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Do you think you will have robort

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What does it look like?
I’m the owner of the robot
I have a robot however it isn’t a real robot. It is a doll. It is impossible for him to do the housework, but it is possible for him to make me happy

What do they look like?

They look like humans.

What do they look like ? They look like snakes.

This robot looks like a huge arm

This one looks like a dog

There are some other robots, what can they do ?

Play football


help people do the most unpleasant jobs

help with the housework

what can they do ?

Play the piano


This robot is very strange
What can it do ?

Explore(探险) the universe

Have you ever seen some science fiction movies?

1.What do the robots look like in the movies? 2. What can they do?

What do some robots look like in the factory?
They look like huge arms

What jobs do they usually do? They do simple jobs over and over again.

Different opinions about the future of the robots
What do some scientists believe? They believe that robots can do the same things as us

Japanese companies have already made robots walk and dance

Who is the man? James White What does he do? He is a scientist. Does he agree with others? No, he doesn’t. What does he think?

He thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as a person

Listen and Answer
? 1.Do all scientist agree about what robots will be able to do ? ? 2.Which country has robots that can walk and dance? ? 3.What kind of jobs do we want robots to do? ? 4.What kind of job can a snake robot do? ? 5.What will the robots like in the future?

What ways do you think a robot will help you and your family in the future? Write your ideas.
I think we will need robots for: help look for people play games help with the housework walk and dance talk to people look after babies clean the house

Do you think you will have your own robot?
Discuss in groups and design(设计) your own robot
What does it look like? What can it do?

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