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职高 Unit4 What's in fashion Reading说课

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What‘s in Fashion?
Reading and writing

2 3 4 5

Teaching materials &students
Teaching objectives Teaching focuses and difficulties Teaching approaches and aids Teaching procedures


Blackboard design Teaching reflections

teaching materials
good English topic, first passage, some common fashion events, useful expressions, writing appears as post-reading of task.

Freshmen of Marketing vocational school, reading and writing are not very good, curious about new things…

Teaching Objectives

to know some big brands, to read and master the new words and the key points. writing

to master some reading and writing skills through practicing

set up correct opinions on whether to follow the fashion.

Teaching Focuses
1.to enhance Ss’ understanding and use of the words and expressions, to improve students’ reading and writing skills. 2.to activate Ss to participate in tasks and use reading skills to do tasks correctly.

Difficult Points

Teaching Approaches

Task-Based Learning

Communicative Approach

Computer-Assisted Instruction

individual/pair/ group work, , brainstorming, discussion, role-play…

Teaching Aids: a multimedia computer system, PPT


Add key words of each paragraph for students to say about the text.
Students status

To stimulate students to read more, speak more, get a better

Step 1 lead-in (3 mins) Step 2 reading (10 mins)

Step 3 language points and speaking (10min Step 4 debate task4(10 mins) Step 5 writing (10 mins)

Step 6 Summary (1 mins)
Step 7 Homework (1 mins)

Teaching procedures

Teaching Procedures Step 1 lead-in Give names of some big brands

UGG boot

Gucci handbag

to refresh ss’ knowledge and lead in the topic

Prada leather belt


To get a general idea of the reading passage

Read the passage and tick the writer’s attitude to such big brands. 听录音并完成活动1

Reading carefully
Activity 2: read the passage again and tick true or false. True: 1、2、3、4
Activity 3:circle the sentence that means the same as the given one. 1、b 2、a 3、b
To train students’ reading ability of getting key information

Ask students to read the text para by para explain language points in details Students say something about the text according the key words given.
Para1: follow fashion, hate must-haves, fall for, donate to Para2: in general, trust their own tastes, go wrong, satisfying, pot into a tenth of the price, use your skill to…,give you satisfaction. Para3: according to, buy in chain store, trust their judgment, take risks, look individual Para4: shopping philosophy, leave me open – mouthed, think of
To train students’ ability of reading and speaking

Group Work: Activity4. Follow the latest trend or not? Agree
bring us happiness

a waste of time

to help ss set up their make us look cool save attitude money ,meaning towards life. thing Prepare dress more attractively distract from study for writ

ing in Task5. have more things to mistake in shopping talk about

Step 6 Summary
?1. Feedback on words, sentences, expressions: donate money to,
? in general, go wrong, a tenth of the price ? according to chain store ? second-hand shops be prepared to do ? leave me open-mouthed think of ? follow the latest trend, in addition ? fall for…

2. Group assessment and T’s comments.

Group Assessment Sheet Performances in Class
Listening skills/abilities Expressing topics Pair/Group work Discussion Others formative assessment, to get Ss involved,

Grade A(high)--D(low)
G1 G2 G3 G4 G5

team work,
promote learning

Step 7 Homework

To encourage ss to use what they have learned

1.Writing task (individual): To finish writing Task5. 2. Online assignment: To search on the Internet for PR firm and Trendy job.
extended from class, more output practice

Blackboard Design
Unit 4 What’s in fashion?
Reading and writing donate money to…捐钱给… in general大概来说go wrong出错 a tenth of the price十分之一 according to根据 chain store连锁店 second-hand shops二手店 be prepared to do准备 leave me open-mouthed让我目瞪 think of想起 follow the latest trend追时髦 in addition除了 fall for信以为真

Resource integration

Teaching material

Role play

ppt、relative material Assessment form

Pair work Group work

pictures、video、 qq

Teaching Reflections
In this lesson, I put emphasis on the improvement of the students’ reading and writing skills. Ss are supposed to know how to express their feelings to fashion This class broadens their vocabulary and improves their reading and writing skills.

To be improved
Some Ss are not very active in group work and discussion. ?to offer more opportunities to interest Ss and improve their communicative skills.

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