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2012-2013学年度第二学期七年级英语第二次月考试题 5

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I 单词音、形、意考查。(每小题1分,共20分)

A)辨音题。选出单词划线部分读音与其他三个不同的选项。(共5分) ( ( ( ( (


6. he (宾格)_____ 7. enjoy(第三人称单数)_______ 8. write ( 动名词)________ 9.hot (反义词)_______ 10.man (复数)______ C)短语互译。(10分)

11..在......的对面________ 12.向左转_________ 13. 最后_________ 14.世界各地____________ 15. 擅长于_______ 16 go shopping____________ 17.be(a) on vacation _______ 18.call sb back __________ 19.take a photo_________ 20. first of all __________ II. 词汇考查 (每小题1分,共20分)

A)根据句意、首字母或汉语意思写出所缺单词。(10分) 1. Ming went to the 山) last weekend. 2.. I __________ (思念) my mother very much. 3. Is there a __________ (旅馆,酒店) around here?

4. I like _________ (夏天;夏季), because I can swim.

5. His uncle is of and has short brown hair. (中等身材) 6.The weather is (sun)and windy today. 7.. Does your sister have s______ or curly hair? 8.. The boy is very h________. He isn?t thin.

9. I can?t buy this computer because I have no m_________. 10. Jackie Chen is a famous a__________.

B)选择与句子中画线部分意思相同或相近的词或短语。(5分) ( A. a lot of B. many C. some D. more ( )12. They? A. having a good time B having good time C. singing happily D.playing well (

A. ask B.want C. have D. like ( A.round B. about C.on D. Only ( A. a little B.little C. few D a few

C)词形变换。根据题意,用括号中所给的单词的适当形式填空。(共5分) 16. The children enjoy ________ (play) soccer after class. 17. He can answer the question ___________ (easy). 18. His friend is a good _______ (sing). She sings very well. 19. How?s the weather? ---- It?s __________ (rain) 20.. They are ________ (run) now.


( ) 1. ---Hi. How?s it going? --- ___________.

A. I don?t like it B. I will go to school C. Not bad D. No ( ) 2. It is Sunday today. Look! Alice and Bob _________ in the park. A. is playing B. are playing C. plays D.play ( ) 3 A:Anna, what would you like to eat? B:I? d like beef noodles____ carrots. A. in B. for C.with D. at

( ) 4. They tell him _____________________.

A. what the criminal looks like. B. what does the criminal look like. C. what the criminal look like. D.what is the criminal looks like. ( ) 5. Who is the woman _____blonde hair? Oh, she is my mother.

A. wears B.wear C. with D. in

( ) 6.He?d like ________ to the movies with me on weekends. A. go

B. to go C. going

D. watch

( ) 7. Lucy loves to ________jokes. A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak ( ) 8. A:I don?t like mutton beef.

B:I don?t like mutton, I like beef a lot. A. and, but B. and, and C. or, but

D. or, and

( ) 9. I?d like some and .


A. porridge, vegetable B. beef, tomatoes C. potatos, bananas D.waters, orange juices ( ) 10. --- of shoes do you wear? --- Size 7.

A. What B. What size C. What kind D. What color ( ) 11. My sister is not tall or short. She is ____________. A. of medium height B. of medium build C. tall D. short ( ) 12. Would you like some tea? A. Yes, please. B. No, please. C. No, I don?t.

D. Yes, I would.

( ) 13. It?s too _______ outside. You must put on your coat. A. hot B. dry C. cold D. warm ( ) 14. What ______ the weather _____ in Chongqing?

A. is,/ B. does,/ C. is, like D. does,like ( ) 15. — What does your friend look like? — __________. A. He is thin B. She is a kind girl C. She likes music D. She is a doctor. ( ) 16. She always __________ a green T-shirt. A. dresses B. wears C. wearing D. puts on

( ) 17. I want to drink ________ water. Is there ________ water in A. some; some B. some; any C. any; any D. any; some ( ) 18. The woman ________ of medium height.. A. is B. are C. have D. has ( ) 19. — ________ is the park? — It?s on the right of the school. A. Where B. What C. Why D. How ( ) 20._____ your address, please?

A. How?s B. Where?s C. What?s D. When ( ) 21. -How?s the weather in Harbin? -It?s ______. A. snow B. snowing C. snows D. sun

( ) 22. ---- Is your friend tall or short? ----- ________. Her name is Lucy. A. Yes, she is B. She is tall

C. She has curly hair D. No, she isn?t

( ) 23. There ______ a map and some desks in the classroom. A.have B.is C.are D.has ( ) 24. The girl has ________ hair. A. long brown B. brown long C. a long brown D. a brown long

the glass?

( ) 25. The pay phone is ________ the post office and the library. A. between B. across C. next to D. On IV 句型转换。根据要求完成下列句子。(每空1分,共10分) 1. There is a library across from the school. (改为一般疑问句) __________ __________ a library across from the school. 2.It?对划线部分提问) ________ the weather _____ in Zhuang lang? 3. She has curly hair. (改为否定句)

She _________ ___________ curly hair. 4.You can?t listen to music in class,(改为祈使句) ______ _____to music in class

对划线部分提问) ______ do many students ______ to school? V.阅读理解


My name is Dave. I have two good friends. On Saturday we usually go to see the animals in the zoo. Tom likes pandas, because they are kind of shy. He likes Ling Ling best(最). Ling Ling is three years old now. Tom often goes to see her. Mary likes to play with giraffes in the zoo. There are two giraffes in the zoo .They?re friendly to people. My favorite animals are lions. I think the?re strong. But Mary doesn?t like them. She says lions are too scary. We have a dog. Its name is Coco. It?s black and white. Coca often goes to the zoo with us. It?s cute , We all love it very much.

( ) 1. Who are Dave?s good friends?

A. Ling Ling and Tom B. Tom and Mary C. Mary and Coco D. Ling Ling and Coco ( )2. How old is Ling Ling?

A.Two years old B Three yeard old C. Four years old D. Five years old ( )3.Why does Mary like giraffes?

A.Because they?re shy B. Because they?re friendly C.Because they ?re scary D. Because they?re strong. ( )4.What are Dave?s favorite animals? A. Pandas B. Giraffes C. Lions D. Dogs ( ) 5. Why doesn?t Mary like lions?

A. Because they ?re lazy B.Because they?re scary C.Because they?re strong, D.Because they?re cute.



My sister Sharon and I look very different. She?s tall, and I?m short. She has short curly and dark (黑暗的,深色的) hair, and I have long straight blond hair. We both(两者都)have dark eyes, but Sharon wears glasses, and I don?t. And she always wears small earrings (耳环). I don?t wear earrings..

Sharon and I do many things together (一起). We watch movies together, and we often go shopping. We play tennis together each Saturday. Often, people don?t know that Sharon and I are sisters, because we look so different. But we are also good friends. 6. What does Sharon look like? She A. is tall and has dark hair B. doesn?t wear earrings C. has long, straight blond hair D. is short and dark hair 7 The sisters don?t together.

A. exercise B. play tennis C. go shopping D. watch movies .

A. wear glasses B. have blond hair C. like earrings D. have dark eyes 9. What does the word “ different” mean in Chinese? A.一样的 B. 困难的 C. 不一样的 D. 友善的 10. Which is the best title (标题) for this reading? A. Meeting New Fiends B. My Hobbies. C. Two sisters D. Playing Tennis


B: I?d like some noodles, please.

B: Mutton and potato noodles, please. A: ? B: Oh, a small bowl, please.

B: A glass of orange juice,please.

A:OK. A small bowl of mutton and potato noodles, a glass of orange juice. B:Yes, you?A: 30 yuan,please



I?建筑物) on the street. A library, a hotel, a bank, a post office, a you like


stories, you can books in the library. If you are hungry(饥饿的), you can buy some food in the The post office is the right of the library. You can send to your friends there. 1. A. China B. Australia C. America D. Canada 2. A. sad B. boring C. busy D. interesting 3. A. six B. five C. seven D. eight 4. A. to B. and C. or D. with 5. A. read B. bring C. lend D. take 6. A. bank B. supermarket C. post office D. hotel 7. A. on B. at C. in D. to

8. A. e-mails B. letters(信) C. e-cards D. address(地址) 9.A. watch TV B. see movies C. have lunch D. play soccer 10. A. What B. How C. Where D. Who II 阅读理解


The Same But Different

John and Jane have six children and they are all girls. they are the only all-girl six duplets(六胞胎) in the world. The sisters are the same age and have the same parents. But they are different. Four of them have blonde hair and two have light brown hair. They like different things.

Kate likes drawing. Jean is clever and likes school. Lucy is very good at sports. Sarah is funny and likes jokes. Lily likes singing and Betty likes dancing.

The sisters have a lot of friends. “Sometimes there are twenty children in the house at the same time. But I love it.” said their mother.

Do you have any pets? “Well,we have a dog. She?s female,too.” says their father,“so I?m the only boy in our home!”

56. How many girls do the parents have? A. Four. B .Two. C. Six. D. Twenty. 57. Which one is right?

A. The sisters have the same hair.

B. The sisters have the same parents. C. The sisters like the same things. D. The sisters aren?t the same age. 58. Who is their father?

A. Sarah. B. Tom. C. Jane. D. John. 59. The sisters have ________ friends. A .many

B. some

C. about twenty D. only twenty

60. There are ________ people in their home.

A .six B .four C. eight D. five


Hello!My name is Linda and I'm 14 years old. I'm from France. I'm tall 'and thin. I have long brown hair. Now I am studying in the USA. My first language is French: ' I also speak English and a little Chinese. My father,William,is 45 and he has short brown hair. He is from Canada: He is a teacher. He speaks English and French. My mother,Jenny is 40 and she has long black hair. She is from China. Chinese is her first language and French is her second language,but she also speak a little English. She is a doctor.

My favorite subject is geography,and my favorite sport is volleyball. My father's favorite sport is soccer and my mother likes playing tennis.

My mother and father aren't here in San Francisco. 'They are

at home in Pairs. I like my life here in the USA. It's great.




提示词:Australia, tall , of medium build , blonde, curly hair, cool, panda, smart, cute




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