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( )1. do you surf the Internet? Once a week.

A.How B.How old C.How often D.How many times

( )2.My hair is shorter than .

A. my sister B. my sister’s C. she’s D. her

( )3.You hardly know him, ________ ?

A.are you B.aren’t you C.do you D. don’t you

( )4.If we do more , we can keep good health.

A. exercise; in B. exercise; up C. exercises; on D.

exercises; at

( )5.There is ____ with him.

A.anything serious B.nothing serious

C. serious something D.serious anything

( ) 6. I have a nice hair clip.Let me__________.

A.show it to you B.show you it C.to show it to you D.to show you it ( ) 7. I’m ____ heavier than my brother.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( ) 8. It’s important to eat a ________ diet.

A. balanced B. balance C. balancing D. balances

( ) 9. A. traveled B. travels C. will travel D. had traveled

( )10._________he is pretty busy,__he still exercises three times a week.

A.Although, but B.Because, so C.Although, / D.Because, /

( ) 11. Lucy is not feeling _______ now.

A. badly B. well C. nice D. right

( ) 12. It Yang Liwei about 21 hours the earth 14times in his spaceship.

A. spent, circling B. took, travelling C. spent, to travel D. took, to circle

( ) 13. His hair is shorter than ____.

A .mine B. her C .she D. me

( ) 14.Mr Wang is leaving ________ Guangzhou next week.

A. to B. with C. in D. for

( )15.

A. few, good B. fewer, good C. fewer, better D. few, better

( )16.— — About half an hour ago.

A.does, come B.did, come C.did, came D.does, came

( )17.—Would you mind___________here? —Of course not.

A.I smoke B.my smoke C.my smoking D.me smoke

( )18.The doctor says I am ________ of the two.

A.the healthiest B.the healthier C.healiest

( )19.He is taller than________ _in his class..

A.any other student B.any other students C.the other student ( )20.—Would you mind___________here? —Of course not.

A.I smoke B.my smoke C.my smoking D.me smoke


Wang Ling, a middle school girl, felt angry with her parents after getting a boy’s phone call. “A classmate called me to discuss homework. We talked just a few minutes before my parents got mad,” said the girl. “They asked whether I liked the boy. I said I didn’t, they wouldn’t believe me.”

Wang’s trouble is not strange at all because puppy love (早恋) becomes a big headache for rule not to allow any talk or any physical contact (身体接触one boy and one girl alone. Many students say they understand parents and teachers are so nervous about puppy love. But some think they are going too far. “We have our own thoughts and we know what to with it,” said Wang Ling.

Another girl, Jiang Ting, liked making friends with boys. “Boys and girls can learn from each other,” she said. “My mother asks me to study hard. However, shestops me from making friends with boys.” Once Jiang told her mother she might fall in love with a boy. Her mother let own decision. Soon Jiang found that she didn’t like him any more because the boy was not as as what she had thought before. And she did worse and worse in her subjects because she spent much on it. At last she understood the worry from schools and most parents about puppy love.

1. A. for B. in C. with D. to

2. A. because B. if C. but D. and

3. A. both B. none C. either D. neither

4. A. game B. study C. match D. housework

5. A. during B. between C. around D. about

6. A. how B. what C. who D. why

7. A. play B. live C. do D. fill

8. A. never B. already C. ever D. just

9. A. its B. my C. his D. her

10. A. good B. bad C. heavy D. thin

三、阅读理解( 20分)


San Francisco has many museums. You can visit one and learn something new. We have art, science, history and other special museums. Some museums are open every day. Some are only open on certain days. Many museums are expensive, and others are free. But some of the expensive ones have free days . May museums have websites. The websites usually have information about the things you can see in the museums.

On a museum’s website you can get information about ticket prices and free days. You can also know where the museum is and when it is open. Sometimes the information is on the first page, and it’s very easy for you to find. But sometimes you have to click(点击) on the words like Visit Information, or About to find the information. That will be hard work for you.

( )1. San Francisco has many museums for you visit and________.

A. learn something new B. play computer games

C. watch the movies D. click on Information

( )2. Some museums in San Francisco are open every day, but some are only open ________.

A. on weekdays B. on weekends

C. on certain days D. on holidays

( )3. Many museums have________ with information about the things you can see in them.

A. ticket prices B. their websites

C. open hours D. free days


News Review

Head- on Train Crash On May 18, two trains had a head-on crash(相撞)near New York City. Over 250 people were on the trains then. About 60people were hurt, but no deaths were reported.

Travel Time Tourists came together to the Taishan Mountain, on May1. Over


visited the place of great interest from April 29 to May 1, during the three-day holiday.

Brave Volunteer Liao Zhi , a dance teacher from Chengdu who lost her 1-year-old

daughter and her legs in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, arrived in Ya’an 13 hours after the

earthquake. The dancer said she had had a terrible time herself and knew what people needed most, so she decided to come and offer help.

Tomato Competition A tomato competition was held in Huainan, Anhui Province, on April

16. The best tomatoes were chosen according to their shape, color and taste. The competition hoped to encourage the farmers to grow better tomatoes.

( )4. About ________ people were hurt in the head-on crash.

A. 18 B. 29

C. 60 D. 250

( )5. A lot of people visited the Taishan Mountain________.

A. 13 hours after the earthquake B. on May 18

C. during the May Day holiday D. on April 16

( )6. Liao Zhi, the dance teacher from________, came to Ya’an to offer help.

A. Huainan B. Chengdu C. Taishan D. New York

( )7. The tomato competition in Anhui Province was held to________.

A. help the people in Ya’an B. save the people on the trains

C. forget the terrible time D. help grow better tomatoes


Almost everyone likes dogs, and almost everyone likes to read about dogs. I have a friend. He has a big police dog with the name Jack. Police dogs are very clever. Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes these long walks very much. One Sunday afternoon a young man came to visit my friend. He stayed a long time. He talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Jack for a walk. But the visitor still stayed. Jack became much worried. He walked around the room several times and then sat down in front of the visitor and

looked at him. But the visitor paid no attention (注意)to Jack. He went on talking. At last Jack got angry. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down again in front of the visitor, but this time he took the visitor’s cap in his mouth.

8. The young visitor stayed a long time in my friend’s house, didn’t he?

A. Yes, he was. B. Yes, he did. C. No, he wasn’t. D. No, he didn’t.

9. Jack became worried because .

A. he wanted to go out for a walk B. he wanted to play with him

C. he didn’t know the young man D. he wanted to eat something

10. Jack sat down in front of the visitor because he wanted

A. the visitor to talk with him

四、 句型转换(10分)

1. .He is less popular than her.同义句转换

He is not _________ popular _________ her.

2. Eating a lot of vegetables help us to keep in good health.(同义句转换)

Eating a lot of vegetables help us to________ ________. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ does your brother exercise?

4.It took me over two hours to finish my homework last night. (同义句转换)

It took me ____ ______ ____hours to finish my homework last night.

5, He didn’t have breakfast and went to work. (同义句转换)

He went to work ________ __________breakfast.

( ) B:

A: For your daughter? Look, the shoes are really nice. Do you like them?

( ) B: Yes. But I’m afraid my daughter doesn’t like the color.A: Sure. There are different kinds of shoes over there. What color does she like?

( ) B: And black is her favorite.

A: What size does she need?

( ) B: Size 9. Let me see. Um, this pair of shoes must fit her.

A: They are not expensive, only 199 yuan.

( ) B: That would be fine. Here is the money. Thanks very much!

A: You are welcome.


The Chinese New Year is called the Spring Festival. It is the biggest festival in China.

It usually comes in January or year tiger, the year of pig or the year of snake. And the year of 2007 is called the year of pig. The year after it is the mouse year.

Before the Spring Festival, People are busy some shopping and cleaning their houses. On the Eve there is a big family dinner. All the family to bed late to welcome the New Year. They can watch the CCTV programs or first day of the Chinese New Year, people put on their new clothes and go to visit their relatives(亲戚) and friends and “Happy New Year”, “Good luck” and some greetings (祝福语)to each other. It often lasts to the Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is also an important Chinese festival and people usually sweet dumplings (yuanxiao). People always enjoy during the Spring Festival, especially children. Children can usually get some money for the new year parents and their relatives.




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