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74.【2012全国卷II】12. We ___ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day.

A. set about B. set up C. set out D. set down

75.【2012安徽】28. The athlete’s years of hard training when she finally won the Olympic gold medal.

A. went on B. got through C. paid off D. ended up

76.【2012湖北】“Help the Needy”, which was started by our former headmaster three years ago.

A. sponsor B. launch C. organize D. plan

77.【2012湖北】22. Finally, my thanks go to my tutor, who has offered a lot of every page of my draft.

A. approved B. quoted C. polished D. folded

78.【2012湖北】 his courage.

A. hold up B keep up C set up D take up

79.【2012湖北】this matter in person.

A. lead to B. see to C. turn to D. refer to

80.【2012全国】almost every word her teacher says.

A. put out B. put down C. put away D. put together

84.【2012天津】13. Parents and children should communicate more to ____ the gap between them so that they can understand each other better.

A. open B. narrow C. widen D. leave

85.【2012江西】24. I’ve ____ the habit of calling in on my grandparents on my way home from school.

A. come into B. gone into C. got into D. run into

86.【2012江西】30. We were all agreed that the cottage would ____ a perfect holiday home for the family.

A. make B. turn C. take D. have

87.【2012辽宁】26. Rod loves ____ clocks. However, he never manages to put them together again.

A. taking apart B. giving away C. making up D. turning off

88.【2012四川】20. It’s surprising that your brother _____ Russian so quickly—


hasn’t lived there very long.

A. picked up B. looked up C. put up D. made up

89.【2012浙江】12. According to scientists, mental abilities begin to ____ from the age of 27 after reaching the highest level at 22.

A. differ B. shrink C. fail D. decline

90.【2012浙江】15. Armed with the information you have gathered, you can ____ preparing your business plan.

A. set out B. set about C. set off D. set up

91.【2012江苏】26. — Ok, I’ve had enough of it. I give up.

A. run off with

— You can’t _____ your responsibilities. C. run out of B. run up against D. run away from

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