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课题:Unit 14 Section B (1-2c) 课型: 新授课 年级:九年级 教者:祝丽萍 教学目标: 知识与能力:


2、Can answer some questions

3. Can listen to a conversation and write the answers correctly . 过程与方法:快乐自学-新知呈现-合作探究-知识迁移-总结反馈



教学难点:have /has been and have/has gone 的区别。 教学过程:




三、自主探究,展示汇报(核心板:教师明确目标——学生自学——小组交流讨论——分组展示和汇报——强化训练) (一)快乐自学

Task 1:Words and phrases spelling of reading .

1. 你最喜爱的乐队 ○2.写出原创歌曲 ○

3. 录制唱片 ○4. 获奖○

5. 举办音乐会○6.许多次○

7. 音乐会的数量○

Task 2.Answer the following questions : 1○



4.Who is your favorite band member ? ○


Task 1. Finish 2a&2b

a.)A record agent is interviewing members of a band . Listen and fill in the information about the band .

b.)Listen again . Check the things the band has already done . Task 2.Finish 2c

Pairwork . Ask and answer questions about your favorite band . Task 3.Important words and phrases:

1.Number of concerts they’ve done .

(1)number of 相当于the number of ,意为“??的数字,数目”,一般后面接名词复数,number是句中真正的主语,由介词of引出的短语是修饰number的定语其谓语动词用单数。如: The number of the students in this class is fifty .

The number of books in our school library is more than 10 000 .

(2)与the number of 相近的词是a number of . a number of 意为“许多,大量”,相当于many a lot of 后接可数名词复数,做主语时,谓中动词用复数。例如: (许多学生在操场上玩)

have gone abroad .(许多学生出国了) are missing from the library . (图书馆有一些书不见了)

选择:—How many students are there in your school ?

— the students in our school over two thousand . A. The number of , is B. The number of , are C. A number of , is

A large number of students in this school hard .

2. won an award

win 后面不接表示“人或队”的词,只能接表示“斗争,战争,比赛等意思的词; 如果宾语是表示人的名词,应用动词beat(击败)” 谁在赛跑中获胜) (3)Finally we (最后我们打败了敌人)


I have learned in this class:









1. Jim’s family is going back to England . His father is afraid that Jim will lessons .

A. lose B. miss C. drop D. fall

2. Hurry up ! The play A. has begun B. had begun C. has been on D. began

3. Now they play their own songs .

A. mostly B.most C. much D.more

4. When they were young , they around from place to place .

A. used to travelling B.used to travel

C. were used to travel D.are used to travelling

5. We hope that we A.are off B. are off from C.are off to D.are off in

6. A professional athlete can make lots of money . They always give their money a charity homeless children .

A. for ; for B. from ; from C. to ; to D. to ; for

7. Be sure B. not to miss C. miss to not D. miss not to

8. Have you the new song Zhou Jielun .

A. heard ; of B. heard ;from C. heard ; about D. hear ; from

二. 翻译下列句子


2. 你你喂猫了吗?不,我还没喂呢。


1.The foreigner has returned to his hometown .

The foreigner has________ _______ ________ his hometown.

2. I have quite a lot of work to do today . I have ________ ______ work to do today . 五、板书设计: 六、课后反思?

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