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Unit 9
When was it invented?

Section A Period One

Words and expressions
invent calculator be used for scoop v. 发明;创造 n.计算器 用来做…… v. 用勺舀 n. 勺子;球形勺;长柄勺 adjustable adj. 可调整的

Words and expressions heel n. (鞋、袜等的)后 跟;(足) 跟 battery n. 电池 operate v. 操作;作业 battery-operate 电池供电的 slipper n. 拖鞋 heat v. 加热;使变热

Do you know?

What are the Four Great Inventions in ancient China?

paper-making 造纸术

printing 印刷术

compass 指南针

gunpowder 火 药



1a Look at the things. In what order do you think they were invented?

Talk about with your parterner.
A: I think the calculator was invented before the computer. B: well, I think the calculator was invented after the computer.

1b Listen and match the inventions with the dates.

d ___ 1876 a ___ 1885 e ___ 1927 c ___ 1971

b ___ 1976



Sample dialogues: A: When was the telephone invented? B: I think it was invented in 1876.
A: When was the car invented? B: I think it was invented in 1885. I think it was invented after the telephone.

When was the calculator invented? What is it used for? It is used for counting.

light bulbs

What are they used for? They are used for giving light.

What is/are … used for? It’s/They’re … used for…

2a Listen and number the inventions in the order that you hear them.




2b Listen again and match the items with their inventors and uses.
Invention Who was it/were they invented by Chelsea Lanmon What is it/are they used for? scooping really cold ice cream

shoes with adjustable heels batteryoperated sneakers heated ice cream scoop

Jayce Coziar seeing in the dark and Jamie Ellsworth Julie changing the style Thompson of the shoes

2c Pairwork
Role play the conversations using the information in the chart above. A: What are they used for? B: They’re used for seeing in the dark.

Oral Practice
Sentence pattern: Who was it / were they invented by? It was / They were invented by ... What is it / are they used for? It is / They are used for ...

The passive voice 被动语态 语态是表示主语与谓语的关系的。如果 主语是动作的执行者,动词要用主动语态; 反之,如果主语是动作的承受者,动词就 要使用被动语态。 被动语态谓语部分结构为助动词be + 过去分词。

肯定句 主语 + be + 过去分词 + (by …) 否定句 主语+ be not +过去分词 +(by …) 一般疑问句 Be +主语+过去分词 + (by …)? 特殊疑问句 疑问词 + be +主语 + 过去分词 + (by …)? 注意:这里 be 的形式决定了被动语态的 时态,其后的过去分词没有变化。

让我们看一看各种句型的主动语态变为被 动语态时,到底发生了什么变化?
Maria bought the book last year. (主动句) 被动句: The book was bought by Maria last year. When was the book bought by

Maria? What was bought by Maria last year?




一般 do/does 现在时 一般 did 过去时 一般 will/ 将来时 be going to do

is/am/are + done was/were + done

will be done be going to be done

一般 过去 时

肯定形式 否定形式


S+ S+ Was /Were was/were was/were +S + done? +done +not + done S + will be S + will not +done be + done Will+ S +done?

一般 将来 时

S+ S+ Am /Is/Are am/is/are am/is/are +S + going to going to not going to be done? be done be done

It’s used for scooping really cold ice cream. 【经典习题】完成句子: 邮票是用来发送信件的。 used for ______ Stamps are ____ ___ sending letters. 【要点点拨】be used for doing sth. 表示 “被用于干某事”,意思与be used to do sth.相同。 如:The camera is used for taking photos. = The camera is used to take photos.

【拓展延伸】 ◆be used as sth. 表示“被用作某物”。如: English is used as the second language in many countries. ◆be used by sb. 表示“被某人使用”,后 接动作的执行者。如:These textbooks are used by students. ◆be / get used to do sth. 表示“习惯于做 某事”。如:She is used to running every morning. ◆used to do sth. 表示“过去常常做某事”。 如:Miss Li used to dance after work.

When was the car invented? When were electric slippers invented? Who were they invented by?

It was invented in 1885. They were invented last year. They were invented by Julie Thompson.

What are they used They’re used for for? seeing in the dark.


1. They made these computers in Shenzhen.
These computers ____ _____ in were made

2. She bought a new bike yesterday. was bought A new bike ____ ______ by her yesterday.

3. The students clean the room every day. is ______ The room ___cleaned by the students every day. 4. He will sing a new song at the party. will be sung A new song ____ __ _____ by him at the party. 5. Students can’t take the books out of the library. can’t be _____ The books ____ ___ taken out of the library by students.

1. — I feel very happy that I ____ to be the host. — Congratulations! (07’ 江西) A. choose B. am chosen C. was chosen D. haven chosen 2. Today Chinese ________ by more and more people around the world. (07’北京) A. was spoken B. is spoken C. spoke D. speak

3.(课改实验区考生做) (07’重庆) — Your hometown has changed a lot. — Yes. Take a look at these tall buildings. They ______ last year. A. build B.built C. was built D.were built (非课改实验区考生做) — Why is the classroom so dirty? — Sorry, sir. It _______ yesterday. We forgot to do it. A. don’t clean B. didn’t clean C. weren’t cleaned D. wasn’t cleaned

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