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1 come on 2 saw a UFO 3 look at its bright lights 4 on the plane 5 sleep with their eyes open

6 the same size 7 stop growing

8 stop to grow 9 four times larger than

10 in the back of elephants’ feet 11 what about fish?

12 How about fish? 13 be interesting

14 be interested 15 be amazing

16 be amazed 17 went to Sunshine Park

18 as usual 19 sat down under a big tree 20 heard a voice 21 from the bushes

22 behind the tree 23 turned around

24 were afraid 25 left the park

26 on their way home 27 a ghost in the park

28 went to the park 29 searched the bushes

30 said to himself 31 found a little cat

32 sounded like a whisper 33 picked up the little cat

34 went to find Millie 35 were surprised

36 were surprising 37 took the little cat to the animal centre 38 ran away quickly 39 amazing things

40 heard of a young man 41 travelled around over 80 countries 42 by bicycle/ by bike 43 write with one hand

44 draw with the other 45 at the same time

46 learnt about an artist 47 draw 3-D pictures with chalk 48 just a minute ago 49 stayed at home

50 talked to her 51 enjoyed your day

52 watched a short film 53 showed a lot of amazing things 54 played some amazing 55 let me come with you 56 loved playing cards 57 want to stop for meals

58 put meat between two pieces of bread 59 wanted to eat the same food 60 became popular 61 all over the world

62 in the UK 63 in use

64 in China 65 in 1987

66 at least one TV 67 can be as large as 152 inches 68 this kind of food

二 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1 I ___________(see) a plane yesterday.

2 Our nose and ________(ear) never stop __________(grow).

3 The sun is about 1300000 ________(time) ________(large) than the Earth. 4 What about (______________(go)_________(fish)?

5 Millie and Amy __________(go) to Sunshine park the day before yesterday. 6 They ________(sit) down under a big tree just now.

7 They ________(hear) a whisper from the bushes last week.


8 The girls _______(be) very afraid yesterday.

9 They _________(leave) the park yesterday.

10 Millie ___________(say) ,she ________(find) a little cat yesterday.

11 They _________(take) the little cat to the animal centre.

13 We _______(run) away quickly last week.

14 I __________(tell) Andy about the strange sound yesterday morning. 15 The whisper _________(come) from a big tree yesterday.

16 What ________you ______(do) yesterday morning?

------ I_______(do) my homework.

17 Andy __________(give) the little cat to Amy.

18 I am ________(amaze) to the ________(amaze) things.

19 To my _______(surprise) ,I am _______(surprise) to the ______(surprise) things. 20 I am ________(interest) in the _______(interest) things.

21 I am ________(excite) at this ________(excite) news.

22 I am tired, I have to stop______(have) a rest.

23 The teacher is coming, we should stop ________(talk) .

24 He travelled around over 80 _________(country) by bicycle.

25 Let me _________(come) with you then.

26 It showed a lot of amazing _________(thing) in the world.

27 He loved ________(play) cards very much.

28 He put meat between two __________(piece) of bread.

29 The TVs can be as ________(large) as 152________(inch).

30 You can learn about _______(information) on the internet.


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