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1正在进行时:表示正在发生的事情。关键词:look,listen,now 结构:be+Ving, 例句:Look, he is swimming now.

2一般过去时:表示已经过去的事情。关键词:yesterday, last….,just now, a moment ago.

结构:动词使用过去式,V+ed, 例句:We picked apples yesterday. 3一般现在时:表示经常发生的事情。关键词:often usually sometimes every….


例句:They often go jogging every morning.----Do they often go jogging every morning?

He often goes to school by bike.----Does he often go to school by bike?


1 like + Ving eg: I like singing.

Like to + V原形 I like to sing this afternoon.

2 would like 想…

<1> would like +名词 eg: I would like a computer.

<2>would like to +动词 eg: I would like to join them.

3 want to + V 原形

4 talk to sb about sth 和某人谈论某事

5 There be 单数 there is 复数 there are 不可数名词用there is 注意就近原则。

6 some any的用法,肯定句用some 否定句和一般疑问句用any ,但表示请求恳求用some

7 在树上,果实on the tree 物品 in the tree

8 表示时间的词,at +时间点 in + 时间段 on + 某一天 9 excited形容人心情 exciting 形容场面

10 in + 穿着 with + 长相

11 情态动词: can should would must may could +动词原形

12疑问词 : who where when which whose what how how old how many

how much what day what date what shape 13 It’s time to +动词 ..It’s time for +名词 14 时间表示法 ,to 差….到几点 past 表示已过 ,例如 8:50ten to nine 9:10ten past nine 15 同意词组

go for a walk =take a walk ,would like to =want to ,be from =come from ,be good at =do well in

my hobby is /are == I like .favourite=like best 16 动词+副词ly的词组



1一般将来时:表示将要发生的事情。关键词:tomorrow, next, 及还没到的时间词。

结构:be going to +动词原形, 例句:We are going to have a picnic tomorrow.


1 比较级+ than as + 原级 + as 2 be good at =do well in 二者+动词ing 3 变化的词语:get + 比较级 turn +颜色 4 on +Road in +street

5 be good at = do well in 其后加动词 ing 形式

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