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Do you know from what English people get their family names? Finish the sentences after you read the story. 你知道英国人的姓是怎么来的吗?阅读下面的短文,完成句子。 (2 min. 107 words )

Everyone has a family name. But what does it mean? From what do family names come? First, some family names come from the place of their homes. If a man lives on or near a hill, his family name may be Hill. In England people’s names may be Wood, Lake, because they live near the wood or lake.

Second, family names come from a person’s job. If a person is a cook, he may be Cook. Third, many people get their family names from their father’s given name. If you hear the name “Jackson”, you know that he is the son of Jack.

1. English people usually have ___________ ways to get their family names.

2. Some people get their family names from _______________________________.

3. Some people get their family names from________________________________.

4. Some people get their family names from__________________________________.

5. A person’s family name is Jackson, because he is_______________________.


I am Tony Smith. I am twelve. I am in No.101 Middle School. I’m in Class 2, Grade 7. My good friend is Jim Green. He is an English boy. He is twelve, too. He is in my class. He can speak good Chinese. Jane is in Class 2, too. I think she is a good girl. My Chinese teacher is Mr. Wang. His students like him. He is very cool.


1. Tony ______ twelve. His last name is ______.

2. Tony and Jim are ______ the same ______. Jane is ______ Class 2, too.

3. Tony and Jim ______ good ______.

4. Jim’s ______ is very good.

5. Mr. Wang is their ______ teacher. He is ______. His students him very much.

阅读理解 3


1. My English teacher is ______.

A. young B. old C. tall D. short

2. My English teacher is from ______.

A. China B. the USA C. England D. Australia

3. ______ is my English teacher.

A. Miss Wang B. Mrs. Wang C. Ms. Wang D. Mr. Wang

4. My English teacher is on a bus. You can call him /her at ______.

A. Room 2003 B. 0551-3456789 C. 18 Huangshan Road D. 13905512345

5. My English teacher lives in the city(市)of ______.

A. Huangshan B. Hefei C. Wuhu D. Anqing

阅读理解 4

Linda:Hello, Paul, is this your pencil?

Paul:Yes, it is. Thank you.

Linda:Is this your book?

Paul:No, it isn’t. Maybe(也许)it’s Mary’s.

Linda:Mary, is this your book?

Mary:No, it isn’t. My book is here. Ask(问)Bill. Maybe it’s his.

Linda:Bill, is this your book?

Bill:Yes, it is.

Linda:Here you are.

Bill:Thank you very much. But where is my bag?


1. This is Linda’s pencil.

2. Bill is a student.

3. The book is Bill’s.

4. Mary can’t find(找到)her book.

5. Paul knows(认识)Linda and Mary.


Look at these things. This is Mr. Wang’s ID card. And this is Jim’s watch, that’s Mary’s key. Gina’s notebook is over there. Look! What’s that on the floor? Oh, it’s gold ring. It’s Jenny’s ring. It’s very nice.


1. This is Mr. Wang’s ______.

A. notebook B. key C. ID card D. watch

2. ______ notebook is over there.

A. Jim’s B. Gina’s C. Jenny’s D. Mary’s

3. Is this Jim’s watch? ______

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, he is. D. No, he isn’t.

4. Is Jenny’s ring very nice? ______

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, it is. D. No, it isn’t.

5. Mr. Wang’s name is on his ______.

A. ring B. watch C. key D. ID card

阅读理解 6


This is my friend John Wilson and his family. This is his grandfather. . His name is Fritz. This is his grandmother. Her name is Evenly. This is his mother. . Her name is Anna. This is his father. His name is Earl. These are his sisters, Christie and Carina.

( )1.Fritz is John’s grandfather.

( )2.Anna is his grandmother.

( )3.John has two sisters.

( )4.Earl is his father.

( )5.Christie is Anna’s daughter.

阅读理解 7

The Skyscrapers in New York City

New York is the most exciting city in the United States. It is not only the center of commerce and business for the United States, but also one of the three “world cities”. Together with London and Tokyo, it controls the world’s finance. There are many high-rise business buildings in this city. People call them skyscrapers. The tallest skyscraper was the World Trade Center. It had 110 floors. Sadly, this building was destroyed(被摧毁)by the terrorist attack on Sep. 11, 2001, and yet, the glory and image of it still remain vividly(生动地)in the memory of the world people. The Empire State Building is not as tall as the World Trade Center, but it is the tallest building in New York City now. It has 102 floors. The skyscrapers in New York City are world-famous for their grandeur and their beautiful architecture(建筑). Every year millions of people come to visit them.

1.What kind of city is New York? It is___________.

A. the biggest city B. the most beautiful city

C. the most exciting city D. the hottest city

2. Why is New York very important? Because __________.

A. it’s in the middle B. it controls the world’s finance

C. it controls the world’s banks D. it has many people

3. How do people call those high-rise buildings? They call them __________.

A. skycrapers B. skyscrapers C. skys D. scrapers

4. How many floors did the World Trade Center have? It had _________.

A. 112 B. 92 C. 102 D. 110

5. What is the Empire State Building famous for? It is _________.

A. the tallest B. beautiful and majestic C. the greatest D. the oldest



This is a picture of the twins’ room. It is a nice room. Lucy’s books are on the desk. Her schoolbag is on the floor. Lily’s pencils are on the books. Her bag is behind her chair. Their coats are behind the door. We can’t see Lucy and Lily in the picture. They are not at home.

( ) 1. This is a picture of Lily and Lucy’s room.

( ) 2. Lucy’s schoolbag is behind the chair.

( )3. Lucy’s and Lily’s coats are on the chair.

( )4. Lucy and Lily are not at home.

( )5. Their room is nice.


This is Jim’s room. It’s not big, but it’s very clean. There is a bed in the room. It’s near the door. Under(在??下)the bed, there are two balls. There is a desk and a chair near the window. There is a bookcase beside the desk. On the bookcase, there are many books and newspaper(报纸). There are two pictures in the room, too. They are on the wall.


1. The balls are ______.

A. near the window B. on the desk C. under the bed D. beside the desk

2. Jim’s bed is ______.

A. near the door B. near the window C. on the bookcase D. on the wall

3. ______ are on the wall of Jim’s room.

A. The books B. The balls C. The newspapers D. The pictures

4. Jim’s ______ are on his bookcase.

A. books B. newspaper C. pictures D. A and B

5. Jim’s room is ______.

A. big B. not clean C. dirty(脏的) D. not big

阅读理解 10

My Favorite Picture

I am a student. I go jogging every morning, and I go swimming twice a week. I spent a lot of time playing all kinds of ball games. I like football, volleyball, and ping pong. I am very good at football, so I play on the school team. After school, I like playing ping pong with my friend, Liu Ming. Liu Ming is not only good at sports but also good at his studies.


_______1. I often go jogging in the morning.

_______2. I go swimming once a week.

_______3. I spend very little time playing ball games.

_______4. I like to go swimming in my free time.

_______5. Liu Ming is interested in his studies but not good at sports.



1. Gina has ______, but she doesn’t have ______.

A. a watch; a ball B. a clock; a watch

C. a clock; a ball D. a watch; a baseball bat

2. Kate has ______, but she doesn’t have ______.

A. a watch; a ball B. a ball; a clock

C. a book; CDs D. a clock; a watch

3. Paul and Jim have ______.

A. books B. CDs C. balls D. tennis rackets

4. Tommy has a ______ and some ______.

A. watch; balls B. book; CDs C. baseball; CDs D. video cassette; books


My name is Diana, my sister is Gina. We have a volleyball, and we like it very much. We play volleyball after school. And at night, we often watch it on TV. But my father doesn’t like it. He is a writer, he likes to read books.


(1) What is her sister’s name?

(2) What do they like?

(3) Do they have a football?

(4) Do they watch TV?

(5) What does her father like?


阅读短文,判断正误,在正确的后面写T, 在错误的后面写F。

My name is Mary and I have a brother and a sister, David and Helen. For breakfast, we all like hamburgers. Helen and I like milk, but David doesn’t. I don’t like eggs for breakfast, but David and Helen do. I like them for lunch. I like fruit for supper. We really like chicken and

salad for dinner. I like fried chicken and salad with carrots. David likes salad with fruit. Helen thinks everything for salad is fine.

1. Mary likes eggs for lunch. ( )

2. David likes milk for breakfast. ( )

3. Mary and Helen likes fried chicken. ( )

4. David likes salad. ( )

5. Helen doesn’t like carrots for salad. ( )

阅读理解 14

1. ______ likes pears, but doesn’t like tomatoes or oranges.

A. Jill B. Jill or Jenny C. Bob D. Bill

2. ______ likes salad, but doesn’t like pears.

A. Jill B. Jenny C. Bob D. Bill

3. ______ likes oranges. ______ likes hamburgers. They dislike pears.

A. Bob; jenny B. Bob; Bill C. Jenny; Jill D. Bill; Jill

4. ______ likes broccoli, but doesn’t like ice cream.

A. Jill B. Jenny C. Bob D. Bill

5. Bob and the two girls like ______.

A. ice cream B. salad C. pears D. broccoli

阅读理解 15

My name is Jim Green. I’m from England. I like salad, oranges and ice cream. I like Chinese food, too. But I don’t like pears or bananas. My sister, Kate, likes pears, hamburgers and ice cream very much, but she doesn

’t like salad. My father and mother like French fries and Chinese food, but they don’t like ice cream.


阅读理解 16

Everybody wants to be healthy. You know food is very important. There are many healthy foods. You can have more bananas, apples, oranges, tomatoes and lettuce because fruits and vegetables are good for you. But don’t eat too much chocolate. It’s not good for you. But don’t eat too much chocolate. It’s not good healthy food. Healthy food can make you grow and make you strong and happy. Remember there is a saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Sports can also keep you healthy. Get up early and do some sports every day. Don’t be lazy! You will be healthy and happy.

1. Which is right?________

A. Everybody is healthy. B. We want to be healthy. C. We are important.

2. What are healthy foods? ____

A. Fruits and vegetables. B. Bananas, apples and chocolate.

C. Fruits and chocolate.

3. Why are healthy foods good for you? _______

A. They make you happy. B. They make you grow strong.

C. They make you grow and make you strong and happy.

4. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” means(意思是):______

A. The doctor goes away when he sees an apple.

B. The doctor runs away when you give him an apple.

C. You eat an apple every day and you can be healthy.

5. What keeps you healthy? ________

A. Fruits and vegetables. B. Healthy food.

C. Healthy food and sports.


Americans usually eat three meals a day. Breakfast usually comes before eight o’clock in the morning. They usually have eggs, some meat, bread, fruit juice and coffee. Lunch is between twelve and one o’clock. It is like a light meal and working people must take lunch with them or get it near workplace.

Children in school take sandwiches, fruit, and cookies with them or eat in school. Supper, the main meal, is between six and eight in the evening. People cook it carefully. They may have meat or chicken, turkey and duck. They may all have potatoes or rice, vegetables or salad. The drink is coffee, tea or milk. Then comes the dessert.

1. Americans have breakfast ________.

A. after eight o’clock B. at eight o’clock

C. before eight o’clock in the morning D. in the morning

2. _______ is the most important meal in a day.

A. Breakfast B. Lunch C. Meals D. Supper

3. What does “light” mean in Chinese? _______

A. 重的B. 有用的C. 轻的D. 不太重要的

4. Americans usually have breakfast and supper at ______.

A. home B. office C. inn D. work place

5. When Americans have supper, _______ comes last.

A. drink B. meat C. dessert D. vegetables


Reading for words: Read the passage and guess the meaning of the words and expressions in bold type.

As Good As New

Jim has (1 ) a big money from his father. He doesn’t know how to use it. Then one day he sees a post (海报) for brain (大脑)in a newspaper. The post says, “ Get a ( 2 )clever brain and have a happy life.” So he goes to have a look.

“Please tell me about your post,” he says.

“Very well, we have several brains here. You can ( 3 ) have a worker’s brain for 5.000 dollars.” Jim ( 4 ) shakes his head.

“What do you want then? ( 5 ) What about a university professor’s brain?” the doctor says. “How much is it?” Jim asks.

“It’s 20,000 dollars,” the doctor says.

This is interesting, Jim thinks. But he wants to have more ( 6 ) information.

“Is this the most expensive brain?” he asks.

The doctor shakes his head. “Oh no,” he says. “ The most expensive brain is a politician’s (政府官员) . That will ( 7 ) cost you 100,000 dollars.”

Jim is surprised (惊讶). “Why is a politician’s brain so ( 8 ) expensive?” he asks.

“Because the politicians never uses his brain,” the doctor says. “It’s ( 9 ) as good as new.” ( 1 ) ( 2 )

( 3 ) ( 4 )

( 5 ) ( 6 )

( 7 ) ( 8 )

( 9 )


Read and choose the correct answer.

The word for this summer's new clothes is HAPPY. Colors are bright and sunny, with lots of yellow, red, and orange. You can also find some great bright patterns, such as striped and checked pants. In the stores this summer, you'll see a lot of beautiful floral dresses. Long skirts are popular again, and so are jeans and shorts for vacations and sports. White is the new color for shoes and bags. So put away all of your boring black and dark colors-it's time for summer!

1. Where would you find this reading passage?

A. in an art magazine B. in a men's magazine

C. in a sports magazine D. in a women's magazine

2.What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Bright colors are popular now. B. White is the new color for shoes and bags.

C. Summer fashion is always happy. D. New clothes are very expensive to buy.

3.On what kind of clothes will you see flower designs?

A. shorts B. pants C. skirts D. dresses

4.Which color is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. orange B. white C. green D. black


Marking Choices in the Shopping

We go shopping almost every day. We have many choices of the places to buy things. Supermarket is the right place for you. There are some good points buying things at the supermarket.

1. You buy things at the supermarket at a low price. You pay much more in the big store to buy the same goods.

2. You decide what to buy all by yourself at the supermarket. And you don’t have troubles from the shop assistant at the big store.

3. There are more choices of goods to buy at the supermarket. You can buy many things for a week’s use at a time: it saves us much money and time.

In a word, it is better to buy things at a supermarket.

Choose T for “True” or F for “False” before each of the following sentences.

_____1. The things at the supermarket are cheap.

_____2. You buy things from the shop assistant at the supermarket.

_____3. There’re all kinds of goods at the supermarket.

_____4. You spend much time to buy many things at the supermarket.

阅读理解 21


Mason’s Clothing Store

1. —Which is the cheapest(最便宜的)of all? —_______

A. Hat. B. T-shirt. C. Pants. D. Socks.

2. —How much are two sweaters and a hat? —_______

A. $14. B. $20. C. $21. D. $22.

3. You can buy(买到)_______.

A. black pants B. a blue sweater C. a green hat D. red socks

4. You like red and you only have $6. You can take_______.

A. a sweater B. a hat C. a T-shirt D. none(全无)

5. You only have sixteen dollars. You can buy_______.

A. a sweater and a pair of pants(裤子)

B. two T-shirts and a pair of socks

C. a sweater and two pairs of socks

D. a sweater and two hats

Key:1-5 DDABC

阅读理解 22

Read and choose the correct answer.

Dear Joseph,

How are you? Are you still coming to my birthday party in July? My family, friends and classmates are all coming. The party is on Saturday, July 2nd at 6:30. It's in town at Uncle Paolo's restaurant. First, we can eat and talk from 6:30 to about 7:45 and then go to a concert in Central Park. Every Saturday night, there's a free concert at 8:00. I hope you can come. You can meet my other friends and my sisters, too.

Write soon!


1. What is the reading about?

A. Joseph's birthday party B. Eric's birthday party

C. Uncle Paolo's birthday party

2. What can they do from 6:30 to 7:45?

A. go to a concert B. eat and talk C. go to the park

3. What time is the concert?

A. at 6:30 B. at 7:45 C. at 8:00

Key: 1.B 2.B 3.C


Hello. I’m Meg. I’m 12 years old. I have a brother and a sister. My brother is 9 and my sister is only 4 years old. I like hamburgers and salad. My brother likes tomatoes and my sister likes ice cream. We have a small sports collection. We all like tennis. Today is my mother’s birthday. Today is January 21st. There’s a big birthday cake on the table. How much is it? Do you know? It’s 7 dollars. Come to my mother’s birthday party and have some cake.


1. How old is Meg’s brother? ______

A. 12. B. 4. C. 9. 2. What does Meg like? ______

A. Salad. B. Tomatoes. C. Ice cream. 3. Does Meg’s sister like tennis? ______

A. Yes, they do. B. Yes, she does. C. Yes, he does. 4. When is her mother’s birthday? ______

A. January 21st. B. January 31st. C. February 21st. 5. How much is the cake? ______

A. $12. B. $9. C. $7. 6. Where is the birthday cake? ______

A. On the TV. B. On the table. C. On the sofa. Key: 1-6 CABACB

阅读理解 24

Hello! My name is Kate Green. I’m an English girl. My birthday is May 14. Now I’m in Beijing, China. I’m in No.12 Middle School. I’m in Class Five, Grade Two. Lin Tao and Han Mei are my Chinese friends. We’re in the same school. And we’re all thirteen. Mr. Hu is my English teacher. I love him very much. My phone number is 39615468.

Han Mei, No.12 Middle School, 13, 39615468, Mr. Hu

阅读理解 25

There are 36 ____1___ in Jim’s class. And only his birthday is in January. No one likes December. None of their birthdays is in December. Seven students’ birthdays are in ____2___. Five of theirs are in ___3____. Most(多数)are 13 years old.

答案略 1. students 2. September 3. April

阅读理解 26

Reading Comprehension

Passage One

I’m going to see a movie with my friends this weekend. We love seeing movies, but we all like different kinds. I like to see thrillers and science fictions, my friend Sam loves action movies and comedies and my best friend, Lee, loves a good romance. Because we like different kinds of movies, it can be difficult to choose(选择)one to see. So we usually take turns (轮流)to choose the movie. It’s my turn to choose this weekend, so we’re going to see Harry Potter Ⅱ, a new movie. It’s number one at the box office, and everyone is saying what a great movie it is. I can’t wait!

1.How many kinds of movies does the writer talk about in the story? _____

A. Six B. Five C. Four

2.Harry PotterⅡis _____ movie right now.

A. a boring B. a popular C. an action

3.How do the writer and his friends choose which movie to see? _____

A. They like different kinds of movies.

B. They let Lee choose which movie to see.

C. They take turns to choose a movie to see.

4.What is the main idea(中心意思)of the story? ____

A. Choosing which movie to see can be difficult.

B. It’s a good thing to see movie Harry Potter Ⅱ.

C. Everyone likes the new movie Harry Potter Ⅱ.

Key: 1-4 B B C A

阅读理解 27

The name of this movie is Anastasia. It’s a cartoon. The story is about the last Russian princess Anastasia’s adventure to Paris. I like this movie very much. It’s an interesting movie.

Cinderella is a romance. Cinderella has a mean stepmother and stepsisters. She usually cleans the house. One day, she goes to a dance and meets a prince. They fall in love. It’s a great story.

The name of this thriller is Frankenstein. It’s a scary book. It is about science. A scientist makes a man. This man destroys everything Frankenstein loves. Frankenstein is a movie too. It’s also very scary.

The name of this book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The author of this book is Mark Twain. It’s a comedy in the USA. I like Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn. They are




1. If you want to watch a soccer game, the best programme for you would be ______. A. TV Play B. Sports C. Around the World D. Talk Show

2. The programme of ______ will let you know much about western(西方的)countries. A. Sisters B. Around China C. Around the World D. On TV Next Week 3. If you want to know something about tigers, elephants and monkeys, the best programme for you is ______.

A. Around China B. Animal World C. TV Play D. Foreign Arts 4. English Classroom is a programme that ______. A. lets you know something about classrooms

B. tells you something about students

C. lets you know something about school life

D. teaches you English

5. The programme at the end of Channel 2 means ______ on TV next week.

A. news B. programmes C. people D. places

Key:1-5 BCBDB

阅读理解 29

Reading comprehension

How do I like to travel?

Many people like to travel by plane, but I don’t like it because an airport is usually far from the city. You have to get there early and wait for hours for the plane to take off and it is often late. you can’t open the window. You can’t choose the food. Planes are fast, but they still take hours to get out of the airport and into the city.

I like traveling by train. I think trains are safe. Railway stations are usually in cities. When you are late for a train you can catch another one .you can walk around in the train and open the windows. You can see many interesting things on your way. I know it takes a little more time.

I also like cars. You can start your journey when you want to, and you don’t need to get to a railway station or a bus stop. Also you can carry many things with you in a car. But sometimes there are too many cars on the road.

1. Why do many people like to travel by plane?

A. Because it is fast.

B. Because it is safe.

C. Because you can walk around in the plane.

2. Which is not the good thing about the train?

A. It is safe.

B. It takes a little more time.

C. You can open the windows.

3. If you want to take a lot of things with you ,what do you take to go out?

A.A bus B.A car. C.A train

4. What is the bad thing about the car ?

A. you needn’t go to a station

B. you can start your journey when you want to.

C. There are too many cars on the road.

5. What does the writer think of the plane ,train and car?

A. he thinks it takes a lot of time to go to and get out of the airport.

B. He likes to take a train because it takes a little more time.

C. He likes to take a car because he has a car.

Key: 1-5 A B B C A



There are thirty students in Ben’s class. students join the art club. Six of them join club. Another five students join the chess club. Ten of them join the club. ④ students don’t join any clubs.

In his class, eight students can sing and dance, but can’t swim. Five of them can sing and swim, but can’t dance. Seven can dance and swim, but can’t sing. Only one can sing, but can’t dance or swim. Two can dance, but can’t sing or swim. Four can swim, but can’t sing or dance. 根据短文提示完成下表。

Key:①Five ②music ③swimming ④Four ⑤fourteen ⑥seventeen ⑦sixteen ⑧sixteen ⑨thirteen ⑩fourteen

阅读理解 31

This is my family. My father’s name is Mr. Collin. He is 35 years old. He likes playing golf and basketball very much. He likes vegetables, but he doesn’t name is Mrs. Collin. She is 34 years old. She doesn’t like sports very much, but she likes to watch them on TV. She likes ice cream and all the fruits: apples, oranges, bananas, but she doesn’t like strawberries. My name is Geroge. I like all vegetables and fruits. And I like French fries and ice cream, but I don’t like hamburgers, because mom says that it is not good.

1. Who doesn’t like broccoli?_______

A. Mrs. Collin B. Mr. Collin C. George

2. Mother ______

A. likes to play golf

B. doesn’t like to play golf but likes to play basketball

C. likes to watch golf and basketball on TV

3. George doesn’t like eating hamburgers, because ______.

A. he likes to eat French fries

B. he likes all the fruits

C. his mother says it is not good

Key : 1-3 B C C

阅读理解 32

In almost every big university in the USA, football is a favorite sport. American football is not like soccer. Players sometimes kick the ball, but they also throw the ball and run with it. They try to take it to the other end of the field. They have four chances to move the ball ten yards. They can carry it or throw it, If they move it to the end of the filed, they receive six points. This is called a touch down.

It is hard to move the ball. Eleven men in the team try to stop the man who has the ball. If the man does not move the ball ten yards, his team kicks the ball to the other team.

Each university wants its team to win. Thousands of people come to watch. They all yell for their favorite team. Young men and women called cheerleaders come on the field to help the people yell more. They dance and jump while they yell.

Each team plays ten or eleven games each season. The season begins in September and ends in November. If a team is very good, it may play another game after the season ends. The best teams play again on January 1, the first day of the New Year. Many people go to see these games and many others watch them on TV.

1. In America, football players can _______.

A. only kick the ball B. only throw the ball

C. kick, throw and carry the ball

2. If a team wants to get points it has to move the ball _____.

A. 10 yards B. to the other end C. away from its own end

3. Most teams begin to play games in _______.

A. September B. October C. November

4. When do the best teams play again? _______

A. On Christmas. B. Before the season ends. C. On New Year’s Day.

Key: 1-4 C B A C


Read these interviews with four people.

Dale: “ I read the newspaper every morning with breakfast. It’s very interesting. I read the news from other countries. I look at the weather, the sports pages, the movie reviews---- everything!”

Lisa: “ I read a lot of magazines--- women’s magazines. I like articles about famous people. And I always look at the pictures of new clothes.”

Sandra: “ I don’t like reading the newspaper. All the news is terrible! I like reading books. I read a lot of happy love stories.”

Rick: “I don’t have time for books and newspapers. I read the news on the Internet. It’s very fast, and I can read news stories from many countries on my computer.”

What do they read? Write the person’s name in the correct space.

1._________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4. __________

Dale: 线索为“I read the newspaper”,故应选2

Lisa: 线索为 “I read a lot of magazines”, 故应选4

Sandra:线索为 “I like reading books. I read a lot of happy love stories.”故应选1

Rick: 线索为 “I read the news on the Internet.” 故应选3

阅读理解 34

Schools in the U.S.A

Schools in the U.S.A are a little different from schools in China. Usually, there is no school uniform. In many Chinese schools, students have school uniforms. Classes start at 8:30 each morning and the school day ends at 3:30 or 4 o’clock in the U.S.A. And in China, classes usually start at 8:00 in the morning and the school day ends at 5:30 in the afternoon. Students have one hour for lunch and two 20-minute breaks each day in U.S.A. One break is in the morning, and the other is in the afternoon. In China, students have two hours’ break during lunchtime and ten minutes break for each class period. In U.S.A, students often go to the school cafeteria at lunchtime or at break. They buy snacks and drinks there. The most popular after-school activities are baseball, football and basketball.

Read the following statements and write “I” for true and “F” for false.

_______1. Students do not usually wear school uniform in U.S.A.

_______2. Students do not have a break in the morning in U.S.A.

_______3. The school cafeteria sells food to students in U.S.A.

_______4. Baseball is not a popular after-school activity in U.S.A.

Key: 1.T 2.F 3.T 4.F

阅读理解 35

Rick usually gets up at around six twenty in the morning. He does his homework at seven o’clock, and then he eats breakfast at home. He goes to school at eight thirty. School starts at nine o’clock.

He eats lunch at school. He usually goes home at four thirty in the afternoon. He takes a shower at five ten. He eats dinner with his father and mother at around six o’clock in the evening, then he does his homework. At around nine forty, he goes to bed.


1. Rick eats breakfast ______.

A. at 7:00 B. at 8:30 C. at home D. at school

2. Rick eats lunch ______.

A. at home B. at school C. at 4:30 D. at 5:10 3. Rick’s father eats dinner ______ in the evening.

A. at school B. at 4:30 C. at 5:10 D. at 6:00 4. At 5:10 in the afternoon, Rick ______.

A. goes to bed B. eats dinner C. goes home D. takes a shower Key: 1-4 CBDD

阅读理解 36

1. On ______, Paula usually gets up at 7:10 a.m.

A. Thursdays B. Wednesdays C. weekdays D. weekends 2. Pizza is a kind of ______.

A. drink B. fruit C. toy D. food 3. Paula’s favourite sport is ______.

A. volleyball B. table tennis C. yo-yo D. soccer 4. On Wednesday evenings Paula usually ______. A. watches TV B. does her homework C. washes her clothes D. goes to see her friends 5. Which is wrong? ______

A. Paula goes to school from Monday to Friday. B. Paula goes to bed after ten o’clock. C. Paula has sports in the afternoon. D. Paula usually has pizza for lunch. Key: 1-5 CDBAD

阅读理解 37


Rob leaves school at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Then, he goes shopping at the supermarket. He visits his friend Gilbert, and they watch TV for a while. Then, Rob drives to Carol’s house. They have dinner at her place. After dinner they walk the dog. Later, Carol usually goes jogging(慢跑).

1. ______ 2. ______ 3. ______ 4. ______ 5. ______ 6. ______ 7. ______ 8. ______ Key: 1-8 C F B H D E G A


Jimmy, Tommy and John are classmates and friends. They study at the No.9 Middle School. They study Chinese, English, math, history, geography, PE, art and music. Jimmy likes Chinese, English and history. They are his favorite subjects. Tommy is good at math and music. John’s favorite subjects are English, history and art.

The three boys all like sports. They often play ball games after school. They think it’s really fun and exciting. In the evening they do their homework, and sometimes they watch TV.

Are the statements true or false? Write “T” for True, and “F” for False.

_____ 1. They are in the same class.

_____ 2. They study nine subjects at school.

_____ 3. Tommy’s favorite subjects are Chinese, English and math.

_____ 4. John’s favorite subjects are math and music.

_____ 5. The three boys all like PE.

_____ 6. Playing ball games is fun and exciting for them.

_____ 7. They are hard working. They do homework in the evening every day.

_____ 8. They sometimes watch TV in the evening.

Key: 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.F 6.T 7.F 8.T

阅读理解 39 Dear Gina,

It’s Monday, October 28. I’m really busy today! At 8:00, I have Chinese. I don’t like Chinese.

It’s boring. Then at 9:00, I have math. I like it very much because it’s interesting. Next, at 10:00, I have English. It’s my favorite subject. At 11:00, I have music. I like it because it’s relaxing. I eat lunch at 12:15. After lunch, I have science. It’s fun. Then I have P.E.. I like it. It’s exciting. We can play soccer. After P.E., we have history. It’s fun. Then I go home at around 5:00.




1. John doesn’t like ______ because it’s boring.

A. Chinese B. math C. music D. history

2. John has ______ classes on Monday.

A. four B. three C. seven D. eight

3. John’s favorite subject is ______.

A. Chinese B. P.E. C. history D. English

4. John likes math because it’s ______.

A. relaxing B. boring C. interesting D. exciting

5. John doesn’t have ______ on Monday.

A. music B. art C. P.E. D. English

Key: 1-5 A C D C B

阅读理解 40

I have many friends, and they have different favorite subjects. John’s favorite subject is computer because he thinks computer can help him a lot in his study. He is a computer fan. He likes playing computer games very much, and he is good at playing it. Jack likes art best because he likes drawing pictures a lot. Mary likes Chinese because her father is Chinese. Her father teaches her Chinese at home. She loves China very much, and she wants to know more about China. Bob think math is very interesting, so he likes math best. David likes P. E. because he likes doing sports. He is good at playing basketball and soccer.

阅读理解 41

summer in our country, it is cold winter in Australia.

Australia is big, but the population(人口)there is thin. The population is the same as that of Shanghai, a city of China. Australia is young and diverse nation and Australian people come from many different countries.

Australia has many, many sheep. After a short drive from town, you will see sheep around you. You can also find kangaroo has a “bag” below its chest. The mother kangaroo keeps its baby in the “bag”.

Australia is considered to be a relaxed, informal society(社会). When greeting others, students and young people say “Hello” or “Hi”. Sometimes they will say “How’s it going?” or “G day”. In more formal(正式的)situations they usually shake hands the first time they meet. “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” or “Pleased to meet you” are formal greetings. English is Australia’s national language.

1. Australia is the greatest island in the world. The word “island” may mean _______.

A. 国家 B. 城市 C. 山脉 D. 岛屿

2. Australia has the same population as _______.

A. Shanghai B. China C. Beijing D. Japan

3. When it is summer in Australia, it is _______ in China.

A. spring B. autumn C. winter D. summer

4. When Australian people meet for the first time, they will _______.

A. kiss each other B. hug(拥抱)each other

C. nod head to others D. shake hands

5. Which statement is right, according to the passage? _______

A. Australia has a large population.

B. Kangaroo is a kind of sheep in Australia.

C. Young people always say “How’s it going?” or “G day” to greet others.

D. When you drive in Australia, you can see many horses.

Key: 1.D 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.C

阅读理解 42

There are some new students in my class this term. John is from Tokyo. He speaks Japanese very well. Mike comes from New York. He is twelve years old. Kathy’s mother-town is Paris. David lives in Toronto. He is now in our city with his parents. And the tallest girl, Vicky is from

Brazil. She likes soccer very much. The other forty students are all Chinese. They get on well with each other.


1. John is from ______.

A. China B. Japan C. Japanese D. the USA

2. Where does Mike come from? ______

A. He comes from England. B. He is from France.

C. He comes from the USA. D. He is from Japan.

3. Which is NOT right? ______

A. David is a Canadian.

B. David’s parents are in Canada now.

C. David and his parents are all in China now.

D. David can speak English and French very well.

4. Vicky ______.

A. is short B. is from Argentina C. likes soccer D. doesn’t like China

5. There are ______ students in our class.

A. forty B. old Chinese C. forty-five D. forty-three

Key: 1-5 BCBCC

阅读理解 43

Read and choose the correct answer.

Dear Nicola

It's Grandmother's 99th birthday on Saturday and everyone is here for the party. There are 15 people staying at our house this weekend. It's great to see everyone but our house is very crowded. My Aunt Doreen and Uncle Joe and their two children have my bedroom. Another aunt and her husband are sleeping in the living room. My brother has a bed in the dining room. And me? I'm sleeping in a tent in the yard!

See you soon,


1.Who has a birthday this week?

A. George B. Aunt Doreen C. George's grandmother

2.Where is George sleeping?

A. in his bedroom B. in the yard C. in the living room

3.Who's sleeping in the dining room?

A. George's brother B. George's uncle and aunt C. George's grandmother

Key: 1. C 2. B 3. A



1. I want to go swimming on Sunday. Where can I go? ______

A. Green Trees Gym.

B. Fish Balls Gym.

C. Both Green Trees Gym and Fish Balls Gym.

D. You can’t go swimming on Sunday.

2. I want to play basketball on Monday morning. Where can I go? ______

A. Green Trees Gym.

B. Fish Balls Gym.

C. Both Green Trees Gym and Fish Balls Gym.

D. Green Balls Gym.

3. I play volleyball at 9:00 every morning. Where can you find me? ______

A. Green Trees Gym.

B. Fish Balls Gym.

C. Both Green Trees Gym and Fish Balls Gym.

D. At home.

4. I do aerobics every afternoon. So you can call me at 6589417. Do you know where I’m going to be? ______

A. At Green Balls Gym.

B. At Fish Balls Gym.

C. In the school. Key: 1-5 ABBBC

D. On the playground.

5. Which gym accepts(接受)mail from computers? ______

A. Green Balls Gym. B. Fish Balls Gym.

C. Green Trees Gym. D. Fish Trees Gym.


There is a telephone on my desk. It's my good friend. It helps me a lot. My telephone number is 8445816. Sometimes when I have something to talk about with my classmates, I don't need to go out. I call them. I write down many telephone numbers of my friends. My best friend John's number is 8459471. When I can't remember my homework, I ask him by telephone. There are some "Telephone Messages" beside my telephone. When I am out, my mother writes down the massages for me.

1. Whose telephone number is 8445816?

A. John's mother's. B. His own.

C. His classmate's. D. John's.

2. What time does he call his classmates?

A. When he doesn't know how to do his homework.

B. When he doesn' t remember the telephone numbers of others.

C. When he forgets what the homework is.

D. When he doesn't need to go out.

3. Why does mother write down the massage for him? Because ________.

A. he isn't out B. he is working at his lessons

C. he forgets the phone number D. he isn't in

4. Where is the telephone?

A. In his office. B. In his house. C. In his classroom. D. In his room.

5. What does he think of the telephone?

A. Useless B. Helpful C. Friendly D. Bad

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