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Unit 1


few (fewer ) /little (less ), fly rockets to the moon, be able to/ can,

in 100 years/ after 100 years, live on the space station, come true, fall in love with, live alone, help with, hundreds of students /two hundred of the students, such robots, so beautful, be fun to watch /have fun watching, get bored, disagree /not agree ,

look for /find /find out, the same as /be different from ,


1. There are already robots working in factories .

2. There will be less pollution .

3. --Don’t be late next time --I _____ ______ it again .

4. I can visit you this weekend

=I ______ ______ ______ ______ _______ you this weekend

5. How will the weather be tomorrow ?

= _____ ______ the weather _____ ______ tomorrow ?

6. There aren’t any people in the house

=There are _____ _____ in the house

7. Nobody saw him yesterday

=_____ _____ saw him yesterday

8. Predicting the future is difficult

______ is ______ ______ _____ the future .

9 .He lives alone =He lives _____ _____

10. He will go to Beijing by air = He will ______ ______ Beijing .

11. He seemed tired =He seemed to be tired =It seemed that he_____ ______.



argue with, out of style/in style, call him up, a ticket to a game, borrow…from/lend …to, too / either /also, expensive /inxpensive, except / besides, leave / forget, get on with, have a fight with, return …to…=get …back to…, not … until , fit …into, be under too much presure, complain about …, compare … with, see sb doing sth, send … to do sth /send for sb organized activities, on the one hand / on the other hand, as… as possible =as…as one can, all kind of, keep out ,


1. It’s time for homework =It’s time_____ _____ homework

2. fit as much as possible into their kid’s lives

3. They find it hard to think for thenselves when they are older .

4. I don’t know _____ _____do =I don’t know what I should do

5 . What’s wrong with you ?=what’ s the matter with you ?=what’ your

trouble ? =What’s your problem?=What’s up ?



get out of/ get on / get off, take off, in front of / in the front of, while /when, arrive / get / reach, shout to/ shout at, run

away, an accident, my flight to New York, at the doctor’s, one of the most important events, run away, last about 22 hours,

hear about=hear of /hear from, the World Trade Center, hero –heroes, all over the world,


1. How strange it was !(改为用what感叹)=What a strange thing it is !

2 . She rode her bike to school yester sfternoon (用at4:30 改写)

She ____ _____ her bike to school at 4:30 yesterday afternoon

3 . I went to bed after I finished my homework last night (改为同义句) I ______ go to bed _____ I finished my homework last night ’clock this morning (对划线部分提问)

_____ ______ you ______ at ten o’clock this morning ?

5. You mustn’t make too much noise in class .(改为祈使句)

______ ______ too much noise in class

6. When the teacher came in , I _____ _____ (do ) my homework .

7. The teacher came in ______ (when /while )I was doing my homework .



be mad at =be angry with, not …anymore, take a message, pass on to, be supposed to, hard-working /hard work /work hard, do well in/be good at, get over it, make a decision/decide, open up, care for =look after =take care of, in dange /dangerous, be surprised to do sth /be surprised at ath, one’s own, above sea level, after finishing studying, work as a teacher/teach like a teacher,


1. She said , “I’m mad at Marcia”

→She said _____ _____mad at Marcia

2. She asked the old man , “Do you live near here ?”

→ She asked the old man _____ _____ ______near here

3. I asked my friend John, “Why are you going to do this ?”

→ I asked my friend John why______ _______ going to do ______.

4. Our science teacher told us , “The earth goes around the sun.”

→ Our science teacher told us the earth _____around the sun .

5. “Don’t keep out .” the teacher told me .

The te→acher asked me _____ ______keep out

6 You should meet at the bus stop =You _____ _____ ______ meet at

the bus stop .

7 I’m better at reading than listening =I_____ _____ _______ reading

than listening

8 There is no difference ./There aren’t any differences


常用短语have a great time around the world make a living(by doing sth ) be against doing sth have a chance to do sth all th time / all the same take away

get injured have a difficult time knowing 句型


1. If you ________ (be) careful, you ______ (get ) full mark .

2. If you ________ ( finish ) this work , you ______ ( get ) more money .

3. If you ________ ( no ) feel well , you ________ ( not go ) to school .

4. If you ______ ( study ) hard , you _______ ( study ) English well .

5. If you ______ ( go ) with us , you ________ ( have ) a great time .

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