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1. 下列字母书写时在四线格中只占中间一格的是

A. azsn B. ligo C. mthi

2. We are in different schools, we are good friends.

A. and B. but C. /

3. –Thanks. A. You’re welcome. B. Where, where C. You’re right.

4. –How you? --I’m fine.

A. am B. is C. are

5. –Is this coat? --Yes, it is orange coat.

A. a, a B. a, an C. an, a

6. am Chen Ming. English name is Jack.

A. I, My B. I, Me C. My, Me

7. –Does he a big nose? --No, he a small one.

A. has, has B. have, have C. have, has

A. Excuse me B. Hello C. Good morning

9. --Are these your books? --Yes,

A. these are B. they’re C. they are

is that girl? --Oh, she is my friend, Jane.

A. Where B. Who C. What

11. My ruler is short. I want a long one.

A. buy B. buys C. to buy

12. –Do you know Tom? --Yea, I do. He has two big .

A. foot B. mouth C. feet

13. She has a round face and

A. a blond hair B. blond hair C. blond hairs

14. What are those English.

A. on B. in C. to

does she look like? --She is young and she has big eyes.

A. Where B. What C. How


I am a Chinese girl. name is Liu Ying. I a good friend. Her name is Kitty Lee. She is thirteen years old. She’s in now. She is in No. 10 Junior High School in Shanghai. She is in Class Five, Grade Seven. She has short brown . She has a big head, a wide mouth and small eyes. She is 889680888. Her dad, Mr. Lee, is English teacher in a school. Her mom, Mrs. Lee is a ,

too. Kitty has a sister. She is ten years old. She is tall. She has long hair. Her eyes are big. They 她们的) dad. Kitty and her sister are in the same , but in different grades.

1. A. His B. My C. Your

2. A. have B. help C. meet

3. A. Cuba B. China C. Japan

4. A. eye B. face C. hair

5. A. in B. at C. to

6. A. am B. is C. are

7. A. a B. an C. /

8. A. teacher B. student C. friend

9. A. see B. look C. has

10. A. schools B. school C. class



1. Are you Miss Wang? A. Yes, they do.

2. How are you? B. He is in Class 4, Grade 7.

3. Can you spell it? C. They are from Cuba.

4. Do you have short legs? D. No, I’m Miss Gao.

5. Where are they from? E. I’m fine, thanks.

6. What class are you in? F. Yes, M-A-P, map.




We have a nice girl in our class. She is fifteen years old. She is not short and not tall. She has a round face. She has big black eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is wide, but her ears are small. Her hair is short and black. She has a brown dog. She and the dog are good friends.

1. The girl is 14 years old.

2. The girl is short.

3. Her face is round.

4. The color of her eyes are black.

5. She has a good friend. Her friend is a girl.



At school, I have a good friend. He is from England. His name is John. He is 12. He is in No. 4 Junior High School. We are not in the same class. He is in Class 3, Grade 2. I’m in Class 2. John has a sister. Her name is Maria. She’s not a student. She is an English teacher. Her favorite color is green.

6. John is .

A. Chinese B. American C. English

7. John is in John High School.

A. No. 2 B. No. 3 C. No. 4

8. John and I in the same class.

A. am not B. are C. are not

9. John’s sister is .

A. a student B. a teacher C. five

10. Maria like very much.

A. red B. white C. green



T: Good morning, class!

Ss: Good morning.

T: Sit down, please! My name is Li Fang. Nice to meet you.

Ss: Nice to meet you, too.

T: What’s your name, please!

M: My name is Michael.

T: And your name, please?

K: I’m Kangkang.

T: Oh, nice to meet you, Kangkang.

K: Nice to meet you, too.

11. Miss Li is .

A. a new teacher B. a new student C. a new friend

12. “Nice to meet you”意思是

A. 很高兴见到你 B. 见到你好了 C. 看到你了

13. 询问别人名字时,下面哪些可以使用?A. And your name, please? B. What’s your name, please? C. A and B

14. 对话中有几个学生告诉老师他们的名字?

A. 4个 B. 2个 C. 3个

15. 他们在上的课。

A. 上午 B. 下午 C. 晚上



Hello! I’m a Chinese girl. My name is Liu Xia. I come from Xiamen. I am twelve years old. I am a student. I have a round face, a small nose, a wide mouth, long hair and big eyes. I have a sister. Her name is Liu Mei. She is ten years old. She is a student, too. She has a big nose, a small mouth and short hair. Her eyes are big. We are in the same school, but in different grades. 任务一:写出下列句子的同义句。

16. Her eyes are big. big eyes.


17. Liu Mei has a round face and big eyes.

18. Liu Xia’s hair is long and her hair are big.

19. Liu Xia and Liu Mei are sisters.



1. I’m from China. I’m (中国人).

2. Do you have an (橡皮擦)?

3. He is in (白色的鞋子).

4. Tom has a (长长的脖子).

5. The boy (紧邻)me is Michael.

二.选词填空:用方框内所给的词填空,请注意有的要变换形式,每次只用一次。 Favorite woman give look are color

1. Look! Those two are my mom and my teacher, Miss Wang.

2. What are his eyes?

3. –Lucy and Lily the same. --Yes, they are sisters.

4. –Who is your actor? --Jackie Chan.

5. Her eyes big and black.

6. –Please this letter to Maria. --OK.


1. is, name, my, Maria

2. blond, she, short, hair, has

3. are, these, in, what, English

4. 6807-5335, telephone, my, is, number

5. is, apple, red, a, it

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