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section D练习

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1. all over the world 3. arrive in 5. is 动词做主语要用ing, good at 二. 2. leaving for 4.goes mountain climbing

动词用单数 spend (in) doing sth 花 Eg. Doing sports is 费……做某事 good for our health, 用所给单词的正确形式填空 on sth 花费……在某 spend

1. Reading +doing sth? 做 2.runners 3.exciting , excited What about 某事怎么样? 5.(in) playing 6. rowing 4. grows 三. 单项选择 BBBBA
I’d like to 我愿意…… are + going to be +复数名词 There There is + going to be +单数名词


? ? ? ? ? ?

四,根据括号内的要求完成下列各题,每空一词 1. won’t have 2. gave up 3. How long, stay in 4. Where are , for 5. What are, going to do 时间段提问用 how long 五, 阅读理解 BCCAC
His father and mother were both doctors and hoped their son would become a doctor, too.

He is a very lazy boy. 懒孩子

I know the dustman come to our house to work on Thursday, because I only see them on that day.

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