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《Unit2 This is my sister》SectionB课件

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Period 4 Study Goals(学习目标): 1.Review family members. (复习家庭成员) 2. Read for information. (阅读并找信息) 3. Write and introduce your family. (学习介绍自己的家庭)

Quick Tongue
family 1.This is my ________ photo. 2.My father’s mother is mygrandmother ________. 3.My father’s father is mygrandfather ________. aunts 4.My father’s sisters are my ________. 5.My father’s brothers are my uncles ________. cousins 6.My uncle’s children are my ________. 7.My parents’daughter is my sister. ________ 8.My parents’ ________ is my brother. son

photo /picture Here is a ______________ of Jiang Shan's family here is +单数名词/不可数名词,表“这里 _______. photos Here are two有...” /pictures of Jiang Shan's _______________

family _______. here are +复数名词

How many English names do you know?


Kate Mary Linda Jane Sally ……

Eric Frank Paul ……

Here ____ two family _______________. are photos/pictures

Here ____ two photos are ______

_________ of _______ /pictures Jenny's

2b Read about Jenny’s family and circle the male names, underline the female ones. My Family Hi, I’m Jenny. Here are two nice photos of my family. My grandfather and grandmother are in the first photo. These are my parents, Alan and Mary. In the next picture are my brothers, Bob and Eric. These two girls are my sister Cindy and cousin Helen. Coco is in my family, too.

my familyphoto.Here is… 这是个倒装 句, 句子的主语为my family photo, 是 单数形式, 所以动词用is。其正常语序 是 My family photo is here. 英语中 Here引导的句子通常用倒装句。

Read again and complete the sentences.
Jenny 1. My name’s __________.
parents 2. Alan and Mary are my _______. 3. Bob and Eric are my ________. brothers

4. Cindy is my _____. sister
5. Helen is my ______. cousin

6. _____ is the name of my dog. Coco

Hi, I'm Jenny. Here ___

Key words: ______. two ____ of ___
here My _____ and _____
are in the _____ _____. first photo

These ____ my _____, Alan parents

next photo

and Mary. In the _____ photo ____ my ______, Bob


and Eric. These two ____

are my ____ Cindy and my

cousin ____ Helen. Coco is in my
dog ____. family,

Complete the passage with the words in the box.

Hi. My name is Paul. This is a photo

of my ______. These are my ______ family parents
and these are my _______, John and brothers Cindy Bob. This is my sister _____.

3b. Bring a family photo to class and write about it. Then tell a classmate about your family.
Hi. I am _________. Here is a photo of my family. These are _________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

Here’s an example:
Hi. I’m _____. Here is a photo of my Jack family. These are my grandparents ____________ Those are my parents. __________________ Those are my aunt and __________________ uncle. This is my brother __________________ Bob. That is my cousin __________________

Dale. __________________

Self Check Group the words for family
members you have learned.




mother/mom parents grandfather/ grandparents grandmother/ grandpa grandma cousin son brother daughter sister uncle aunt

2. Complete the conversation.
Bill: Here’s a photo of my family. Dale: ________ he? Who’s Bill: ____ my uncle. He’s Dale: Who’s this girl? _____ Bill: She’s my cousin. _____ Dale: Are they your parents? ___ Bill: Yes, ___ are. And these ___ my they are grandparents.

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