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新目标英语九年级Unit11 SectionB 课件

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Unit 11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?
Section B

Han Hui

Where ____ the restaurant? is Could you tell me ___ _____ ____ the restaurant? the way to Do you know ____ ____ ____ the restaurant? the way to Could you tell me ____ ____ ___ to the restaurant? how to get ___


Could you tell me how___ ___ ___ to the restaurant? ___ I can get ___
if Could you tell me ____ there is a restaurant around here?

Why did the stranger like the restaurant? it’s convenient, clean…… Maybe the food there is delicious. it has the best service. ……




What qualities are important to each place?














It’s important for me that beautiful the park is __________.

the the the the the

mall museum subway restaurant restroom

2a. Listen and write what the tourists ask about in each conversation.

The tourists ask about…
Conversation 1 restaurants Conversation 2 Conversation 3 restrooms museums

2b. Write where the man says the tourists should go.
The tourists should go to …
Conversation 1

A. Green Land B. Uncle Bob’s C. Dumpling House A. The corner of Market and Middle Street B. The end of Market and Middle Street C. Market and Middle Street A. science museum B. computer museum C. history

Conversation 2

Conversation 3

Could you tell me where I can go on vacation with my family?

? ……is a great place for the family to take a vacation.


water slide


water slide 水滑道
……is a great place for the family to take a vacation.

What can we do in Watertown?

Predictin g预测


eat Watertown

have fun

Read 3a, and answer the questions.

Skimming 略读

dance 1.Parents can take ______(dance/ acting)

lessons on the beach. 2.There are three (three/ four) museums ____

in Watertown.

Different people can have different choices in Watertown.

Introduce Watertown to us!
Watertown Beginning: __________ is a good place for the family to take a vacation.

Careful reading

at Uncle Bob’s Eat: Teenagers can eat __________ water slides Have fun: Teenagers can visit __________ Teenagers Sports Learn: Teenagers love ________ Museum. Clown City Eat: Kids will enjoy the __________ Cafe


organized Have fun: They will have __________ games. clowns The staff ____ _____ as _______ dress up
Science Learn: Kids enjoy the ________ Museum. Farmer’s Market Eat: If they love______ food, they can find it at______ good


where the food is both delicious and _______. _________ cheap take dance lessons Have fun: Parents can ____________

Learn: They can walk through the ________ Museum. History Ending: Everyone will spend many happy hours having fun Watertown in__________.

Introduce a place Beginning: …is a great place for the family to take a vacation. Body: place

have fun learn

eat othe

r things

Ending: Everyone will spend many happy hours having fun in …

Zhangqiu Tourism Festival (章丘旅游节) ? Zhang Qiu is a beautiful place. ? There is going to be a tourism festival next month. ? Would you like to introduce Zhang Qiu to the tourists?


1. You can eat at… You will enjoy the…

2. If you love…, you can find them/it at…

have fun

1. You can visit … It’s a good place to … .


You can learn something in ….

Try to to introduce Zhangqiu to us! Try introduce Zhang Qiu for us!

_________is a great place for the Beginning: family to take a vacation. eat: 1.You can eat at _________ and you will enjoy the ______. 3. If you love _____, you can find them /it at the _____ where the food is both _____ and _____. have fun: 1. You can visit ________. and it’s a good place to _____ . learn: Everyone can learn something ____. Ending: Everyone will spend happy hours in _____.

1.Write a guide to Sunville.

2. Make a map of our school and then make an introduction.

Do whatever you can do to make our home more beautiful!

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