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Unit1------- unit2

1.——Excuse me , is there_______ in today’s newspaper ? ——No . nothing . A. something new B. new something C. anything new 2.-Does the soup_______ nice ? —Yes, It’s hot. but really delicious. A. sound B. feel C. look D. taste 3.-September 10th is ________ Day in China , isn’t it ? –Yes, it is. A. A teacher B. Teachers’ C .Teacher D. Teachers 4.-Why don’t you ______ your friends to the party ? I want to meet you . A. bring B. brings C .leaves D. take 5.I know him_______ . A. good enough B. well enough C. enough well D. enough goo

6.——Don’t forget _____ your homework ,John. ——OK. I’ll do it at once A. doing B. do C. to do 7.-I feel tired and sleepy.-Why not stop_____ for a while. A. rest B. to rest C. testing D. rested 8.Project Hope built many schools______ big classroom and libraries. A. in B. of C. for D. with 9.Our school is____ beautiful _____ everyone likes it . A. too… to B so… that C. to… too D. very … that 10.Teachers always tell me ____ computer games too much. A. not to play B. to play C. not play D. plays 11.On weekends, I have nothing to do but______ TV. A. watches B. to watch C. watching D. watch

12.-_______ will you come back ? – In two weeks. A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How far 13.How long does it take_____ to Shanghai from here ? A. get B. getting C. to get D. got 14.I found her ______ at the door . A. standing B. to standing C. stand D. stood 15.It’s bad ___ you ____ too much junk food . A. to /eat B. for/ eat C. for/ to eat D. to/ to eat 16.I can’t ______ too much time____ that . A. take/doing B. spend/doing C .spend/fordoing D .take/to do 17.I’m afraid _____ by plane . A. to/ travel B. of/ travel C. traveling D .traveled 18.We will meet_____ in the next week . A. sometimes B sometime C. some time D. some times

19.对我们来说学英语是重要的。 It’s important _____ us ______ English . 20 我经常在业余时间研究怎样学习英语。 I often study how to learn English ____________. 21.这个书柜里有200多本书。 There are ___________ 200 books in the bookcase . 22. 请记住 :“----积习难改”。 ---And remember : ―_____________‖ 23.你能找出这些问题的答案吗? Can you find _________________ ? 24. 吃蔬菜对你的健康有益。 ______ vegetables ____________ your _______. 25.晚睡不是个好习惯。 It is not a good habit____________ . 26.汤姆怎么没来参加聚会呢? ___________ Tom didn’t come to the party ?

27.20分钟后, 太阳开始升起了。 Twenty minutes later , the sun started__________. 28.李蕾坚持每天读半个小时的英语。 Li Lei ____________ English for half an hour every day . 29.瓶子里还有点儿水。 There __________ water in the bottle . 30.我想知道那个男孩是谁? I ________ who --_________________. -31.我很早就到了火车站。 I___________ the train station very early . 32

.看起来好像没有人相信我。 _____________ no one believes me .t 33.大家都玩得开心吗? Did everyone ___ __________________ ? 二.能力提高。

1.选词并用其正确形式填空。 Hear answer die something say girl remember travel good have Mr. Green was nearly ninety , so it was often difficult for him_________ things . .but he still liked ________ very much. He and his wife went to India to visit their friends every year. One summer when they were there , they went to their _____ friend. Their friend ______ two young daughters . One afternoon , Mr. Green was walking to one of the ______ in the garden after lunch . ― You and your sister were ill when my wife and I were here last year , weren’t you ?‖ he___ to her. ― Yes , we were .‖ answered the girl .‖ ―we were ill .‖ The old man said _______ for a moment .because he was thinking . Then at last he said . ― Oh, yes . I remember now ! One of you____ . Which one of you was it , you or your sister ?‖ The girl _______ . ― it was me .‖ ― Oh! I’m sorry_____ that ,‖ said the man . 根据句意填入正确的单词并用其正确式。

It is very important to stay health. I have a neighbor. She is an old lady. she can do all the homework, ________ newspaper , watch TV and search on the Internet to learn something new . I often see_______ do taijiquan in the morning and dance in the evening. She looks young and because______ she is over seventy. Last week a reporter from a magazine interviewed her asked__ she kept so young and healthy . She replied with a smile: I have a secret of staying young and healthy. It is quiet_____ . Keep your mind active , take an interest in the world___ you ,and learn at least one new thing every day . Try to do different kinds of housework and do sports as ____ as you can . Don’t think you are too old to go back to ____ . I know man who entered a medical college when he was 70 years old . He studied there for 6 years and now he is a doctor . Another man went to a tennis school at the age of 71 and now he is good at____ tennis . Some people may say staying young is easy only for those who live in future . In fact, no matter how old you are, you can make it . Please tell the story to family . It would be a good start to _____ the lady’s example . I hope all people will stay young and healthy .

? (1)假如你是林涛, 去年夏天去北京度假, 参观过许多地方。 以My Vacation 为题目, 写一篇70 词左右的短文。1.旅游景点 2. 天气、 活动 3. 观点等。 ? (2)以 “ How to keep healthy‖ 为题写一 篇短文。

Unit3 一。语法专练 ? 1.I have never heard a _________ voice than before . ? A. good B. well C. better D. best ? 2.This place is not big enough for Lucy’s birthday party . ? We should find a_____ one . ? A. big B. small C. bigger D. smaller ? 3.--Do you know sound travels very fast ? ? --Yes . But light travels_____ soun

d . ? A.as fast as B. a little faster than ? C. much faster than D. slower than ? 4.-Time is money .—But I think time is______ money . ? A.as important as B. more important as ? C.the most important in D. more important than ? 5. –What do you think of Tom’s speaking ?-No one does___ in our class.


B. better

C. well

D. best


? ? ? ? ? ?

6.The more you smile , the ___ you will feel . A. happy B. happier C. happily D. more happily 7.Who is ______ , Tom or Sam ? A. outgoing B. more heavy C. thinner D. hard-working 8.Jack runs as______ as Sam . A. faster B. fast C. more fast D. fastly 9.she is not good at____ a ride . A. ride B. to ride C. riding D. rides

? 10. Lily’s book is ______ nicer than yours . ? A. very B. quite C. much D. too ? 11. My best friend is good____ swimming , but I do well ___running . A. at/in B.in/at C. at/at D.in/in ? 12.He has two daughters, they____ doctors . ? A. both/are B. are/both C. are/all D.all/are ? 13.-The coffee is good .—That’s right . ? -It will taste___with some milk . ? A. good B. better C. best D.the best ? 14.___ do you like better , this one or that one ?

? A.What B. Which C. Who D./ ? 15. I think Bob is the suitable person to take the job because he can do the work well with___ money and ___ people . ? A.less/less B. less/ more C. more/ fewer D. less/fewer ? 16.Maybe bamboo is more useful than____ in the world . ? A. any plant B. all the plants C. other plant D. the other plants ? 17. This is_____ than that one . ? A. more cheaper B. much cheap ? C. more cheap D. much cheaper ? 18.Is this movie as_____ as that one . ? A. funny B. too funny C. funnier D. funniest

? ?

? ?





19.she is very funny and often_________( 使我大笑)。 20.It’s important for a student _________ ( 读大量有用的 书) 21.Japan is _________(不同于)China . 22.She is________ (于。。。相似) her mother . 23.The boy ______ (有。。。的天赋)dancing . 24.You don’t need a lot of them ________ (只要) they’re good . 25.Larry often helps to________ (显出) the best in me . 26.A true friend ________ (伸出) your hand and _________ (感动你心扉)

Unit 4 ? 一。语法专练 ? 1. Breakfast is ______ meal of the day . It provides us with energy
after a long night without food . A. important B. more important C . the most important D.very important 2. –Who listens _______ , Tom , Jack and Bill ? A. the most carefully B. more carefully C.the most careful D.more careful 3. I think Mary sang _____ of all . A. good B well C. the best D. best 4.-Which month has_____ days in the year ? -February . A. few B. little C. the least D. the fewest 5.Jenny is one of ______ girls in our school. A. creative B. the creative C. much creative D. the most creative 6.The supermarket is the____ my home . I often do some shopping in it . A. closed B. farthest C. closed to D

. near

? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7.你认为你们班谁唱歌最好? Who____________ sings the best in your class . 8.谢谢你告诉我去邮局的路。 ———————— me the way to the post office . 9.这个男孩是我知道的个子最高人。 Li Lei is the________ person _________ 10.我家离学校很近。 My home is ________ the school . 11.到目前为止你认为它怎么样? How do you like it_______ ? 12.他和他哥哥毫无共同之处。 He and his brother _______________. 13.帮助你学习英语是我的职责。 It’s__________ to help you to learn English . 14.范冰冰在这部电影中担任主角。 Fan Bingbing ___________ the film . 15 我只是开玩笑, 他却当真了。 I only joked , he________________. 16 只要你努力学习, 你的梦想就会实现。 Your dream will________ as long as you study hard .

一 基础强化 Ⅰ 根据句意及汉语提示完成单词。
1.Mary told me some interesting ________(新闻) this morning . 2.Let’s have a _______ (讨论)about the time when we’ll go to Beijing. 3. Last year his sister ______ (成为) a reporter. 4. At about eight o’clock his uncle _______ (出现) at the party . 5.Just now your mother told me two interesting_______(笑话)。

Ⅱ 单项选择
6. –Excuse me , could you told me how______ to Beijing? --well, you may take Bus NO. 27 . A. get B gets C. getting D. to get

? 7.An accident happened ____ him yesterday . ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ?

? ? ?

A. on B. to C. of D. for 8.-What do you think of her voice ?-It_____ very sweet ,I should say. A. hears B. sounds C. listens D. sings 9.We’ll trying our best_____ toys away when we see our teacher. A. put B. putting C. to put D. putting 10.-What will the weather be like tomorrow ? -It_____ be rainy , cloudy or sunny , who know ? A. must B. might C. shall D. should 11.It’s cold outside . Please put on ______ A. warm something B.anything warm C.warm anything D.somethingwarm 12.-We’re going to Shanghai for our holiday.______ -Me too . A. How about you B. How are you ? C. Thank you D. How do you do ? 13.I wanted ____ baseball yesterday . A. plays B. play C. to play D. played 14.All the students expected ______ them to the cinema on Green Street. A. to take B. takes C. taking D. took

? ?

15. His uncle is a_____ man and he hardly talks to other people . A. funny B. interesting C. great D. serious


二 语法专练

16. I think she needs_____ it every day . ? A. practice to speak B. to practice speaking C. practice speaking ? 17.Remember______ off the lights when you leave the classroom. ? A. turn B. to turn C. turning ? 18.Father often tells me_____ too much time on computer games. ? A. don’t spend B. not spend C. not to spend D. not spending ? 19.Do you want _____ tennis with me on Saturday morning ? ? A. to play B. play C. playing D. played ? 20.Both my frie

nd and I want_____ something for the old lady who lives alone. ? A. doing B. to do C. done D. do 21This summer they didn’t plan_____ to London for their holiday ? A. to go B. going C. gone D. went

? ? ? ? ?

22.I plan____ Days of Our Past .(watch) 23.I hope____ out what’s going on around the world .(find) 24.His parents expect_____(be) sunny tomorrow . 25.I must think what_____ (do ) next . 26.I find it difficult _______(learn ) English .

27.你认为谈话节目怎么样? what ___________ talk show ? 28. 我外出期间你介意照顾我的猫吗? Do you mind_________ my cat when I’m out ? 29.我们应该向雷锋学习。 We should __________ LeiFeng . 30我们讨论了买房的事 。 we ______________ a house . 31.彼得对詹妮是认真的,他想和她结婚。 Peter is_________ Jenny ,he want to get married to her . 32.许多人认为恐怖片是毫无意义的。 Lots of people think scary movies ___________. 33. 老舍是二十世纪最著名的作家之一。 Lao She was ______________ in the twenties century . 34.在我们班里,汤姆乐于帮助他人。 Tom __________ help other people .

? 1. 根据句意填入正确的词汇。
? It’s Wednesday afternoon , School is over . The students are putting their books ,pens _____ their schoolbags . The teacher comes in and says to the students ,”wait a minute , please . I have something to tell you . Listen to me , ____ is Thursday . There’s going to ____ a ____ meeting in our school . The meeting is at nine in the morning.____ are ? Your school reports and letters______ your parents . _____ them home ? Give your parents the letters and _____ them your school reports .Ask ? Them _______to the meeting on time tomorrow because I’m_____ ? Tell them something about next term . ? 2.话题写作。 ? 上个星期天你和几个好朋友游览了宝鸡人民公园。请根据以下提供的信 息写一篇80词的游记。1怎样去。2.看到什么,听到了什么。。。3.做了 什么。。。4.有什么收获。

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