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非 谓 语 动 词


1, I hope ______ from you soon.

A hear B to hear C hearing D heard

2, She appears ______ very sad.

A to be B being C is D was

11, Mr Smith warned his son ______ after drinking.

A not drive B never to drive C do’t drive D doesn’t drive

12, You’d better ______ too late.

A don’t stay up B not staying up C won’t stay up D not stay up

13, It’s not hard for one ______ .

A doing a bit of good B do a bit of good C to do a bit of good D did a bit of good 14, It’s kind ______ you ______ so much of us.

A of; to think B for; to think C for; thinking D of; thinking

15, ______ time is to save time.

A Choose B Choosing C To choose D Chooses

16, Fred didn’t have any money, so he decided ______ a job.

A take B taking C to take D took

17, We’re going out for dinner. Would you like ______ us?

A join B to join C joining D joined

18, They considered it important ______ his permission.

A to get B get C getting D got

19, She let her son ______ early enough to catch the last train.

A left B leave C to leave D leaving

20, What made you ______ your mind?

A change B to change C changing D changes

21, We are waiting for the doctor ______ .

A arrive B to arrive C arriving D arrives

22, We don’t allow such things ______ again.

A to happen B happening C happen D happened

23, She is always happy and has nothing ______ .

A to worry B to worry about C worry D worrying about

24, I don’t have a partner ______ .

A to practice English with B to practice English C practice English D practice English with 26, ______ a seat in the front, some students came to the lecture hall early.

A Have B In order to have C So as to have D Not to have

27, What have I said ______ you so excited?

A make B making C to make D makes

28, All of us were excited ______ the good news.

A hearing B to hear C heard D hear

29, A man would be blind ______ that.

A not to see B not see C not seeing D don’t see

31, Sally didn’t know ______ to choose.

A what B how C when D where

32, ______ this meeting hasn’t yet been decided.

A Where hold B Where holding C Where to hold D Where held

33, With so much homework ______ , all the students look sad.

A do B to do C doing D did


36, The car was seen ______ in front of our school.

A park B to park C has parked D parked

37, The boy was made ______ sorry to his friend for being so rude.

A to say B say C saying D said

38, What I want to do is ______ an English club.

A to start B start C started D starts

39, ______ her go? Why not ______ her to pay for it?

A lets; not ask B let; asks C let; ask D letting; asking

40, It is for you to decide whether ______ or ______ .

A to stay; to leave B to stay; leave C stay; leave D stay; to leave

41, You have to make your money ______ , I can’t give you more.

A do B spend C cost D take

42, Mum would rather ______ by plane than take a train.

A to travel B travel C traveling D traveled

45, He is too young ______ to play the piano.

A to learn B to learning C learn D learning

46, Tom isn’t ______ .

A enough strong to lift B strong enough to lift C enough strong to lift it D strong enough to lift 47, We are quite too surprised ______ the news.

A to hear B hearing C hear D hears

49, This dictionary is very convenient ______ .

A being used B using C to use D to be used

50, James is always the first student ______ .

A to arrive B is arriving C arrived D arrives


2, ______ is ______ .

A Seeing; believing B To see; believing C Seeing; to believe D To see; believe

3, Her job this afternoon is ______ the sick dog.

A looking after B to look after C look after D looks after

4, If you want to be better soon, you should give up ______ .

A smoke B smoking C to smoke D smoked

5, Not everyone enjoys ______ Korean TV plays.

A watching B watched C watch D watches

6, My father likes ______ chess with his friends after dinner.

A play B playing C to play D plays

7, The teacher is coming. Please stop ______ .

A to talk B talks C talked D talking

8, We require all the people ______ it.

A do B to do C doing D did

9, The patient wants ______ after.

A looking B to look C looked D look

10,—Let me tell you something about the Clean-Up plan.

—Don’t you remember ______ me about it yesterday?

A told B telling C to tell D to have told

11, They are looking forward to ______ an exciting vacation.

A have B having C has D had


12, Excuse me—I couldn’t help ______ what you said.

A overhear B overhearing C overheard D to overhear

13, I’m very pleased to learn that you succeeded in ______ the exam.

A passing B pass C to pass D passes

14, Don’t waste time ______ here.

A to talk B talking C talk D talks

15, It’s not worth ______ this old car. Why not sell it?

A repair B repairing C repairs D to repair

16, I’m afraid I can’t go out with you because I’m busy ______ for the math exam tomorrow.

A study B studying C to study D studies

17, Thank you, but I’m used to ______ to school without breakfast.

A go B going C have gone to D having gone to

18, Would you mind ______ here in the room?Grandma has a bad cough these days.

A smoke B not smoke C smoking D not smoking

19, The doctor made an attempt at ______ the child’s life.

A to save B saving C save D saves

20, If you have a chance ______ abroad, take it.

A to take B taking C taken D took


1, I saw him ______ downstairs.

A coming B to come C came D has come

2, I found the work ______ .

A doing B do C to do D done

3, The meeting ______ last week is important.

A to be held B held C being held D to hold

4, The man ______ among the students is my English teacher.

A talking B talked C talks D who talk

5, This is the book ______ by Ba Jin.

A writing B written C which writes D which wrote

6, My favourite sport is ______ golf.

A playing B to play C played D plays

7, The first thing for us to do is ______ our spoken English.

A improve B to improve C improving D improved

8, She went out, ______ she would be back in an hour.

A saying B said C says D say

9, ______ to stay after school, I felt very disappointed.

A Asking B Asked C To ask D Asks

10, I want to go to the barber’s and have my hair ______ .

A to wash B washed C washing D wash

11, Don’t let me ______ such things next time, boys!

A to catch you doing B catch you do C catch you doing D to catch you do

12, I found Jim ______ outside the classroom the whole morning.

A stand B standing C stands D stood

13, ______ their homework, the boys went out to play soccer.

A Having finished B Finishing C Being finished D Finished


14, ______ another chance, I’m sure to succeed.

A Giving B Given C Having given D Being given

16, Weather ______ , we will go for a picnic this weekend.

A permitting B having been permitted C being permitted D permitted


1, I ______ in the school library last week.

A did the reading B do washing up C do sightseeing D does writing 2,—Would you like to go ______ with me this Saturday afternoon? —I’d love to, but I can’t skate.

A swim B skating C to camp D to fish

5, It goes without ______ that diligence is the key to success.

A say B saying C said D says

7, Generally ______ , boys are more interested in science than girls.

A speak B speaking C spoken D speaks

8, ______ the way he speaks, he must come from Australia.

A Judge from B Judging from C Judge of D Judging of


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