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人教版七年级英语上册第八单元Unit8 When is your birthday?学案

词汇:speech,contest,party,trip,art, festival, basketball game短语:speech contest, school trip, basketball game, birthday party, school day, art festival 句型:--When is the school trip? -- It’s April 19th.

一. 英语中表达年月日的方法有两种: 月,日,年或日,月,年这两种形式如:July 10th, 2010 = the tenth of July, 2010.它的前面常用介词in或on, 当只出现年,月时就用介词“in”,当出现具体的时间时就用“on”。 年year, 月month, 日day一月January,.二月February,.三月March,.四月April,五月May,六月June,.七月July,.八月August,.九月September, .十月October,.十一月November,.十二月December,.

二. 某人年龄的表示方法常用:1). 主语+ be + 基数词 2). 主语+ be + 基数词year(s) old 3. 有时还可用 “主语+ be + a 数字—year—old + 名词。”的形式。如:He is five. = He is five years old. = He is a 5—year—old boy. 提问年龄用how old.


1至12逐个记,13至19teen结尾 20至90整十数,ty结尾是后缀 若要表示几百几,hundred之后and立 基数词 : 表示数目的词称为基数词。其形式如下:

(1).从1——10 one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten.

(2).从 11——19 eleven,twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen,eighteen, nineteen. 这里除 eleven, twelve, thirteen, fifteen, eighteen为特殊形式外,fourteen,sixteen,,nineteen 都是由其个位数形式后添加后缀-teen构成。

(3).从 20——99 整数几十中除twenty,thirty, forty,fifty,eighty为特殊形式外,sixty,seventy,ninety都是其个位数形式后添加后缀-ty构成。表示几十几时,在几十和个位基数词形式之间添加连字符“-” 21 twenty-one 76 seventy-six

(4).百位数 个数基数词形式加“hundred”,表示几百,在几十几与百位间加上and. 101 a hundred and one 320 three hundred and twenty 648 six hundred and forty-eight


基变序,有规律,first, second, third 要牢记,其余变化有公式,基数词尾加th , eight去t ,nine去e ,twenty ,thirty, ninty ,ty 将y 改为i,ty前面还有e, five 和twelve,需将f替ve。若是碰到几十几,前用基后用序。 基变序,有规律,first, second, third 要牢记,其余变化有公式,基数词尾加th , eight去t ,nine去e ,twenty ,thirty, ninty ,ty 将

y 改为i,ty前面还有e, five 和twelve,需将f替ve。若是碰到几十几,前用基后用序。 Spring Festival春节 May Day五一劳动节Dragon Boat Festival端午节 National Day 国庆节 Mid-Autumn Day中秋节


( )1. --When’s Army Day(建军节)? --It’s ___.A.July 1st. B.August 1st. C.September 1st. D.October1st.

( )2. Einstein, the famous scientist was born _____ March, 1879.A.at B.on C.in D.to

( )3. Today is my sister’s _____ birthday.A. twelve B.twelfth C.the twelfth D.twelves

( )1.--When is your birthday? --It's ____. A.February two B.february second C.February 2nd D.February the two

( )2._______ is your birthday? A.Who B.Where C.How many D.When

( )3.My mother's birthday is ___________. A.July 22st B.July 22th C.July 22nd D.22nd

( )4.The ________ month of the year is April. A.first B.second C.third D.fourth

( )5.He is a ____________boy. A.13-year-old B.13 year-old C.13-years old D.13 years old

( )6.My ________ birthday is October 1st. A. mother B. father C. mother's D. fathers

7.We have an concert ____ July 5th each year.A.in B.at C.on D.of

8. --_______is your art festival? -- It’s June 5th.A.What time B.When C.Which D.Who

9. She is ______ girl.A.a 8—year—old B.a 8 year old C. a 8—year—olds D.an 8—year—old


1._________ is she? 2.__________ is Sam's birthday party?

3. Please,Mom,let _____have a party. 4.The twelfth month is ______.5. Does your class go on a ______________?


1.我们在三四月份举行篮球赛. We have a ________ _____ in _______ and ___________.

2.演讲比赛的日期是哪一天? When is the _________________ __________________?

3.陈先生的生日晚会是什么时候?When is Mr Chen's ____________ ___________?

4.他哥哥的生日是一月一号. His brother's birthday is _______________ ______________.

5.我们每年都去郊游. We go to _____________ ____________ every year.

6.我们在哪举行英语晚会? Where _________ _________ __________ English party?


with it. Every day, we get up together, eat together, and do my homework together. Mi English. But Tiger Mi can’t

( )16. A. is the B. is C. are ( )17. A. It's B. Its C. its

( )18. A. like B. don't like C. likes ( )19. A. a lot B. all C. lots

( )20. A. don't B. isn't C. doesn't ( )21. A. very B. at all C. lot

( )22. A. talking B. say C. play ( )23. A. friend B. the friends C. friends

( )24. A. teaches B. teach C. teach to ( )25. A. say B. talk C. speak


My name is Zhen Zhuo. Today is my birthday. I'm nine years old. Mum and Dad get a big cake for me. I like it very much. It's on the table now. There are some other things on the table too, like apples, orange juice, chicken and some fish. I'm thirsty (口渴) now. I'd like a bottle of orange juice. My friends Du Ke and Bai Jie are coming. They are knocking at the door. I have no time to drink. I must open the door now.

( )26.Zhen Zhuo is___________. A. twelve B. ten C. nine D. fifteen

( )27.There are some___________on the table. A. eggs B. oranges C. fish D. ice creams

( )28.Du Ke and Bai Jie are Zhen Zhuo's ____. A. sisters B. cousins C. classmates D. friends

( )29.Zhen Zhuo is ___________ now. A. hungry B. thirsty C. full D. happy

( )30.___________ are knocking at the door.

A.Zhen Zhuo's parents B.Zhen Zhuo's sisters C.Zhen Zhuo's friends D.Zhen Zhuo's brothers

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