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典范英语考试范围:典范英语七(from Book One to Book Five) 考试主要内容:

? Book One

? Words:

? 1. 表演show 2. 滑冰skate 3. 翻跟头tumble 4.潜水 dive

? 5. 优雅elegant 6. 不安/不高兴upset 7. 毁了ruin 8. 生气furious ? 9. 欣喜若狂overjoyed 10. 海象Walrus


? Phrases:

? 1. 擅长于be good at 2. 等待wait for 3.撞上 bump into 4.事实上 in fact

? 5.突然 all of a sudden 6. 尽力try one’s best to do sth. 7.和什么一样 as…as

? 8.只要 as long as 9. 如此…以至于so… that 10.听起来 sound like


1. ‘I will do skating,’ said Arctic Fox. ‘ I am good at that!’


2. He bumped into Fox, and Fox went flat on her face.


3. All of a sudden, Walrus just couldn’t stop himself and he leaped onto the ice. 突然,海象控制不住自己,它跳到了冰面上。 ? 4. My ear is filled with voices sweetly singing in the night.

? 晚上我耳边充满了甜美的歌声。

? 5. In fact, he sounded like a rusty old bucket.

? 事实上,它的声音听起来像是一个生了锈的旧木桶。

? 6. He tried and tried his very best not to join in.

? 它(海象)尽量让自己别掺和进去。

? 7. You can be the clown. As long as you do it properly.

? 只要你适当地去做,你就能成为小丑。

8. Now he is so good that Fox, Polar Bear, Seal and Whale are glad he is taking part.


表演中。 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Book Two

? Words:

? 1.吝啬鬼 miser 2.吝啬的 mean 3. 悲惨的miserable 4.馅filling 5.冰箱 fridge

6.鬼 ghost 7. 天使angel 8.地下室 cellar 9.老鼠 rat 10. 交换swap


? Phrases:

? 11.因为 because of 12. 属于belong to 13. 太 far too 14. 撕碎tear up

? 15.心想 think to oneself 16.摆脱 get rid of 17. 放弃give up 18. 一把a fistful of

19. 一…就 as soon as 20. 至少 at last


















? Sentences: 1. He never gave away a penny; he was a mean and miserable man. 他从不乱花一分钱,他是一个既吝啬又不幸的人。 2. Mr. Flinch was miserable because of his neighbors. Flinch先生之所以不幸是因为他的邻居们。 3. On one side of Mr. Flinch’s grim, grey house stood a jolly red one. Flinch先生那栋灰不溜秋的房子的一边坐落着一栋明艳的红色房子。 4. Mr. Flinch rap rapped until he made holes in his wallpaper. It did no good. Flinch先生不停地敲打着墙壁直到它出现破洞,但还是没用。 5. ‘This can’t go on,’ Flinch thought to himself. He even shouted it out loud! Flinch先生心想“这日子没法儿过了”,他甚至大声地叫了出来! 6. It was easy to sneak into his kitchen and put a dead rat in the fridge. 偷偷地溜进Carl的厨房然后在冰箱里放上一只死老鼠是一件轻而易举的事。 7. ‘That will get rid of him!’ said Flinch, and smiled a nasty smile. 终于可以摆脱他了!”,Flinch说着脸上露出卑鄙的坏笑。 8. Poppy beamed with joy. ‘Last night, angels sang down my chimney! ? Poppy眉开眼笑地说:“昨晚,天使的歌声传入了我家的烟囱。

Book Three


? Words:

1.挑选choose 2.无聊的boring 3.肯定的firmly 4.宴会 banquet

5.建议suggest 6.旅行箱 suitcase 7.吊桥drawbridge 8.承认admit

9.游乐场Fun-fair 10.野餐 picnic

? Phrases:

? 1.跑来跑去 run around 2.照顾 look after 3. 把……拿出来 take out

? 4.启程去…… set out for 5.走过,穿过 go across 6. 沿着……往下走 go down ? 7.就像 as if 8.对……生气,恼怒 cross at 9.至少 at least 10.盯着……看 stare at


1. I ’m afraid there won’t be room for a pony on the coach.


2. It did take a long time to get to the seaside.


3. If you stayed here a bit longer, you might start liking the seaside.


4. But Princess Pip wasn’t listening. She was putting all her important things in her



5. The fish looked very cross at being caught, so Princess Pip let them go.


6.It was hard work , but they built a huge house , with a moat all around.


7. ‘Why don’t you ride one of the horses on that merry-go-round?’suggested Daisy. Daisy建议说:“干嘛不去旋转木马那骑马呢?”

8. What a pity we have to go home tomorrow.


Book Four


1.这时then 2.补充add 3.已经 already 4.公平的 fair 5.决定 decide

6.课间休息时间 playtime 7.操场 playground 8.吓唬 scare 9.尖叫 scream

10.害怕的 scared 11.多汁的 juicy 12.线索 clue 13.追踪,跟随 follow

14.图书馆 library 15.意思是mean 16.难过 sad 17.原谅 forgive

18.走廊 corridor 19. 宝藏 treasure 20. 害臊,惭愧的 ashamed


1. 取笑 make fun of 2. 上一次 last time 3. 编造 make up 4. 指着 point at

5. 一堆 a pile of 6. 犯错误 make mistakes 7. 看起来就像look like

8. 帮某人一把give (sb.)a hand 9. 课堂上in class 10.期盼着 look forward to

11. 一件重要的事 something important 12. 照顾 take care of (look after)

13. 受批评/惹上麻烦get into trouble 14. 对…感到怜悯feel sorry for

15. 事实上 in fact 16. 外太空 outer space 17. 加入 join in

18. 觉得厌倦 get fed up 19. 平分 share out 20. 跑开了 run off


1 .我有一件重要的事告诉你们。

I have something important to tell you.


He looked just like other children- but he was a different color.

3.我希望你们能够照顾好我们班的新男孩,并且在他需要帮助的时候给予帮助。 I want you to take care of our new boy and give him a hand if he needs it.


I don’t need a new hand. I’ve got two hands already.


You know better than that! Get on with your work.

6 .我老是受批评,而这个新男生却没有。

I get in trouble and that new boy doesn’t.


All the children were looking forward to it.

8. 他们向和其他同学不一样的另外一个方向出发。

They set off in the other direction to the rest of the children.

9. Charlie 看起来很悲伤,Underwood 对他很是同情。

Charlie looked so sad that Miss Underwood felt sorry for him.

Book Five


1.无聊 bored 2.队长captain 3.检查check 4. 控制control 5.摸,碰touch

6.按press 7.按钮button 8.肯定sure 9.漂浮float 10.屏幕screen

11.不管怎么说anyway 12.解释道explain 13.表面,覆盖surface 14.金属metal

15.巨大的giant/ huge 16.古怪odd 17.自豪地proudly 18.追击,追逐chase

19.俯冲dive 20.想知道 wonder


1. 打开/关(灯等电器)turn on/off 2. 清扫 clean up 3. 如此?以致?so?that

4一定是must be 5. 你最好做? you'd better 6. 看一看(两种说法)have/take a look

7. 出发set off 8.降落在 land on 9. 盯着 stare at 10. 对??生气 be angry with…

11. 试图做try to do 12. 急转弯 make a sharp turn 13.还好,没事 all right

14.出什么事了?What's going on? 15. 除此之外apart from 16. 靠近?be close to

17. 摆脱 get away from 18. 一种a kind of 19. 毕竟after all 20 在回??的路上



I told you not to touch the red button.

2. 他猜到发生了什么事。

He guessed what had happened.

3. Spanner早上其它时间都在清扫早乱的东西。

Spanner was cleaning up the mess for the rest of the morning.

4. 每个人都放下手里的事过来看。

Everyone stopped what they were doing and came to look.

5. Stella船长说:“我想知道那是什么”。


Anyway, it’s too big to be an asteroid.

7. 你最好去看一看。

You'd better go and have a look

8. 为什么它对我们这么生气?

Why is it so angry with us?

9. 太空怪物越来越近了。

The space monster was getting closer and closer.

10. 这是摆脱那个怪物的唯一办法。

It's the only way to get away from the monster

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