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岭集中学7Bunit2 试卷

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岭集中学7Bunit2 试卷

一 单项选择(20)

1. Mrs Smith lives next to us. She is really a good because she is always ready to help people around her.

A. visitor B. waiter C. neighbour D. manager 2. -- will the Greens stay in Xuzhou? --1 am not sure. Maybe in Jiali Hotel. A. Where B. When C. Which D. How long 3. --Where do you sit, Peter? --I sit A. next to B. in front of C. before D. behind

4. --Hello! This is Kate. I'm from Yangzhou. --Hi, Kate. You are in Yangzhou? Oh, it's cool! A. speaking B. flying C. driving D. calling 5. --Simon, how old is your grandpa this year?

-- . And we are planning a special birthday party for his birthday this Sunday. A. Ninetieth; ninety B. Ninety; nienty C. Ninety; ninetieth D. Ninetieth; ninetieth 6. Which floor do you _______?

A. live B. live on C. live at D. live in

7. --Will there a football match on CCTV 5 this evening?

--Yes. There usually football matches on Sunday evenings. A. have; have B. be; will be C. are; are D. be; are 8. "We will learn English words this year," the teacher said to the students.

A. one thousand, three hundred and twenty-oneB. a thousand, and three hundred twenty-one C. one thousand, three hundred twenty-one D. a thousand, three hundred and twenty-one 9. --What kind of home do you ________ ? --A flat the centre of the city. A. live; on B. live; in C. live in; on D. live in; in 10. —Is there ________ in the classroom? — No one.

A. someone B. anyone C. something D. anything

1 1. --When we go there tomorrow? --I pick you up(接你) at o'clock. A. do; will B. will; am C. shall; will D. shall; won't

12. If a girl doesn't know _____ to wear or to dress up, she can ask her best friend for help. A. what; how B. what; what C. how; what D. how; how 13. How many _______ are there in the picture? A. hospital B. girl C. meat D. people

14. "Take this medicine and it will make you better soon," the nurse says to the _______ boy. A. feel; sick B. to feel; sick C. feeling; ill D. feels; ill 15. --Hello, may I speak to Millie, please? --________.

A. Who arc you? B. What's the maner? C. I'm Millie. D. This is Millie speaking. 16. It_________May’s book._________yours is in your bag.

A.may be;Maybe B.may be;May C.maybe;Maybe D.may be;May be 17. There_______ a birthday party this Monday.

A is B. will have C. is going to have D. is going to be 18. The wall is ________.It is a _______wall. A. five metre long; five metres long B. five-metres long; five-metre long

C. five metres long; five-metres-long D. five metres long; five-metre-long

19. --- Would you like to eat ___________? --- No,thanks.I’m full now.

A.anything else B.something else C. else something D.else anything 20 We can make a fire_______ the room warm.

A. to keep B. keeping C. keep D. keeps 二 完型填空 A

flat. The rooms are not big My name is Broody. I'm a middle school student. I want to tell you one bathroom, one living about my new have read books or draw pictures. I can also 独自的) in it. I can meals. to send e-mails to my friends.

music or play CDs there. favorite room is the kitchen. I love helping mother the dishes. have And l'm learning cook. She's teaching me to make many of to do. let me tell you next time.

more to tell you but I have to stop. Because I have a lot of 21. A. anything 22. A. but B. something C. everything D. nothing 23. A. him B. or B. her C. and D. then 24. A. hear 25. A. computer C. me D. my B. listen B. radio C. listen to D. listening 26. A. two 27. A. for 28. A. what B. three C. TV C. second D. MP4 D. 0ne B. where B. cook C. which C. cooking D. on 29. A. cooking 30. A. works B. thing B. singing C. homeworks C. dancing D. how D. homework

D. walking B Tom and Fred are talking about the year2050. “What will 31 be like in the year 2050?” asks Tom . “I don’t know,” says Fred, “what do you think?”

“Well, no one knows. But it’s 32 to guess,” says Tom, “in the year 2050, everybody will 33 a pocket(袖珍) computer. The computer will give people to all their problems. We will all have them . Maybe they’ll work only two and three days a week. They can fly to the moon by spaceship and spend their holidays there.” “I’m very 39 to hear that. I hope to fly to the moon. And I also hope I can live 40 ,” says Fred, “Won’t that be interesting? Just like a fish.” 31. A. our home B. the traffic C. a factory D. the world 32. A. boring B. no use C. interesting D. relaxing 33. A. have B. bring C. give D. send 34. A. news B. ways C. things D. answers 35. A. either B. again C. too D. also 36. A. call B. see C. look D. hear

C. many flowers and trees D. a hall

47. Sandy can A. swim B. sleep comtbrtably C. cook delicious meals D. watch TV 48. Which room does Sandy like best?

A. The kitchen. B. Her bedroom. C. The bathroom. D. The computer room.

37. A. most 38. A. work 39. A. sorry 40. A. on the moon

B. many C. lot D. every

B. free C. holidays D. times B. happy C. tired D. exciting

B. in the sea C. on the mountain D. under the ground

三 阅读理解(40)

I live in a small town near Xing'an in Guilin. You can't see it on the map of China, because it is too small.

The air here is fresh(清新的). There are not many tall buildings in our town. The tallest building is in our

school. There are four hundred students and twenty-five teachers in our school. In the fnmt of the school,

there is a playground. I often play basketball with my classmates on it. There is a little garden

behind our school. And we can grow (种植) beautiful flowers and plant trees there. Next to the garden,

there is an orange orchard(果园). You can hear birds singing everywhere. There is a river not far from our

school. In summer, we usually go swimming with our teachers in it. We study Chinese, English, Maths and

other subjects at school. The teachers are very nice. We love our school.

41. The writer lives .

A. in a small town B. in the city of Guilin C.Xing'an D. in a tall building 42. There is in the front of our school. A. a river B. an orange orchard C. a playground D. a garden 43. How many students are there in the school?

A. 4025. B. 425. C. 245. D. 400.

44. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. There are many tall buildings in the town. B. Behind the school there is a garden.

C. There is a river in the school. D. People can hear students singing everywhere.

45. What's the best title(标题) of the passage?

A. The Garden B. A Small Town C. Our School D. The Best Building (B) Hello, my name is Sandy. My dream house is on a beach. It has two gardens.The front garden is large with many beautiful flowers and trees. We can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful flowers in it. There is a swimming

pool in the back garden. We can swim there at any time.

On the ground floor, there is a big hall. You can see it after you walk

past the

front door. On the right of the big hall is a wonderful living room. There we

can chat with friends, have a good rest, watch TV and enjoy different kinds of entertainments (娱乐). On

the left, there is a computer room and a study. They are mine. I want to be a computer game designer, so the

computer room is my favourite. On the first floor, there are six bedrooms, and each has a modern bathroom. When my friends stay with me, they can have a bath in their own rooms. There is a big bed in each bedroom. So we can sleep


Well, that is my dream house. Don't you think it's wonderful?

46. Sandy has ____ in the front garden of her dream house. A. a swimming pool B. a computer

49. Sandy and her friends can do the following things in the living room EXCEPT (除了 .

A. watching TV B. having a good rest

C. playing ball games D. chatting with each other

50. How many bathrooms are there on the first floor?

A. Six. B. Eleven. C. One. D. Fifteen.

This is a beautiful park near my home. People like to go to the park after work~

Some of them go to the park every day. Look! This is Mr Smith. He is sitting on a chair and watching the children. Some children are playing the game of hide-and-seek (捉迷藏). Some boys are playing yo-yo. Lucy and Lily are standing under a tree. They are talking. There is a small river in the park. We can see some boats in the river. Some children are sitting in the boats with their fathers and mothers. Listen! A lot of birds are singing in the trees. This is really a nice park. I come here to read English after school every day. 51. _______ like to go to the park.

A. Children B. Fathers and mothers

C. Lucy and Lily D. People 52. Mr Smith is . A. playing hide-and-seek B. playing yo-yo C. sitting and watching the children D. singing

53. Which one is RIGHT?

A. Lucy and Lily are playing hide-and-seek with other children. B. Lucy and Lily go to the park only on Sunday. C. Lucy and Lily are talking under the tree.

D. Lucy and Lily live far from the park.

54. The writer can't see ________ in the park. A. fish B. children C. women D. men 55. What's the writer doing? A. He is singing. B. He is sitting in a boat. C. He's playing a game. D. He's watching the people in the park. Some people enjoy reading and they like to go to the book show. There are many books in the show. If you can’t find some books in libraries or bookshops, come to the book show. You must find them here. Readers(读者)like these books very much. In a book show, you can buy a lot of books with less money. The show also invites some writers(作家)

. People can buy a lot of their favorite books and meet their favorite writers. The book show may be

crowded, but they still love to visit it. It is fun to go there.

Today more and more people like reading including(包括)children and adults. They often go to many book shows to read and buy books. When they read, they can learn much more from books. It is important for children to learn to read. They can also know a lot about the writers after reading the books. 56. Can you find the book you need in the book show?

A. You can find them. B. Yes, many books are in the show. C. Yes, of course. D. There are many books in the show.

57. What can’t you see in the book show?

A. Many libraries.

B. Favorite writers. C. Some adults. D. Many children.

58. What’s the meaning of the underlined word “crowded” ?

A. 劳累的. B. 著名的. C. 繁忙的. D. 拥挤的.

59. Which of the sentence(句子)is right?

A. The show invites readers and writers. B. You can’t find the book you like in the show. C. People can learn a lot by reading. D. Only children like reading books. 60. What does the passage tell us?

A. Something about favorite books. B. Something about book shows. C. Many favourite readers and writers. D. More and more people read book 四词汇(5)

1Our school is very big. It has (千) of students in it. 2. --The box is not big, but it's very heavy. Why? --Because it's 满的) of books.

3."Simon , (检查) your homework carefully ,' the mother says to the little boy. 4. --Who are you 担心) about, Madam? --My little boy. I can't find him now.

5. You needn’t worry about your __________ (将来的) life.

五 书面表达。(15分)

假如你是John,根据以下要点,用英语写一篇题为My hometown的短文。

1.我住的房子小,有个花园,妈妈在花园里种些蔬菜并养了些花。 2.在我家附近有许多话和树。我可以闻到花香,听鸟儿唱歌。 3. 在我家附近有湖。有时我们去划船。 4.花园外是个公交站亭。十分钟到市中心。

5.在市中心有很多事可做,我最喜欢的就是到万达广场(Wanda Plaza)。


Hello,my name is John.I am going to show you around my hometown. First,here is my house.


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