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5【课件一】Unit 5 Films Reading II

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Unit 5


Reading Ⅱ


Fill in a form
Audrey Hepburn

Date of birth: 4th May 1929
Date of death: 20th January 1993 Career: Films: Prizes: Actress

Roman Holiday, Funny Face, Always,etc. An Oscar for Best Actress, Tony Awards

Audrey Hepburn's life
a. Hepburn met Colette in France.

b. Hepburn earned four more Oscar nominations.
c. Hepburn won the Tony Awards. d. Hepburn earned an Oscar for Best Actress.

e. Always– Audrey Hepburn’s last appearance in films. f. Hepburn played the lead role in the play Gigi.

favourite model career insisted earned lifetime

actress attracted


1. one of Hollywood’s all-time favourite actresses 2. not only… but also… 3. the loss of… 4. take ballet lessons 5. at a very young age 6. put all one’s effort into 7. attract one’s attention 8. be made into 9. play the lead role in … 10. a big success 11. mark the beginning of … 12. shortly after 13. win an Oscar for …

1. during one’s lifetime 2. go beyond 3. make one’s final appearance in …. 4. remind sb. to do sth. 5. the beauty of nature 6. devote … to … 7. work closely with 8. earn sb. awards 9. be honoured with 10. Present sb. with sth. 11. pass away 12. be attracted by … 13. at the age of… 14. in her sleep

1. not only…but also
He gave me not only a book but also a pen.

She is not only clever but also hard-working.
Not only you but also he wants to go swimming.

2. put one’s effort into The director put all his effort into his work all his life. I’ll put my effort into learning English well. 3. shortly after Shortly after he finished his homework , his mother came back.

4. insist that… insist on doing sth. He insisted that he was right.

The old man insisted on going there alone.
They insisted that we should start our work at once.

5. go/be beyond

The exercise is beyond my ability.
The bike is beyond repair. 6. present sb. with sth.

The chairperson presented her with the gold

He was presented with the Best Student Award.

7. devote… to sth. / doing sth. devote oneself to doing sth. She devoted much time to helping us .

My wife devotes much money to clothes.
She devoted herself to taking care of poor and sick people.

one of … actress not only…but also When she died in 1993, …

Audrey was born … …at a very young age ..loved dancing.. her dream was to… …before… …before…

While filming …, Audrey met …. Audrey’s beauty and charm ….

Colette wrote a novel ... The novel ... Colette insisted ….

The film was … and Audrey became famous…. She won… Later, she also won … for the play Ondine.

Audrey was chosen to play the lead role of…

During her lifetime, Audrey earned…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Some of the well-known films that Audrey acted in… In 1989, Audrey made her final appearance in films. In Always, she played …. Many people thought…

Throughout her acting years… …acted only in one TV series… She wanted to remind …protec

t the environment…the beauty of nature.

Audrey’s achievements … the film industry. People remember her not just as …, but also as ...

… in this area earned her a number of awards.

… presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work.

In 1991, Audrey…. On the 20th January,1993…

Word test
attracts 1.The Great Wall ________(吸引) more and more people to Beijing.

2.Fei Junlong put all his ________(努力) into the flight effort of “Shen 6”. 3.Many soldiers ________ (奉献)their lives to our devoted motherland during the Anti-Japanese War. 4.We should take some actions to protect the environment ___________. (环境) 5.Before you ______(进入) the teachers’ office, you enter should knock on the door. lead 6.Liu Xiaoqin played the _______(主角) role in the play “The last night of Miss Jin.”

shortly 7.My brother began to work at this big company _______ ( 立刻 )after he finished college. 8. The people don’t want any wars. They wish to live peacefully __________. ( 和平 ) actresses 9. Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi are famous __________

( 女演员 ) not only in China, but also in the world.
10 .The _________(总统) of the United States once President

presented __________ (授予)Audrey with a medal for her
work. final

11.When did Audrey make her_____(最后) appearance in films?

Translate the following phrases:
平静地去世 pass away peacefully 吸引某人的注意力 attract one’s attention 不但…而且… 在很小的时候 自然之美 not only…but also…

at a very young age

the beauty of nature be chosen to do sth. some of her well-known films

开始上芭蕾舞课 begin taking ballet lessons
被选来做某事 把全部精力都投放到 put all one’s effort into…


被改编成剧本 be made into a play
进入电影业 enter the film industry 在整个演艺生涯中 throughout her acting years 致力于慈善事业

devote ...to charity

保护环境 protect the environment 为她赢得许多荣誉 earn her a number of awards 扮演主角 play the lead role

空前受欢迎的女主角 all-time favourite actress
她最后一部电影 her final film

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