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Lesson 28 Rich or Poor?It Doesn’t Matter!

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Lesson 37 Rich or Poor?It Doesn’t Matter!

Lead in
Talk about the jobs in the future.
Would you be a farmer when you grow up? What’s your biggest goal? What makes you happy?

Discuss and answer
Discuss the questions:

What makes you happy ?
What makes you sad? What do you want to be ? Why ?

Listen and answer .
1.What does Lucas want to be in the future?

A farmer.
2. What’s Alan’s dream?

To be a doctor.
3. What’s Lucas’ biggest goal?

To be happy.

Read quickly and answer the question: 1.What makes Lucas happy?

His work. His family. His friends.
2. What does he hope to have when he’s older? A great family

Read carefully and fill in the table: Why does Lucas want to be a doctor/lawyer/teacher? Ambitions A doctor Reasons

He wants to help people who are sick.
Lawyers are rich. He might work in a tall office building… He could see the city from his office. That would be great.

A lawyer

A teacher

He would be happy with his students. That would be fun.

Language Points
1. Because it is a really important job. why用来提问原因,回答时常用because; because和so不能同时用,但可以转换,because引导的 是原因,so引导的是结果。 He couldn’t come to school because he was ill. = He was ill, so he couldn’t come to school. I have to walk because my bike is broken. = My bike is broken, so I have to walk.

2. I would work in a tall building with an office at the

very top.
building 名词,“建筑物”;动词为build,“建造”。

Last year, the workers built a tall building in six months.
去年,工人们用六个月建造了一座高楼。 the very“正是这一个、正是那一个”的意思。 He is the very one who told me the story. 他就是那个给我讲故事的人。

3. I wouldn’t give them too much homework on the weekends.

too much “太多”, 后加不可数名词。
There is too much water. 有太多的水。

much too “太 ??”,后加形容词或副词。
He is much too fat. 他太胖了。 too many “太多??”,后加可数名词复数。 I have too many things to do today. 今天我有太多的事情要做。

4. A good job and a nice family would make me happy. make sb. do sth. 不定式作宾补, 意为“使某人做某

He makes me go there. 他要我去那里。 make sb. + adj. 形容词作宾补,意为“使某人??” He makes me happy.他使我快乐。

Make a chart
Work in a small group and compare your classmates’ ambitions. Then make a chart like step 3.




选择最佳答案: 1. —Is____ father a doctor? —No, he isn’t. A. Lucas A. to be with A. the much B. Lucas’s B. with B. the quite C. Lucas’ C. go with D. Lucass’ D. being with 2. My goal is ______ her.

3. She is ______ girl I’m looking for.
C. the very D. the more

4. The woman made her son ____ his own clothes.

A. washed

B. wash

C. to wash

D. washing

5.There is____ water on the floor .


. much too
C. too much

B. many too
D. too many

用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Everyone needs food _________(live). to live 2. We can use the word _________(correct). correctly

3. Maybe I ____________(be) able to swim next year. would/will be
4. Rich or poor, it _____________(not matter). doesn’t matter

5. I hope _______(have) a wonderful future. to have

完成单词 1. His ______(妻子)is nice and tall. wife crops 2. The farmers grow ________(庄稼) in their fields. kids 3. The family has two ________(孩子). building 4. My office is in a tall _________(建筑物). lawyer 5. His father is a ________(律师), so he has much money.

Write a passage about your future with the topic “My Goal”.

I succeeded because I willed it; I never hesitated. 我成功是因为我有决心,从不踌躇。

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