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头脑风暴: Put the food in the correct basket.

2. tomatoes 3. spoons 7. apples 8. onions 9. dumplings 10. shakes 13. cups 15. watermelons
1. milk 5. yogurt 11. juice 14. porridge 4. popcorn 6. salt 12. meat

Please use many or much to fill in the blanks :
much 1、A: How _____ bread do we need ? B: We need four pieces of bread . many 2、A: How _____ pieces of bread do we need ? B: We need four . many 3、A: How _____ oranges do you need ? B: Two . much 4、A: How _____ orange do you need ?

B: Two cups .
much 5、A: How _____ are the shoes ? B: Ten yuan .

What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is hamburger. What about you? I like sandwiches best.

Can you make sandwiches?

Sure. I can make sandwiches.








Make a list of things you like in a sandwich.

In my sandwich I like bread, butter, tomato, lettuce, turkey ____________________________________ and onion ____________________________________

How do you make a sandwich?

Let’s make a turkey sandwich.
Take a piece of bread.

Put some lettuce on the bread.

Put two spoons of cheese on the lettuce.

Put three pieces of turkey on the cheese.

Put another piece of bread on the top.

Listen and circle the words you 1c hear.

Listen again. Write the ingredients 1d in the order you hear them. First
One spoon of butter


one tomato;an onion; some cheese
some lettuce


another piece of bread

Tell your partner how to make 1e your favorite sandwich. First, put some How much butter on a piece of butter? bread.

About one spoon.

A: Do you like lettuce in a sandwich? B: Yes, I do. A: Do you like tomatoes? B: No, I don’t.

A: How do you make a sandwich? B: First, put some butter on a piece of bread. A: How much butter? B: About one spoon.

Homework: Preview 2a and finish 3a

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