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一. 根据要求写出相应的答案。(10分)

1.cheap(反义词) 2.no(同音词)(形容词) 4 Please give my ______ (good) wishes to your parents. 5..My son wants _______(be) a doctor when he finishes school. 6.Would you like _______(have) a cup of coffee? 7.Be quiet,the baby ____(sleep) . 4.aunt(同音词)________ 5. Japanese(复数) ______6. leaf(复数) 7.shop(现在分词)8. left (反义词) ________ 9. he (名词性物主代词)________10.friend(形容词) 二.句型转换,每空一词。(每题2分,共10分)

1. Peter is in Class Four. Sam is in Class Four, too. (改为同义句)

Peter and Sam are________ ________ _________ 2. Try on the red coat, Sally. (改为否定句)

_________ _________ on the red coat, Sally. 3. He does his homework every evening.(改为否定句) He ________ ________ his homework every evening? 4. How is the weather in Beijing?(改为同义句) _______ is the weather _______ in Beijing?

5. I clean the classroom every day (变为现在进行时态) _____ ______ ________ the classroom now.

三.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(每题1分,共10分) 1. The _______ (five) day of a week is Thursday.

3. —What do you often do on Sunday ?

10. Scott (not take) the number 17 bus to work. 四.单项选择( 20分):

( )1.These books are _____. _____ are in _____ bags.

A. my. You, You B. My, Yours, your C. mine, Your, Yours D. mine, Yours, your

( )2.Would you like _____ your mother cook supper?

A. helping B. to help C. help D. helping

( )3.Let Tom _____ right away.

A. go home B. to go home C. goes home D. goes to home

( )4.---May I have some milk?

---Sorry, we have _____ left(剩下).

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )5.Tom with his classmates _____ an English lesson now.

A. has B. have C. are having D. is having

( )6 .Could you_____ a message _____ him?

A. take, to B. give, to .C. leave, from D. give, for


( )7.She is _____ the blackboard, but she can’t _____ the words on it.

A. looking at, see B. seeing, look at C. seeing, see D. looking at,

look at

( )8.We would like some meat and fruit _____ lunch.

A. to B. in C. of D. for

( A. ask, to call B. ask, call C. to ask, call D. to ask, to call

( ) 10.Look at the boys. They _____ games at school. A. play B. playing C. are play D. are playing ( ) 11. I don’t like math. Because(因为) it’s_____.

A. interesting B. boring C. relaxing D.funny ( ) 12. My aunt has a son. He is my ________. A. brother B. cousin C. sister D. uncle (

B: He’s tall.

A. Is the boy tall or short?

B. Is the boy tall?

C. Is the boy short? D. How old is he ?

( ) 14. A: Would you like an egg and some fish?


A. No, please, I’m full.

B. That’s a good idea.

C. No, thanks. D. You are OK

( ) 15. He sings ________ and he is a __________ singer.

A. good; good B. well; well C. good; well D. well; good

( )16.-What’s your favorite______? Basketball A. sport

B. color

C. subject D. movie

( ) 17.-May I help you?-.

A. No, you can’t. B. Yes, please. C. Yes, you can. D. Sorry. ( )18.____the man? He is Kate’s father.-.

A. What’s. B. Who’s C. Whose’s D.How’s ( )19.-What color is it?-It’sorange. It’sorange pen. A. a, an

B.an, an

C. an,×

D. ×, an

( )20.-you doing?

-I’m a book.

A.do, seeing B. are, looking C. do, watching D. are, reading


Peter is my classmate. He is __1__ American boy. He is from __2___ . He is __3___ .

He ___4__ a round face and two big __5___ . His __6___ is black. Peter likes apples. He likes oranges , ___7___.

It’s Friday. Peter and I __8____ on duty (值日 ). We are __9___ the classroom. We are doing our homework. We are cleaning the classroom. Peter is ___10___ the blackboard and I am sweeping (扫 ) the floor. ( ) 1. A a B an C the D / ( ) 2. A Japan B England C. America D China ( ) 3. A big B small C long D tall ( ) 4. A is B has C have D are


( ) 5. A eye B eyes C ear D foot ( ) 6. A head B hair C nose D hand ( ) 7. A to B too C two D very ( ) 8. A am B is C are D has ( ) 9. A out B in C on D with ( ) 10. A cleaning B clean C cleans D is cleaning 六. 阅读理解(20分)


Everybody has a home. We people have homes. Animals have homes, too. Some animals live under the ground(地面). The woodchuck lives in holes(洞 ) under the ground. His home has two doors. If anybody comes in one door, he goes out from the other door. Some birds live in holes in trees. They come out for food in the daytime and go back to sleep at night. But many birds live just in the trees. It’s quite interesting that turtles(海龟) carry their homes on their backs. Bees(蜜蜂) work hard to make their homes. There are many, many little rooms in their house.. Cats, dogs, and chickens live in people’s omes. We see all kinds of animals in the zoo. It is a big home for lots of animals. (10分) ( )1. People and animals both (都) have homes. ( )2. A woodchuck’s home has two rooms. ( )3. All birds’ homes are holes in trees.

( )4. Bees don’t work hard to make their homes beautiful . ( )5. People’s homes are some animals’ homes, too. (B)

Mrs scott and her daughter Jane are both(都)teachers.They teach in the same school. They go to school by car.They leave(离开)home at eight o’clock in the morning, and they get back home at four o’clock in the afternoon. Sam Scott and his sister Ann are students. Sam goes to school by bus and Ann do Sam and Ann es, too. Some of their friends walk to school. Sam and Ann get home at four o’clock in the afternoon. They do their homework before dinner, and they watch TV after dinner. They often go to bed early. ( )6Jane is Mrs Scott’s_____.

A. daughter B. sister C. son D. friend

( )7.Mrs scott is_____.

A. a student B. a teacher C. a brother D. a policeman

( )8.Sam goes to school_____.

A. by bike B. by car C. by bus D. by plane

( )9Ann gets home at_____in the afternoon.

A.5:00 B.5:30 C.6:00 D.4:00

( )10 Sam and Ann do their homework____dinner

A.before B.after C.in D.for

七. 词形变换:(10分)



. 2. This pen isn’t yours. I think it’s _________.

. .He works on a farm . 4. How many does have every day ?

5. Miss Li is a teacher. .He teaches us Chinese . 6. He has to a friend this Sunday .

7. How about to have a picnic next Sunday ? 8. Mr Wang often TV on Saturday evening . 9. Wang ling’s mother is a doctor and his father is a . 10. Look ! The children are in the river .

八. 书面表达: 下面是王海的作息时间表,根据他的时间表写一段小短文,请以第三人称“he”(友情提示:别忘了动词 +s )介绍王海的一天。(10分)


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