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Section B

? I. 根据句意及汉语提示完成句子。 ? 1. theater 2. message pass them and crossing is running 3. Shall make ? 4. line 5. camera 4. when shall we leave? it + 时间点: 约定…… 对应回答: What about seven thirty (7:30)? ? II. 从方框中选择短语并用适当形式填空。 “七点半怎么样” ? 1. go together 2. make it 3. crossing the line 5. walk there longer(更长),猜测提问中涉及比较级, ? 4. good idea 5. eariler( 更早)early each other ? III. 从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。 ? 1-5 CDBGE ? IV. 阅读短文填词,使文章意思完整、通顺。 ? 1. around 2. leave 3. trip 4. visit 5. Japanese ? 6. for 7. After 8. meet 9. take 10. before


My name is Bob. I livevisit sb 拜访某人 in Boston( 波士 顿),the USA. I amvisit sp(some place) 参观某地 going to take a trip eave a______ the world. I'll l_____ next week, I'll round for + 时间: fly to Hawaii first. From there I'll take a rip 表示持续的时间 t_____ to Tokyo( 东京). I'll v_____ some of isit my friends. They went there last year to learn apanese J________. I'll stay with them f___ a few days. or ? A_____ that I'll go to Beijing and fter Shanghai. In Beijing, I'll go to the Palace Museum(故宫博物馆), sb 接见某人 and the meet the Great Wall Summer Palace(颐和园).takes sb st(some time): sth My brother in Shanghai will m_____ me at Pudong eet 花费某人(时间) International Airport (机场). ? The whole trip will t______ me about a ake month. I have a lot to do b______ leaving. I efore need to do shopping first.

Section C

? I. 根据句意及首字母提示,补全单词。 have the chance to do 5.rings ? 1. modern 2. symbol 3. whether 4. stands sth 有机会做某事 ? II. 根据汉语提示完成句子。 every + 时间: ? 1. but at 每隔…… 2. to take part :字母(可数名词) least letters in 3. in turn 1. when 提问时间, 对应回答:on November 8th ? 4. every four years 5. stand for will 将要(情态动词) 2. do you 疑问句,对应回答:Yes/ No. III. 按要求完成下列句子。 3.以shall take提问,对应回答:take 提问职业:what 1. Will, have 2. is leaving for / will go to 4. how long 提问,对应回答:for+ 时间,表示持续时间 5. whothe first time 4. won't visit 5. What will , be 3. for 提问,对应回答: 人物 2008 and 2012 Olympics IV. 1-5 CDBAE team/ men's singles 团体和男子个人 V. 阅读理解。 FTFTF

modern times ( 时代):现代

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