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Unit 6 I’m watching TV.

Good morning everyone! I’m Yang Xiaoli from Mucheng Middle School. Now I will say the first part of Unit 6 in Book 2. I prepare to say the lesson from the following parts:

Part One Analysis of the Teaching Material

The Present Progressive Tense is an important part in English learning. This is the first period of Unit 6. So if the students can learn it well, it will be helpful to make them learn the rest of this unit. Such a topic is related to daily life, so it’s helpful to raise learning interests of students and it will be able to improve their spoken English. Part Two Analysis of the Students

The students have learned English for more that half a year. They can understand some words and simple sentences. The students have taken a great interest in English.

Part Three Analysis of the Teaching Aims and Demands

1. Knowledge aims

(1) To study the words and know how to change into –ing form.

(2) To make the students know how to use the sentences: a. ---What are you doing?

---I’m watching TV.

b. ---What’s he/she doing?


---He/She is reading.

2. Ability aims

(1) To develop the students’ abilities of listening, speaking and reading.

(2) To train the students’ ability of working in pairs.

(3) To develop the students’ ability of communication by learning the new structures.

3. Moral aims

(1) To develop the students’ powers of observation

(2) To develp the students’ ability of teamwork

(3) To cultivate the students’ interests of learning English Part Four Analysis of the Teaching key and difficult points

1. Key points

(1) The sturcture:

The Present Progressive Tenst: 主语+be+V-ing+…

(2) What questions: What are you doing?

What’s he/she doing?

The students can correctly describe what people are doing.

2. Difficult points: The –ing form of Verbs.

Part Five Analysis of the Teaching Aids

Tape recorder

Power Point


Part Six Analysis of the Teaching Methods

1.Communicative teaching methods

2.Audio-visual teaching methods

3.Task-based teaching methods

As we know, the instrcutional aims of learning English in the Middle School is to cultivate the students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and the good sense of English language. So in this lesson I’ll mainly use “Communicative teaching methods”, “Audio-visual teaching methods and Task-based teaching methods”. That is to say I’ll let the students to get a better understand of the key structure of the dialogue. I’ll give the students some tasks and arrange kinds of activities: talking, acting out 1a and competition.

Part Seven Analysis of the Teaching Procedure

Step 1. Leading-in

Question 1. I often watch TV. He always does his homework every evening. We have an English lesson every day.

What tense are they?

(Purpose of my design: According to the question, the students will have a better understanding of the Simple Present Tense and pave a way for the Present Progressive Tense.)

Step 2. Presetation

Question 2. 我正在看电视。他现在在做作业。我们正在上英语 3

课。When do these actions happen? Are there any differences between them and the sentences in Question 1?

(Purpose of my design: According to the examples and comparison, the teacher leads the students to find the time of the Present Progressive Tense: now.)

Question 3: What is the Present Progressive Tense?

1. Let the students see the pictures in 1a and match the activities with the pictures.

2. Let the students read the dialog in 1a and then make their own dialogs like that.

3. The teacher chooses some pairs to present their dialogs.

4. Group work:

Divide the students into groups of three. One acts, the other two

make dialogue.

like: ---What’s he doing?

---He is sleeping.

(Purpose: 1. Many studets like to show themselves in class. This can cultivate the students’ interest in English. 2. To practice the third person.) Step 3. Consolidation

a. Group work: divide the words into groups and let them discuss the rules about how to change verbs into –ing form.

The teacher uses the power point to show the following material: 4

1. watch---watching clean---cleaning read---reading

2. use---using make---making exercise---exercising

3. put---putting get---getting sit---sitting

(Purpose: To improve the students’ ability to analyze and synthesize.)

b. Play a game to practice the verbs’ ---ing form.

Step 4. Listening practice

1. Do activity 1b.

2. Do 2a & 2b: first, let the students go through the listening material and then play the tape to do the exercise.

3. Role-play the conversation in 2b.

(Purpose: Help the students form a good habit in listening.)

Step 5. Homework

It is break time now. Write a short passage of what your classmates are doing now. (At least four sentences.)

(Purpose: It is necessary for the students to do some extensive exercises after class to consolidate the knowledge they learned.) Blackboard Design:

Unit 5 I’m watching TV.

---What are you doing? ---What’s he doing?

---I’m watching TV. ---He’s doing his homework.

I’m=I am What’s=What is he’s=He is


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