per week 2. 1. B 2. Answers may vary. 3. CBDCB

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