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6【课件二】Unit 5 Films Reading

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Unit 5 Films



Birth place : Belgium Birth date : 4th May 1929 Professions:(职业)

Ballet dancer model a great actress
Audrey Hepburn

Olympic champion 冠军 run very fast

handsome USA football player

a well-known singer

become famous immediately funny

Who is your favourite superstar?

Shirley Temple (秀兰· 邓波儿)

Fill in the blanks according to the instructions. Shirley Temple (秀兰· 邓波儿) Shirley Temple was born on 23 April 1928 at 9.00 in the evening. She wasnot only 不仅 ) _______( the most popular and famous American child star ____________ ( 而且 ) a diplomat ( 外交官 ). but also Shirley began dancing at Mrs Meglin's Dance at the age of three Studio in Los Angeles ____________________ ( 在三岁时 ). It was there that she was seen by two _______________ ( 制片人 ). ( 主演 ) in a producers number of films after the Baby Burlesks.

The year was 1931, and they were making a series of short films called Baby Burlesks. chosen Shirley was ___________(选择)as the star and was paid $10 a day.
role She became famous for her _______ ( 角色 ) in Bright Eyes, for which she ______ ( 赢得 ) won a special Oscar. It was a great success, and Shirley‘s dancing and acting _______ ( 吸引 ) attracted everyone. This _______ ( 标 明 了 ) the marked beginning of her successful career to become the biggest little star in the world. Fans loved her as she was bright, lovely and cheerful __________(欢快的)in her films.

include Shirley's other unforgettable films ________ ( 包括 ): Curly Top, The Little Colonel ( 上校 ), Heidi and The Little Princess. Temple retired from film acting when she was 21. Her achievements beyond ________( 超出 ) the film industry. Later, she became the United States Ambassador ( 大使 ).

What qualities should good superstars have?

My favourite superstar
1.Personal details. (name, place of birth,
apperance .)

2.The reasons you like. 3.What should you do next?

1.Try to know more information about superstars. 2.Exchange opinions with your classmates.

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