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Unit 8 section a (3)

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Unit 8
Section B (一)

When is your birthday?

Revision first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth twenty-first twenty-second twenty-third twenty-fourth twenty-fifth twenty-sixth twenty-seventh twenty-eighth twenty-ninth thirty-first thirtieth

The first month of the year is January. second February March third April fourth May fifth June sixth July seventh August eighth September ninth October tenth November eleventh twelfth December

Revision When is your birthday?

It is on March fourteenth .

Revision When is New Year’s Day (元旦)?

It is on January first.

Revision When is Women’s Day (妇女节)?

It is on March eighth.

Revision When is April Fool’s Day (愚人节)?

It is on April first.

Revision When is Children’s Day(儿童节)?

It is on June first.

Revision When is Teachers’ Day(教师节)?

It is on September tenth.

Revision When is our National Day (国庆节)?

It is on October first.

Revision When is Christmas (圣诞节)? It is on December 25th.

Teaching aims:
New words: test [test] n. 测验 , 检查 trip [tr?p] n. 旅游,旅行 Phrases: have a test 进行测验 school trip 学校旅行 have a party 举行聚会 play a basketball game玩篮球游戏

1a Match the pictures with the events.
1. d English test _
2. c party _ b 3. _ school trip

a 4. _ basketball game

Listening text
John: Hey, Sally. Can I ask you some questions? Sally: Sure, John. John: When is your birthday? Sally: My birthday party is on October 5nd. John: OK, and when is the basketball game? Sally: The basketball game? Oh, it’s on October 2nd. John: Good. And, umm, how about the school trip? Sally: The school trip is on September 26th and 27th. John: And when is the English test? Sally: Oh, that’s on Friday, September 29th. John: OK. Thank you!

The answers of 1b and 1c
1d 3b



一、写出下列序数词。 second 1st ________ 2nd _________ first third fourth 3rd ________ 4th _________ eighth 5th ________ 8th ________ fifth twelfth 9th ________ 12th ________ ninth 20th twentieth ________



1. _______ 1st is New year’s Day. January
2. ______ 12th is Planting Day. (植树节) March

3. _____ 1st is Fool’s Day. (愚人节) April
4. ____ 1st is Labour’s Day. (劳动节) May


5. ____ 1st is Children’s Day. June 6. The last(最后的)three months of a year are October, November _________________and _________. December 7. New school year begins (新学年开 始于) in September _________.


三、写出每组对话的问题: 1. Q : When is your birthday? ____________________ A: My birthday is April 22nd. 2. Q : ________________ How old are you?

A: I’m sixteen.
3. Q: When is your brother’s birthday? ____________________________

A: My brother’s birthday is May 16th.


4. Q: When is th

e party? _________________
A: The party(音乐会)is May 21st. 5. Q: _____________________ How old is your mother? A: My mother is forty - eight .

Exercise 四、用所给词的适当形式填空 twelve 1. Tom has _______ (12) color pens. fifth 2. Mary’s birthday is August ______ (five). ninth 3. Is September the ______ (9) month of a year. forty 4. There are ________ (40) students in our class. thirty-eight 5. The pants are ___________ (38) yuan.


1. How do you spell it? 2. Where’s he? 3. How is your grandmother? 4. How much are the shorts? 5. Your watch is very nice.

A. He’s in the store. B. Thank you. C. S—H—O—E D. She’s fine, thanks. E. $60.


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