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仁爱九年级unit3 topic3词组练习

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Unit 3 topic 3

Section A

Have a good trip____________________ enjoy oneself____________________________ make sb understand_________________ feel sleepy________________________________ at times____________________ give up________________________

ask sb for help___________________ be good at (doing) sth_________________________ Could you repeat that, please?____________________________________

Section B

be weak in English______________________ stick pictures on the world_____________ that sounds interesting______________________ the meaning of___________________ take a deep breath______________________ have a try_________________________ have difficulty in doing sth___________________

Section C

be glad to do sth.___________________ take notes________________________________ prefer doing_____________________ it is an honor to do_______________________ agree with sb_____________________ the best way to do______________________ advise sb to do______________________ as often as possible________________________ good job!_________________________ each of us___________________________

remember to do sth.__________________ remember doing sth._________________________ as long as_________________________ stick to (doing) sth______________________ suit you best_______________________ I’m sure that….________________________ wait for sb._________________ succeed in doing sth_____________________

Section D

Come to realize__________________ it doesn’t matter________________________-

It is hard for sb. to do sth._____________________ be afraid to do sth.___________________ be afraid of (doing) sth.______________________ listening practice_____________________ my favorite way to do sth.___________________ in order to_________________________ keep a diary______________________ keep on doing sth._________________________ think about__________________ give sb some advice on sth.______________________ I beg your bardon?_______________________ stick to__________________________

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