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92.【2012全国卷II】14. – Did you ask Sophia for help?

– I ___ need to – I managed perfectly well on my own.

A. wouldn’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. won’t

93.【2012全国卷II】18. The manager ___ the workers how to improve the program

since 9 a.m.

A. has told B. is telling C. has been telling D. will have told

94.【2012安徽】26. In order to find the missing child , villagers all they

can over the past five hours.

A. did B. do C. had done D. have been doing

95.【2012安徽】31. Grace doesn’t want to move to New York because she thinks if

A. lives B. would live C. having asked D. were to live

96.【2012安徽】33. Walmart, which is one of the largest American supermarket chains, A. keeps B. keep C. have kept D. had kept

97.【2012安徽】35. After school we went to the reading-room to do some reading, only

to be told that it A. was decorated B. had decorated

C. had been decorating D. was being decorated

98.【2012重庆】22.-Kevin, you look worried. Anything wrong?

-Well, I____ a test and I’m waiting for the result.

A. will take B. took C. had taken D. take

101.【2012全国】33.I had been working on math for the whole afternoon and the

before my eyes.

A. swim B .swum C. swam D. had swum

102.【2012北京】22. By the time you have finished this book, your meal ______ cold.

A. gets B. has got C. will get D. is getting

103.【2012北京】25. George said that he would come to school to see me the next day,

but he ______.

A. wouldn’t B. didn’t C. hasn’t D. hadn’t

104.【2012北京】29. —Have you heard about that fire in the market?

— Yes, fortunately no one _____.

A. hurt B. was hurt C. has hurt D. had been hurt


30. Our friendship _____ quickly over the weeks that followed.

A. had developed B. was developing

C. would develop D. developed

106. 【2012北京】35. Don’t handle the vase as if it ____ made of steel.

A. is B. were C. has been D. had been

107.【2012福建】24.—When did the computer crash?

-- This morning, while I ______ the reading materials downloaded from some websites.

A. have sorted B. was sorting C. am sorting D. had sorted 108.【2012陕西】24. –Can I call you back at two o’clock this afternoon?

--I’m sorry, but by then I _____ to Beijing. How about five?

A. fly B. will fly C. will be flying D. am flying

109.【2012山东】28. After Jack had sent some e-mails, he ______working on his project.

A. had started B. has started C. started D. starts

110.【2012山东】34. The manager was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers _____.

A. will leave B. are leaving C. have left D. were leaving

111.【2012湖南】22. Don’t worry. The hard work that you do now ______ later in life.

A. will be repaid B. was being repaid C. has been repaid D. was repaid 112.【2012湖南】25. Close the door of fear behind you, and you ______ the door of faith open before you.

A. saw B. have seen C. will see D. are seeing 113.【2012湖南】27. “The moment _____ soon,” he thought to himself, waiting nervously.

A. came B. has come C. was coming D. is coming

114.【2012湖南】33. –I remember you were a talented pianist at college. Can you play the piano for me?

--Sorry, I ____ the piano for years.

A. don’t play B. wasn’t playing C. haven’t played D. hadn’t played 115.【2012天津】2. The letters for the boss _____ on his desk but he didn’t read them until three days later.

A. were put B. was put C. put D. has put

116.【2012天津】12. The three of us ________ around Europe for about a month last summer.

A. traveled B. have traveled C. had traveled D. travel

117.【2012江西】26. —Look! Somebody ______ the sofa.

—Well, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.

A. is cleaning B. was cleaning C. has cleaned D. had cleaned 118.【2012辽宁】31. I feel so excited! At this time tomorrow morning I _____ to Shanghai.

A. will be flying B. will fly C. have been flying D. have flown

119.【2012辽宁】35. Mum, I was wondering if you could lend me a few dollars until I ____ on Friday.

A. get paid B. got paid C. have paid D. had been paid 120.【2012四川】9. —Did you catch what I said?

—Sorry. I ______ a text message just now.

A. had answering B. have answered C. would answer D. was answering 121. 【2012四川】11. They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house ____.

A. is being rebuilt B. has been rebuilt C. is rebuilt D. has rebuilt

122.【2012浙江】13. Peter had intended to take a job in business, but _______ that plan after the unpleasant experience in Canada in 2010.

A. had abandoned B. abandoned C. abandon D. will abandon

123.【2012浙江】16. — Alvin, are you coming with us?

— I’d love to, but something unexpected _______.

A. has come up B. was coming up C. had come up D. would come up

124.【2012江苏】32. The manager is said to have arrived back from Paris where he _____ some European business partners.

A. would meet B. is meeting C. meets D. had met 125.【2012江苏】34. The president hopes that the people will be better off when he quits than when he ____.

A. has started B. starts C. started D. will start

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