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一 单项选择(每空1分,共20分)

( A. enough smart, as B. enough smart, with C. smart enough, as D. smart enough, for ( ) 2. — Where would you like to go vacation? — Well, I hope to visit Paris. A. to B. in C. on D. at ( ) 3. My English teacher has a strange way of making his class and interesting. A. boring B. convenient C. peaceful D. lively ( ) 4. She has so much to do besides translating the article. A. other B. else C. another D. others ( A. somewhere peaceful B. dangerous somewhere C. somewhere boring D. fascinating somewhere ( ) 6. Paris is very big. You’d better A. get up D. get off ( A. tourist C. tourism D. tour ( ) 8.— — A. quite a bit B. a quite bit C. a few quite ( ) 9 —Have you ever been to Qufu? —Yes. I went there last year. It’s a

D. delicious ( ( D. to be washed ( D. will come ( D. whose ( ( ( ) 16( ( A. / B. for C. to D. with ( A. have traveled, visit B. traveled, to visit C. traveled, visiting D. have traveled, to travel ( A. on B. against D. to 二 词汇应用(每空1分,共50分)

1. The TV (塔) is about 500 meters tall. (地下的) supermarket in our neighborhood. 3. Could you 翻译) this English sentence into Chinese? 4. There a (轻的). (教堂) in the world. 6. Beijing has a lot of fantastic (sight). 7. They have many pets, (return) to Beijing to work. 21世纪教育网 -- 中国最大型、最专业的中小学教育资源门户网站。 版权所有@21世纪教育网


10. I can’t stand noises and heavy traffic in the big city. I want to go somewhere quiet and (relax). 11. I hope to visit a place the weather is cool. 12. The village in 13. I know a place 14. The girl is very expensive? 16. I of China. (east, eastern) 18. We can get much 19. We’ll (education, educational). 21. I hope you can come back (尽快地). 22. All the teachers 23. We should 坚持) our dreams and try to achieve them. 24. ) students were surveyed about their favorite foods. (梦想) becoming a singer. She likes singing very much.


26. I can’t think of the answer

27. Danny would love to go 28. The soldiers trekked 30. The dreams of Chinese teenagers are quite of American teenagers. 333. Tom often s______ the Internet on weekends. 35. The diamond ring is really f______. 36. How p______ it is in the countryside! 38. Besides zoos, children should also gardens to see some plants in their spare time. 3 4 4 4 三 句子翻译(每句1分,错一处扣一分,共30分)

1. 我希望将来有一天我能梦想成真。

2. 我家乡周围有许多度假景点。

3. 他工作非常忙,以至于整年没回天津了。

4. 这家公司会为我们的公司提供免费的饮料。

5. 这位女士是交换项目中的一位成员。

6. 我正考虑换一份新工作。

7. 除了等待,我们还能做什么?

8. 我想在旅行社找份兼职工作。

9. 我们计划出国旅游,但因为非典我们没去成。

10. 在那个岛上没什么可做。

11. 你能给我提一些关于学习的建议吗?

12. 我们不介意我们将会花多少钱。

13. 我们可以通过自己做饭节省许多钱。

14. 王先生已经离开北京三年了。 21世纪教育网 -- 中国最大型、最专业的中小学教育资源门户网站。 版权所有@21世纪教育网


15. 旅馆通常给顾客(customers)提供免费的早餐。

16. 我也希望有一天能横渡太平洋。

17. 他起得相当早,以便能赶上火车。

18. 看来还没有人知道这件事。

19. 我认为我们应该做一些我们喜欢的工作。(I think …)

20. 大多数年轻人都想为自己的梦想而努力工作。

21. 巴黎是世界上最有活力的城市之一。

22. 史密斯先生乐意把钱捐给慈善机构。

23. 总的来说,上海是一个消费水平很高的地方。

24. 小强总是梦想有一天去月球上旅行。

25. 一定不要放弃你的梦想。

26. You’re supposed to pay the bill by Friday.

27. She decided that she won’t go alone.

30. People don’t feel like doing simple jobs over and over again. (以上5句为同义句转换)

21世纪教育网 -- 中国最大型、最专业的中小学教育资源门户网站。 版权所有@21世纪教育网

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